Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman was invited to the White House to hear President Donald Trump speak about the environment.

Freeman said in a press release the invite came only five days ahead of the July 8 event, called “Presidential Remarks on America’s Environmental Leadership.”

Also attending the event were members of the #TimberUnity group, a political group that galvanized over the rally in opposition to the failed Oregon climate bill House Bill 2020. Marie Bowers Stagg of Harrisburg and Todd Stoffel of Washougal, Washington represented that group. State Rep. David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford, also attended.

Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts was also there and was invited to speak at the White House about wildfires and smoke impacts in Southern Oregon.

Freeman said in a press release that the president spoke about the need for proper forest management, including clean air and water but also fire resiliency, timber harvests, hunting and fishing.

Freeman believes he was chosen to attend because of his advocacy for management of the federal timberlands formerly owned by the Oregon & California Railroad. Money from harvests on those lands historically made up a major part of the county’s budget.

Freeman serves as president of the Association of O&C Counties and has visited Washington, D.C. several times over the past few years to lobby for increased federal timber harvests.

The attendees at the July 8 event were treated to a tour of the White House interior and full military pageantry. Freeman also met several cabinet members, including the new Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. He said Bernhardt expressed renewed commitment to working on a solution for O&C timber issues.

“This invitation was quite the honor to receive, and I was excited to represent Douglas County, as well as O&C Counties to continue to help educate individuals at the Federal level of the issues we face here in the West,” Freeman said.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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“Freeman believes he was chosen.” Enough said. This article is missing the... so what was accomplished?

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If you want to "maintain all the other benefits they provide" then why do you slick off the forest land, destroying an entire ecosystem ? Follow that by replacing it with an even aged plantation of Douglas fir seedlings vulnerable to drought ,fire and infestation ? You remove valuable sources of carbon sequestration, destroy the hardwoods which provide a source of firewood let alone so many types of habitats. I am all too familiar with your "timber lands" to know better than to believe that you really care above about maintaining a forest for all of its benefits. You only care about converting it into a single cash crop to generate greater profits ! The environment of increase profits is what Tim Freeman represents !


Solar, wind, ocean wave, geothermal as well as trees are all renewable energy sources. And wood is a convenient energy storage medium.


True, and that is why we must preserve our old growth forest, because they are such efficient and vital storage source of energy.

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Even Satan is known to call himself an angel. I REBUKE THEE Seneca! You are a Poseur using the name of a proud Native people while you stand in your smallpox blanket and spread your poisonous practice until it consumes our watersheds. You planted 20 million water sucking alien motherless children with no regard to biospheric conditions and we shall suckle your little motherless children with no recompense until you cut them down and ship them overseas. YOU pay nearly nothing in property tax and miniscule harvest tax that goes from your factory pocket into the advertising pocket of OFRI. GET BACK SATAN !! We pray that The generation that doesn't grow up sucking your lying propaganda into its every breath will be strong enough to send you to GITMO where you should be punished for all eternity. (Metaphors mixed thoroughly.)


Please do not get the impression that Timber Timmy represents the environmental community of Douglas ! He has never seen a tree that he feels should be left standing !

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