The Roseburg transfer station will no longer accept corrugated cardboard for recycling.

The transfer station is operated by the Douglas County government, which cites an excessive amount of contaminants in the cardboard being turned in by county residents as the reason for the suspension.

According to a press release issued Wednesday afternoon, county workers have been spending between four and six hours per day sorting and removing soiled or wet cardboard, food, diapers, tobacco products, mail and other debris from the cardboard bin.

“Douglas County does not have a sorting facility or a budget for the increased workload required to clean up the cardboard in order for it to be accepted by our recycling vendor. Therefore, they are forced to suspend cardboard recycling until a cleaner and more cost-effective solution can be found,” the press release said.

Corrugated cardboard had been one of a small number of recyclable types to survive an overall suspension of most recycling at county transfer stations. Only the Roseburg station had been accepting the cardboard.

Governments across the West Coast have suspended many recycling efforts due in part to China’s refusal to continue accepting often-contaminated recyclables.

The Douglas County Landfill and its transfer stations continue to accept tin, aluminum, oil, batteries and yard and wood debris for recycling. Some waste disposal companies are accepting additional recyclable items.

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Why not try CALLING Roseburg Disposal, and asking them yourself instead of making inquiries in here???? 541-673-7122


Society can't work well if people are behaving stupidly and selfishly.


Since the reporters at the paper are too busy to be bothered with updated info here is what I found out. Kristy at Roseburg Disposal told me that their customers can continue to put corrugated cardboard in their recycling boxes. But only corrugated cardboard. She told me that they have the man power to sort this and sell it. Looks like you you haul it to the dump yourself you need to do that no later then this Sunday (if the radio story was correct).


Where CAN we recycle cardboard?


On the radio they said that Sunday was the last day for accepting cardboard. Would like to get some info regarding this please. What about Rsbg. Disposal customers how long will they pick up cardboard in the recycling boxes?


My husband took out cardboard last weekend. He said he saw exactly what this article states. A huge plastic dog good bag empty among other things. We are remodeling so everything is in boxes. I will save the large pieces for weed barrier around my trees.


They will no longer accept cardboard as of what date? Will garbage pick up still accept cardboard in recycling boxes? Customers haven't been notified have they? If they haven't been notified why not?

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