The City of Roseburg is looking for the public’s input on a new plan to improve parking downtown and in the Laurelwood district.

The plan, which will serve as a strategic roadmap for the creation of a new parking management system, was put together by a group of volunteers, as well as city staff and a parking consultant. The volunteer group has met monthly since September in an effort to provide feedback to city staff and the consultants, the final result being a parking plan that is considered fair and equitable.

“When you read the plan, you’ll notice that it is sectioned out into timelines with a list of action items,” said Stuart Cowie, community development director for the city, in a news release. “We want the public to view this document as a ‘menu’ of options. Due to a lack of funding and resources, we will not be able to implement all of these items, at least not right away. However, the first year of implementing this plan will be crucial to the success of the new parking system. This is where we need feedback to help us decide which parts of the plan are most important to the public.”

The city recently completed a downtown parking survey, which was sent out to the community in November. Over 300 completed surveys were recorded, and feedback from the respondents was integrated into the parking plan. Additionally, city officials held a virtual “open house” in November, during which residents had the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from the parking consultants.

The public will have another opportunity to give feedback on the plan at an upcoming vikrtual open house scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17. The meeting will be broadcast live on the City’s Facebook page, which can be accessed by going to Residents can submit questions during the live meeting through the comments section on Facebook.

To learn more about the downtown parking plan, go to the special projects page on the City of Roseburg website. The site contains meeting agendas, presentations and current documents, including the draft plan. For more information, contact the community development department at or 541-492-6750.

Scott Carroll can be reached at or 541-957-4204. Or follow him on Twitter @scottcarroll15.

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The city already has a parking garage that isn't used by citizens but by homeless bums . My family doesn't shop down town because of the transient population. Put in as many meters as you wish, you won't get one dime from my family.


I believe this is a smokescreen for implementation of parking meters throughout the downtown area as a means for the city to generate more revenue at the expense of businesses who will lose customers. The new 45 page plan (below link) is heavily weighted toward generating new revenue streams for the city. Unfortunately, the city’s plan does not balance meter revenue with the loss of business property tax revenue because customers are driven away by the additional parking cost of patronage. Before COVID, I often frequented downtown bars, restaurants and hair salons. I am unwilling to continue to patronize those businesses if I am forced to pay for parking. Below are excerpts from the 45 page parking plan:

“Strategically phase to multi-space pay-stations or single head smart meters in areas where demand exceeds 85% and based on ability to fund…Long-term strategies are estimated to be in the range of $320,000 or more. The highest proportion of this estimate would go to funding a new parking meter system for the downtown…Where such meters would be placed and in what sequence would be informed in short and mid-term strategy work…This work would be coupled with identification of other funding sources (that might be necessary if meter revenue does not cover equipment costs).”

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