Local renters who need help paying rent after being impacted by COVID-19 are encouraged to start the process now to beat a Dec. 1 deadline for the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

The city of Roseburg, Roseburg-based United Community Action Network and the state of Oregon are encouraging renters in need to apply for federal assistance through this program by 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 1, to avoid eviction. The program can even help with past-due rent but is no longer providing utility payment assistance.

At 12 a.m. on Dec. 2, the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program will stop taking applications. That means the Oregon Housing and Community Services, which administers the program with community partners, can process up to $300 million in federal assistance that has already been requested and assess funding availability, according to the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program website.

Rental assistance is provided on a fair and equal basis. The program does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, gender/gender identity, religion, marital status, citizenship, disability, familial status or sexual orientation.

After Dec. 1, renters can apply to local programs in their community for rent and utility assistance, according to the state program’s website.

The online portal will reopen after six weeks if additional funds become available, according to the state. This won’t affect anyone who’s already submitted an application.

If COVID-19 has had an impact on at least one member of your household and impacted your household’s ability to pay rent, you may qualify for rent assistance, according to UCAN.

To apply, go to the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program website at oregonrentalassistance.org.

If you have questions or trouble completing the online application, call UCAN at 888-596-1925.

UCAN may have other ways to help you if your Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program application is not approved. If the application is approved, payments will be made directly to your landlord. UCAN has assisted more than 1,100 households with getting help through this program.

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(5) comments


What’s interesting is they hand out thousands and thousands to people who are committing fraud. There are people getting unemployment who never worked before and have income that they never had before. The , they aren’t paying rent. Then, rent is being paid for on their behalf even though they can afford brand new vehicles. No one cares that it’s fraud. No one cares that our tax payer money is going towards this type of mismanagement. It’s been reported as fraud for over a year now, and people are getting “help” sometimes three or four times!


Why haven't our County Commissioners mentioned this Rental Assistance program in any of their press releases? Were they only elected to help businesses and NOT the people and families who voted for them?


The only towns that seem to be promoting & helping with rental assistance are Democratic controlled counties. Statistically speaking, looks like Republican controlled counties have not distributed the money given to them by the Federal government.


This program helps landlords as well as renters. So it's good for everyone. Why anyone would not help folks is beyond me.

Each of us ought to help promote the program before the deadline.


Yes, kind of, except for the fact that they are contributing to renters who are frauding them to get assistance. If they can afford to buy a brand new truck, after getting rent assistance, why getting a second handout a month later?

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