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The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 22 new cases Saturday and 16 new cases Friday.

Seniors 75 and older become eligible for vaccines Monday.

There are still many more seniors wanting vaccines than there are vaccines to give.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said in a Facebook Live session Friday that the county expected to receive about 2,100 vaccines last week and this week combined. He said the county has approximately 15,000 seniors 75 and older.

Local seniors are being asked to first contact their regular doctor to make an appointment to receive a vaccine.

Not all doctors and clinics that have signed up as vaccinators have vaccines yet.

For those whose regular doctors aren’t signed up to give vaccines, local health officials are recommending calling pharmacies that are signed up as vaccinators.

Those include Fred Meyer Pharmacy in Roseburg, Gordon’s Pharmacy in Canyonville, Bi-Mart Pharmacies in Roseburg, Sutherlin and Winston.

The pharmacies will receive their supplies directly from the federal and state governments, rather than the county, and some may not yet have vaccines available.

Dannenhoffer said the automated phone message at local Bi-Mart Pharmacies will say they have no vaccines, even if they do, because the message is used by pharmacies outside the area as well.

The Roseburg VA Medical Center is scheduling appointments for veterans who are 75 and older or homeless, or frontline essential workers or who are hemodialysis, organ transplant or chemotherapy patients.

The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians also has a vaccination program for its members.

Statewide, 649,602 vaccinations have been given to Oregonians. Of those, 8,172 have been given in Douglas County, according to the health authority.

Oregon Health Authority officials said in a press conference Friday that approximately one quarter of Oregon residents 80 and older had been vaccinated in their first week of eligibility.

The health authority also said about 10% of state residents have received at least one vaccination in the two-shot sequence.

On Friday, the county began its fourth consecutive two-week period in the high risk level, the second highest of four categories assessed by the state. At the high risk level, all local businesses are allowed to be open, with some restrictions on the number of customers who can be inside at the same time.

The county will learn Feb. 22 whether it will remain at high risk on Feb. 26 or be moved to a different category. On Thursday, when the county posted a record-breaking 44 cases, health officials said they feared their success at keeping case counts comparatively lower than many counties could be slipping away.

The county must remain at under 200 cases per 100,000 population, or no more than 224 cases total, over a two-week period to avoid being pushed to the extreme risk level. At that level, some businesses would have to close their doors.

The county has reported 160 new cases in the past week.

Fourteen Douglas County residents are hospitalized with COVID-19, eleven locally and three out of the area.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 517 new cases and 38 new deaths Friday. It reported 474 new cases and 43 new deaths Saturday.

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(10) comments


"Seniors 75 and older become eligible for vaccines Monday."

Good luck with that!


Douglas County remains the second WORST County in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. 8,453 of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents have received their first shot. This is a mere 7.5% of Douglas County residents compared to Oregon’s average of 11.5% residents vaccinated. Only Columbia County at 7.3% has vaccinated a lower percentage of its residents than Douglas County.

Below is the updated percentage of residents vaccinated in each Oregon County today according to the Oregon Health Authority.











Hood River------12.52




























If you really think supply is the issue, then you need ask yourself why vaccine supply is NOT an issue for the rest of Oregon, with some counties having vaccinated a much higher percentage of their residents. Moreover, the CDC (below link) indicates 841,550 doses of vaccine have been delivered to Oregon. Oregon has received enough to vaccinate 20.0% of all Oregon residents. 683,885 doses have been administered to date. This means Oregon has 157,665 vaccine doses that have NOT been administered. That’s an average of 4,379 doses sitting on the shelf in EVERY Oregon County that have yet to be administered.

st paddy

there is a new online vaccine finder assist coming out these days to connect people with unused vaccines.


16 new coronavirus cases were reported in today’s press release from the County Commissioners Coronavirus Task Force. This brings Douglas County totals to 2,179 cases and 51 deaths.

Roseburg Veteran Affairs reported 0 new coronavirus cases since yesterday, keeping Roseburg VA totals at 216 cases and 7 deaths. Roseburg VA administered 0 vaccine doses for the third day in a row, keeping its total at 2,259 doses administered with 133 veterans have received both doses of vaccine according to the VA National website link below.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 308 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 274.4 today for Douglas County, which is greater than the maximum case rate of 200 required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open.


The Commissioners Response Team reported 308 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 3,572 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 308 cases by 3,572 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 8.6% today.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 183 new coronavirus cases and 0 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 3.1% today.


In my opinion this whole vaccine rollout is ridiculous.

I recall in the 1950s the massive vaccination program against polio. Every school had children lined up to get their shots (it was the Salk vaccine). There were no permission slips signed by parents. No one questioned that vaccination was absolutely necessary. What I do recall is that we were all nervous as we stood in line. And I remember the line. A nurse wiped our shoulder with alcohol. Next in line, a physician gave us the shot. He had a large syringe out of which he gave each student a half a cc. Then he ran the needle through a bunsen burner to sterilize it (yikes!) and on to the next student. The student, having received his dose, was then swabbed again by a nurse and the injection site was covered with a bandied. This process repeated itself throughout the country.

That is what a mass vaccination program looks like. There were no "releases from liability," "disclaimers", or any other such nonsense. The problem was urgent and the program reflected that urgency.


Haha, that could be why you Baby Boomers have a higher incidence of Hep-C than the rest of us. But polio is gone so it's a win.

This rollout is ridiculous. I don't see why Moderna can't patent this thing and then allow other manufacturers to make it. No doubt Merck, Amgen and some others can make this product and get it out to us faster. With the South African variant, it is imperative we get this out to people ASAP.


Supply hasn't been the problem. The problem is connecting people with organizations that have vaccine to administer.

The CDC has delivered 841,550 doses of vaccine to Oregon (below link), enough to vaccinate 20% of Oregonians. Oregon has vaccinated 11.3% of Oregonians according to the Oregon Health Authority. 7.5% of residents in Douglas County have been vaccinated according to the Oregon Health Authority.


Yikes! melrosereader! I remember standing in a line that stretched around the block in order to get the polio shot. I'm pretty sure I remember the doctor popping a fresh needle into the glass syringe they used after he gave me a shot and before he administered one to my screaming sister. I don't recall any bunsen burners. Yikes, again. The term anti-vaxxer had not been invented yet. The internet had not been invented. I remember the immense gratitude parents expressed for the vaccine. Within the next year, the city built an Olympic size public swimming pool 1/4 mile from my back door. Polio spread in water and parents were afraid to let their kids go swimming in the summer.

Oregon Husker, the HepC virus wasn't even discovered until 1989. Baby Boomers got into all sorts of mischief in the 25 years before doctors even realized there was a strange hep virus that didn't respond in the same way as HepA and HepB.

Here's an interesting take from the Salk family on patenting vaccines. Jonas Salk considered patenting vaccines akin to trying to patent the sun. Of course, if there's a way to patent the sun's energy, there's someone out there right now trying to do it. I still found Salk's take facinating.

The link is too long to post. You can find it by searching for: "What Jonas Salk's approach to the polio vaccine can teach us about developing the COVID-19 shot"


Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Dannenhoffer was untruthful when he claimed in a Facebook Live session Friday February 12 that the county, not just DPHN, expected to receive about 2,100 vaccine doses last week and this week combined. The reason I say he is untruthful is because DPHN had already received 2,000 vaccine doses two days earlier as reported in their February 10 press release (below link). And immediately after announcing it had received 2,000 vaccine doses (3,900 doses since February 3), DPHN announced they would no longer provide information on vaccine deliveries in future press releases. Why stop transparent information on vaccine receipts, especially when Douglas County is LAST in vaccinating its residents.

DPHN receives their vaccine from the state. But they are NOT the only one in Douglas County to receive and administer vaccine. Vaccination sites like the Roseburg VA, Mercy Medical Center, EMS, Cow Creek Tribe, Pharmacies and local care facilities also receive and administer thousands of vaccine doses directly from the Federal and State Government that are in addition to vaccine received by DPHN. That’s why it was untruthful for Dr. Dannenhoffer to say all of Douglas County would be receiving 2,100 vaccine doses when DPHN alone had received 2,000 doses itself just two days earlier. Dr. Dannenhoffer mislead the public in an attempt to avoid blame for Douglas County being the worst county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents

Last Friday should have been changed to lie-day for Dr. Dannenhoffer. Not only was he untruthful in his Facebook live session, he lied about coronavirus vaccine deliveries during an interview with KLCC. Dr. Dannenhoffer said Douglas County was getting “less than its fair share of vaccine…we’re getting just a pittance in terms of the amount of vaccine we need…last week we got 800 doses for our population 80 and above.” You can listen to the audio of the interview at the below link.

What Dr. Dannenhoffer said was a bald faced lie. Dr. Dannenhoffer’s own daily press releases indicate DPHN had received 1,900 vaccine doses on February 3 and another 2,000 doses on February 10, not 800 doses. Not to mention the thousands of doses received by Douglas County hospitals and clinics straight from the state. Dr. Dannenhoffer is lying about vaccinations because Douglas County is the worst county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents and Dr. Dannenhoffer needs an excuse for his dismal vaccination performance.

And that’s not all. The previous day, on February 11, Dr. Dannenhoffer again lied about coronavirus vaccinations in a different interview, this time with radio station KVAL (below link). Dr. Dannenhoffer said in the interview that 10% - 11% of Douglas County residents had already been vaccinated. This was also a bold faced lie. According to the Oregon Health Authority, Douglas County was last place in Oregon and had vaccinated only 6.69% of its residents on February 10, not 10% - 11%. Dr. Dannenhoffer lied to avoid questions about why Douglas County vaccinations were so far below the Oregon average of 10.8%.

Dr. Dannenhoffer is Douglas County’s Chief Medical Officer and local expert responsible for providing truthful and transparent information to the public about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s obvious from Douglas County’s last place ranking on coronavirus vaccination that mistakes were made. Everyone makes mistakes. But then they tell the truth, own up to it, and try to do better. That is acceptable for most people.

What isn’t acceptable is when our County’s Chief Medical Officer and our County Commissioners concoct a lie about vaccine supply being the reason for Douglas County’s dismal vaccination status and then they double down by announcing they are further limiting the vaccine information available to the public so they can’t be caught again in their future lies. What aren’t acceptable are those same so-called leaders wasting time with media interviews used to convince the public of the NEXT BIG LIE that supply is the reason for Douglas County’s slow vaccinations. Douglas County residents are dying while Dr. Dannenhoffer and our Commissioners are trying to cover their collective backsides.

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