Citizens Against Tyranny movement, backed by Sen. Heard, seeks to expose people who make OSHA complaints

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Two local women have been targeted by a group calling itself Citizens Against Tyranny, and more are likely to be targeted in the future.

State Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Myrtle Creek, is backing the movement. The tyranny, according to the group’s website, involves COVID-19 safety mandates the group says have harmed local businesses.

But this group has gone far beyond criticizing the governor.

In late December, it also began publishing names of people it alleged have turned in businesses to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violating COVID-19 safety rules. And it demands that all elected officials sign the group’s declaration or face recall.

Two women, both senior citizens and Douglas County residents, were recently fingered by this organization. Their names were published on a website called as part of “The LIST,” and they were labeled “Filthy Traitors.” The words were spattered in red, as if to indicate blood.

The website encourages businesses to sign on to “86”-ing, or banning, anyone on “The LIST,” which as of early Friday afternoon had just the two women on it.

The names were removed after an inquiry from a News-Review reporter.

Heard encouraged businesses to file public records requests to obtain names of people who have filed OSHA complaints at a Dec. 13 Sunday service at Garden Valley Church. Heard was featured as a guest speaker for the service and spoke about the group’s plans.

“There’s going to be stuff in it that might make you pause for a second, like when we discover that someone has betrayed their community, betrayed their own freedom and turned in their neighbor for nothing but going to work and earning a living the most basic of rights, we’re going to expose them. We’re not going to return evil for evil though. But their faces and their names and what they did must be known,” Heard told them.

The News-Review spoke to the women targeted on the Citizens Against Tyranny website. Because of concerns over the potential for harassment, both agreed to speak on condition of anonymity.

One said she was shocked by it.

“I’m not a filthy traitor, I’m a good American,” she said.

She said she had reported the Reedsport Safeway back in May for allegedly having workers not wearing masks.

The other told us she’s never reported anyone for a COVID-19 violation.

“I don’t even have any numbers to OSHA. I don’t even know what they’re talking about,” she said.

She said she sent a message to the email address listed on the site, and asked them to take her name off the list. She told them she had nothing to do with any of this.

Next, she called the police and filed a police report.

“The police told me to notify them immediately if anybody tried to make contact with me,” she said.

The woman said she didn’t want anything to do with the people behind Citizens Against Tyranny.

“They’re just a bunch of bullies, that’s who they are. They’re just a bunch of bullies,” she said.

She was surprised to learn of Heard’s involvement.

“I really think he is not representing me, I don’t want anything to do with him. He is not representing the people, he is not representing me or anybody else,” she said.

“I think really, to be very honest with you, I think people should just report him and get him out of office,” she said.

She said she’s a big supporter of local businesses and has been eating a lot of takeout meals.

“Why would they ban me from trying to support them and trying to order from them? That doesn’t even make sense,” she said. If that’s Heard’s plan, she said, “he’s one brick short of a full load.”

Her fiance had just one thing to say about it all.

“Don’t worry about us. I’ve got a 12-gauge shotgun that will take care of us just fine,” he said.

The other woman, the one who did make an OSHA report, said she wanted to help an elderly friend of a friend in her 80s who has access to no other grocery store. At the time, she said, there was no plexiglass up and store employees weren’t wearing masks.

“I was very concerned and I just really felt for that poor woman who walks with a little wheeled cart. That was the only place she can shop. You can’t live off the groceries at the Dollar Tree. This is small town stuff, it’s heartbreaking,” she said.

The risk of dying from COVID-19 increases with age, with the death rate for those over 80 being 17% in Oregon.

The woman said she doesn’t believe any harm came to Safeway because she reported them.

“I honestly wouldn’t have if I had thought that I was reporting to OSHA and they would shut Safeway down in Reedsport. That would be a terrible thing. I knew they wouldn’t. I reported them so that they would hopefully be told that really people, you should wear a mask,” she said.

Reedsport Safeway Manager Mike Overton said he had no idea what the Citizens Against Tyranny group is, but would not comment further. When asked if Safeway had made an effort to discover who turned them in to OSHA or made changes in response to a complaint, he referred questions to a public affairs officer in Portland.

On Monday, Safeway responded that complaints they receive are confidential with regard to the complainants’ information.

“The Reedsport Safeway was following all COVID-19 regulations between March and May, and has been since,” said Safeway spokesperson Jill McGinnis.

She said Safeway is not aware of any employee involvement with Citizens Against Tyranny.

The Citizens Against Tyranny website encourages businesses to “86” or ban the women and others who file complaints. It also contains sign-up sheets, a sign to post at businesses and detailed instructions about how to file information requests to Oregon OSHA to try to uncover the names of those who have made reports.

The person who wrote the instructions used the term “constituents” to describe those who would be filing the information requests, a term generally used by elected officials.

Heard told The News-Review he’s not in control of the Citizens Against Tyranny group, which he said was formed by a group of 20 or 30 small businesses such as restaurants and gyms.

After being questioned by a reporter about the women on the list, Heard said he did not know that any individual names had been posted on the website, of which he said he is not the administrator.

He also said he would contact the administrator and ask that the names be removed. The names were promptly removed following the interview, and so was the “Filthy Traitors” label.

Heard said names shouldn’t go up unless the group has gone through a process to confirm they have made OSHA complaints.

“We are not the pitchforks and torches crowd,” he said.

But Heard stands by the plan to put those who the group decides have made complaints on the list.

“I’m not sympathetic to people who are actually calling the government to turn in their neighbors for simply earning a living,” he said.

If there’s concrete proof, he said, their names should be on the list.

“If that’s the case then I support those people being known for what they did,” he said.

In his December speech, Heard said the movement would demand that every elected official in Douglas County — from mayors to county commissioners to legislators — sign on to a declaration endorsing Citizens Against Tyranny. Anyone who doesn’t should be “purged” from office, he said.

There are approximately 500 elected officials serving all or parts of Douglas County.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin, an elected official, said what Heard’s doing is inappropriate and he doesn’t plan to sign on to his declaration.

“I don’t feel that sharing the names of individuals who think or may believe that they are reporting appropriate violations of law or violations of the governor’s orders, I don’t believe it’s appropriate to shame them or publish their names for doing what they believe may be the right thing,” Hanlin said.

“As an elected official, certainly as a sheriff, I’ve already taken a couple of oaths that I take very seriously and so to just jump on board and sign this declaration of the Citizens Against Tyranny, I’m not sure that that’s an appropriate thing for me to do at this point. I’m trying to be fair and impartial and serve everyone and I don’t feel that this necessarily does that,” he said.

“Certainly we don’t publish the names of individuals who report drunk drivers or who report a domestic disturbance going on or those sorts of things,” Hanlin said.

One issue that gives him heartburn over this, Hanlin said, is the demand that elected officials sign the declaration or have a recall effort started against them.

“So there’s coercion. They’re threatening elected officials into signing it and that doesn’t settle well with me,” Hanlin said.

State Rep. Gary Leif, R-Roseburg, said on Facebook Saturday he was distressed about Heard’s connection to Citizens Against Tyranny. He said he supports the position expressed by Hanlin.

“(W)e have a duty to represent all the citizens in our elected area, and we have a duty to uphold the constitution. I have experienced threats from members of these extreme groups and experienced pressure to sign letters and documents that after investigation proved to be less than forthright,” Leif said.

The singling out and publishing of the women’s names is similar to a practice called doxing, in which identifying information is divulged to supporters of a particular cause to encourage harassment. It’s popular with some extremist movements.

Doxing is not currently illegal in Oregon, though Willamette Week reported last year that a proposal to outlaw it was expected to come before the Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform — a committee on which Heard sits.

It could be taken up by the 2021 legislature. The proposal would make doxing a misdemeanor and a second offense a Class C felony.

A spokesperson for Oregon OSHA said there are laws protecting employees from retaliation for reporting potential COVID-19 and other safety violations. However, he said he’s not aware of any that would apply to non-employees.

He said people making reports about COVID-19 or other safety issues can ask for confidentiality. If they do, no identifying information will be released.

This is an incredibly difficult and stressful time, he said, but decency remains important.

“That’s what I have on my mind. Where is the decency?” he said.

In his speech at Garden Valley Church, Heard referenced the demonstration that would occur at the Capitol building in Salem a week after his sermon, and insisted that parishioners participate.

“I’m going to force that door open. When the time comes you better be standing outside that door to push your way in and establish your, you gotta establish your rights as the people. Do not let your servant take all of God’s blessing and glory for you. Take it for yourself. So your children have an inheritance worth having,” he told the parishioners.

On Dec. 21, he removed his mask on the state Senate floor as protesters attempted to push their way into the Oregon Capitol, and later he went out to speak to the protesters.

Heard believes his cause is just. He said businesses are hurting because of Brown’s mandates, and he believes those mandates are illegal.

“I’m just gonna stand with the people I know are being trampled. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lemonade stand, a nail hair salon, a grocery store, a lumber mill, a diner, they have the right to open for business and earn a living to feed their selves their children their employees to be able to do the same for that community to be able to feed itself by going there and being patrons,” he said.

He said the movement isn’t going to be perfect and he’s not a dictator who can control everything that members of it do.

“I’m doing my absolute best to make sure all of you know that you are still free people,” he said.



Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(96) comments


"...State Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Myrtle Creek, is backing the movement. The tyranny, according to the group’s website, involves COVID-19 safety mandates the group says have harmed local businesses...)

I like to believe that it's a sin to not have an opinion. My opinion of Mr. Heard is not high.


At least three people with ties to Oregon were arrested after a mob broke into the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday in the District of Columbia, according to police.


Rep. Mike Nearman (R-Independence) has been booted off his committee assignments for opening the capitol doors to armed protesters on Dec 21 at the state capitol building. Senator Dallas Heard promised to do that himself, but Nearman beat him to the punch. Heard deserves to lose his committee assignments, too, which is a big deal for members of the legislature. I hope further punishment, under the 14th amendment, will be coming.


One more example of why churches should not be taxpayer subsidized. This preacher figured out there's easy money in fleecing this flock of sheep by bringing in the wolf. Tax free, and straight into his pocket. The loudest Bible thumpers are the worst kind of people.

Marine Vet

I to would LOVE to See a List of the Name's of these Small Businesses Along with the List of Businesses that Are a Part of this MOB Group, Citizens against Tyranny. I wouldn't want them getting Infected with Common Sense or Values from my Money


Here's something I just read that Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney might be reminded of from those contacting him to have Heard removed: "...the 14th Amendment — which was passed in 1866 and ratified in 1868 — ... for lawmakers. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, ...“No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

The Constitution of Law of the United States is very clear and should be followed. It's being noted in our Federal Congress for addressing those who are complicit in inciting fascist domestics terrorists. Get them all out of government.



FBI bulletin warns that Trump supporters are planning 'armed protests' at the US Capitol and all 50 state capitols leading up to Biden's inauguration


Have any of you heard (no pun intended) of the Wayback Machine? If not check it out. Google for archives of many websites. This site captures the actual website as of the last time it was crawled by the web.

If you put in you will find the archives. Just scroll down and click on the date and link to see the archives. There are two archives of this CitizensAgainstTyranny site from December 23 and 24th. Click around the links and site and you will see all the archived information you seek such as the names of the people they targeted.

Time for this guy and group to be removed.

Remember the site is:


Forgot to mention you can archive any site at anytime to capture all links and details forever. On the homepage of, you can Save a site. That will set off the spiders to crawl the site (every link) and record it as of that point in time.

Marine Vet

Thank you


Thanks Plugtuglug. I visited. It demonstrates that once it's out there on the 'net it's there forever. Citizensagainsttyranny,net defamed two innocent senior citizens, with the full support of Senator Dallas Heard and the cheers and applause of the Garden Valley Church.

It's in my nature to respect the religious beliefs of others without criticism. It's personal. But I'm getting really fed up with so-called patriots wrapping themselves in the stars and stripes while they brandish Bibles as weapons. It's wrong. It's unChristian. It's dangerous.

If a pastor brings in a speaker to a church service, the attendees may just be innocent bystanders. But I listened to the sermon. I heard the cheers and applause. The love of Christ was not in that room. It was demagoguery.

Don't churches study the synoptic gospels of Mark, Mathew and Luke any longer? Is it the prosperity gospel of Heard and Trump? Has it become okay to plot an attack on the seat of government while sitting in the cozy comfort of a church's tax exempt status?

How can anyone of sound mind rationalize this as okay?


Puts the terms Judas Goat and Bellwether into perspective, doesn't it.

Marine Vet

And when were the New Testament words of JESUS Changed to Include. It's OK to Be a Racist & Support 1.? Or for any Leader of a church to Claim, The Church doesn't get a Ballot BUT. Allows these Kind's of Actor's into Sanctuary of a Church.?

Marine Vet

I to would LOVE to See a List of the Name's of these Small Businesses Along with the List of Businesses that Are a Part of the Other MOB Group, Citizens against Tyranny. I wouldn't want them getting Infected with Common Sense or Values from my Money


Noting that OPB has identified two of the men who stormed the Capitol in Salem on Dec 21 (as advocated by Heard) participated in the insurrection in DC on Jan 6.

We need to dig deeper.


I would like some straight answers from both Sen. Dallas Heard and Rep. Gary Leif about Gary's involvement in this tyranny movement.

In the written article, Gary says he's distressed that Dallas is involved with the citizens against tyranny.

However, in the excerpts from Dallas's sermon (see multimedia on the left at top of story) at 2:25 Dallas says."myself and Representative Gary Leif have already committed to this effort."

He goes on to say that all other elected officials from the commissioners to the sheriff to the county clerk, to the assessor to mayors and city councils must sign the document or be purged for not being worthy.

Dallas clearly states Gary was committed to the cause. Gary says otherwise.

Gary is the only other official Dallas names as already committed to the cause. I'd really like to know what the deal is. Was Gary committed? Did he flip? Or was Dallas assuming something about his friend that just wasn't so?

After what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6, I don't think we can afford to let anything this serious slide with elected officials. If Gary is an innocent bystander then so be it. But if he or anyone else was in on this plot to dox senior citizens and to purge the unworthy, then -- as Dallas says -- "their faces and names and what they did must be known."

Gary, Dallas already named you. Is he full of bilge or what? We, the citizens, have a right to know the truth.






Their "Declaration" states: "WE THE OPPRESSED PEOPLE DECLARE THAT:

All public employees and private citizens who directly support any attempt by governments or their officials to deprive us of these most sacred inalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator, Almighty GOD, will be held fully accountable and will be made publicly known for their hostile actions against the oppressed peoples of Oregon. All publicly elected officials who refuse to sign this declaration of basic rights will be held accountable via recall petition by the same citizens whom they refused to stand with in unity."

So they think they know who the enemies are, but other than Dallas Heard, the self proclaimed patriot, who are the people that have sponsored and signed on to this declaration? Where is the courage of THEIR convictions? Or is this some kind of secret organization? Heard claims they operate independently of him, but he's the one doing all the speaking their behalf. I hope the Department of Justice investigates this. It's clear these cowards are trying to cover up their crimes by deleting their list -- I hope somebody archived their site for evidence. So much more I would like to say, but let me just end again by saying directly to these people -- if you are so right, then why do conceal your identity. You are cowards. Cowards! COWARDS! Who has signed your declaration? Or is that a secret too? How many people have signed this and are now scrambling to have their names removed after the blowback? Cowards.


Anonymous Cowards Against Tyranny


That's the People's Front of Cowards Against Tyranny.



well said!






If you go to and put in their website you will see two archives from December 23 and 24.


I went to their website -- it looks like they took down the list. Good thing the patriots in 1776 weren't afraid of bad press and lawsuits. I guess their motto should be Don't Publicly Shame On Me. Heard thinks its ok to stir people into a frenzy, list their names, and then claim he doesn't intend for anything bad to happen. Good luck making that argument in Court. I also noticed at the website that they don't list their own names -- nor the names of the elected officials and others who signed their disgusting pledge. Patriots? Or angry cowards? I think its obvious.

Plugtuglug and you will see the list of two people they claim are traitors


FYI - For this not aware, these are Businesses this guy is affiliated to. Think about where your money is spent. All with an easy search of the public record is where this came about.

Emerald landscape and Irrigation LLC

Emerald Lawns

Dallas Heard Landscaping LLC

Dallas Heard Landscaping Inc

Huffman-Heard Fuel LLC

Dillard Quarry LLC


And a thoughtful essay by Timothy Snyder, author of "On Tyranny."


melrosereader: it's a supreme irony that Heard rages against non-existent tyranny while supporting tinpot tyrant trump. I urge everybody to read Snyder's very short, incisive book. I carried it with me for several years, and it's still in my computer case, for now-rare trips to town. I've bought multiple copies for other people.


This is now a leading story at the Oregonian with additional perspective.


It was only just now that I noticed and listened to the chilling video that accompanies this article.

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." The phrase has been falsely attributed to both. Upton Sinclair and Huey Long.

But hear we are. Traitors wearing the flag as capes, calling themselves patriots, staging insurrections in state capitols across the country and storming the temple of our democracy in DC. We have a state senator calling himself a Christian, but promising to "force that door open."

Heard has got to go.


Code Red Scam Alert on Heard donating his car sale proceeds. He won't, he just wanted to brag about owning a Viper. You can be sure they would dox every one of us if they could. Don't be surprised when our personal information gets "leaked out". Don't be surprised when militia's begin using his dad's property as a staging point. Don't be surprised at anything these traitors will do. Sheriff Hanlin has some tough choices ahead.


In his speech at Garden Valley Church, Heard referenced the demonstration that would occur at the Capitol building in Salem a week after his sermon, and insisted that parishioners participate.

“I’m going to force that door open. When the time comes you better be standing outside that door to push your way in and establish your, you gotta establish your rights as the people. Do not let your servant take all of God’s blessing and glory for you. Take it for yourself. So your children have an inheritance worth having,” he told the parishioners.

"Bricks shy of a load" is right.


Senator Heard announced Friday night he would raffle off his sports car, a 2000 Dodge Viper, to raise money to support the group’s future endeavors.


Unfortunately many Oregonians know very little about it constitution. After the Governor used what power she does have, our constitution gives specific protocols if the Governor wants to extend her restrictions. A letter from a Judge out if Baker City has reversed her orders, but now it kicked the the Supreme Court , where it will eventually be looked at, by doing this her illegal mandate stands. So now we see small business some open some not but all chosen by Brown , a deeper look into the Judges letter is needed.

Ever seen movies where the secret police are called on someone, not because they did something ilegal, but out of jealousy and spi ght And you don't even get to face your accuser . And when this mandate is examined. It could be illegal, but because of the citizen secret police entire communities could be lost example if RFP got shut down


Friday June 12, 2020

"The Oregon Supreme Court determined Friday that a Baker County Circuit Court judge erred when he ruled that Gov. Kate Brown's coronavirus restrictions had extended past a 28-day statutory time limit and were therefore expired.

:The Oregon Supreme Court said it has vacated Circuit Judge Matthew Shirtcliff's injunction, declaring that a state of emergency is not subject to a time limit of a certain number of days. Brown's orders will remain in effect...

"The Oregon Supreme Court said the the circuit court's preliminary injunction was based on a fundamental error because the circuit court's conclusion about the statutory time limit was incorrect. It said the governor issued the executive orders pursuant to ORS 401.165, which authorizes the governor to declare a state of emergency. It also gives her emergency powers, including all police powers vested in the state by the constitution. Acting under this state law allows the governor to to exercise her power for "the promotion of the order, safety, health, morals and general welfare of the public."

"The U.S. Supreme Court has previously determined that through police power, a community can "protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members."

In October, three GOP lawmakers in Oregon filed a new case against Kate Brown, presenting a different theory in the case.

FYI: Timber workers and employers like RFP have been declared essential workers in Oregon.

Backwoods sawyer

John hamlin has a lot of issues himself... like explaining to a judge why a man lost both his legs on Johns order...

At least he didn't back the extremism of this lunatic...

Dallas doxxing hurd does not represent his constituents...

LNG pipeline is going between my house and Barn taking out my well... Where's Dallas... Hand's out at Jordan cove...

Garden valley church is not the only church Dallas was spewing his attack on the capital building... add Camas Valley christian fellowship to that list...

Yes the church who's pastor and members found a judge in baker city to contest the steps taken by the governor... Same extremest group that is behind the move Idaho boarder....

Recall Dallas Hurd... He doesn't represent Douglas county citizens...


66 PEOPLE were vaccinated in Douglas County yesterday bringing the Douglas County’s total to 980 people vaccinated since 1,595 doses of vaccine were received by Mercy Medical Center and Roseburg VA Hospital 24 days ago. Tens of thousands of Douglas County residents are waiting patiently for their first shot of vaccine while literally thousands of vaccine doses sit collecting dust on the shelves of those hospitals. At 66 vaccinations per day, it will take over 9 years to vaccinate everyone in Douglas county with two doses.

Douglas County has now vaccinated 0.87% of its residents. There are still only 3 counties in Oregon that have vaccinated a lower percentage of their residents than Douglas County. At least one county has vaccinated over 5% of its residents.

All of this information is provided by the Oregon Health Authority on their vaccine dashboard. Unfortunately, the News-Review spam filter will not let me publish the link. However, you can get to it by going to the below link and scrolling down one half page to “Vaccination Data Dashboard.” Compare how poorly Douglas County is doing compared to the other counties around it.


17 new coronavirus cases were reported in today’s press release from the County Commissioners Coronavirus Task Force. Douglas County had 151 cases and 3 deaths over the last 9 days. This brings Douglas County totals to 1,545 cases and 42 deaths.

Roseburg’s Veteran Affairs reported 1 new coronavirus case since yesterday, bringing Roseburg’s VA totals to 171 cases and 5 deaths.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 192 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 171.1 today for Douglas County, which is less than the case rate of 200 required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to reopen. Good thing the County Commissioners threw out those 22 positive cases or Douglas County would have been forced to shut down again.

The County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team reported 192 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 2,621 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 192 cases by 2,621 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 7.3% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 343 new coronavirus cases and 8 deaths today. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 1,694 cases and 30 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 1,629 new coronavirus cases and 28 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 7.5% today.

The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported there are 12 ICU beds and 128 non-ICU beds available in Region 3 today. 35 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. There were 160 new coronavirus cases reported in Region 3 today.


Hi, Dallas. It's me again. One more request. Would you be so kind as to list the names and addresses of your friends at the Garden Valley Church who were part of the mob that vandalized and broke into the capitol building and assaulted state police officers?

Your December 13 sermon at Garden Valley Church is conveniently on-line. All those cheers and the applause. It's obvious they love you. So when you insisted in the sermon that your church family participate in the break in at the capitol it's likely at least some complied.

You said: “I'm going to force that [capitol] door open. When the time comes you better be standing outside that door to push your way in and establish your, you gotta establish your rights as the people. Do not let your servant take all of God's blessing and glory for you. Take it for yourself. So your children have an inheritance worth having,”

I strongly urge the Garden Valley Church not be led into the temptation of removing the audio of your December 13 sermon. That might be construed as destroying evidence of you inciting a riot or insurrection or a conspiracy to damage government property. After what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6, these offenses look a lot more serious than they may have in December.

Maybe it would be best if members of the congregation would turn themselves into Sheriff John Hanlin. He'll know which jurisdictions to contact on their behalf. People will then have the ability to confess or to eliminate themselves from the investigation. I can't imagine how betrayed they felt when that door opened and you weren't there. It was state Rep. Mike Nearman.

His was a serious breach of public trust. In the meantime you were safe in the Senate Chambers, sans mask. I don't get your thinking, Dallas. In the halls of government you preach the bible and in church you preach political insurrection. You seem a bit confused on the whole time and place thing.

But back to the main point: A list from you, Dallas, of church members who heeded your call and broke into the capitol building would certainly be helpful. You could combine it with the lists of businesses and elected officials working with the citizens against tyranny. Because they all need to be "known for what they did."

Thanks ever so much,



mworden: Yeow! And rrrraaarrrrr.

Well said. Very well asked.

Cue FormerDemocrat, complaining about cattiness, in 3, 2, 1....



mworden . . . well done.


Excellent. And now I see that The N-R has a tape of the sermon, so even if Garden Valley Church takes it down, it is in the public domain.


"How is this *not* an attempt to incite lawbreaking and an attack on legislators?

“I'm going to force that door open. When the time comes you better be standing outside that door to push your way in and establish your, you gotta establish your rights as the people. Do not let your servant take all of God's blessing and glory for you. Take it for yourself. So your children have an inheritance worth having,” he told the parishioners."


I voluntary quit working over the summer due to dangerous lunatics like this. No I did not claim unemployment but live off meager savings and live very frugally and grow my own food for the most part. I was threatened while working by “neighbors” angered by my mask and for attempting to enforce, by myself most of the time,, the mask and occupancy mandate for our store. I had numerous fragile and vulnerable customers threatened by same lunatics. I am now afraid to talk to neighbors who are Trumpers. Never thought in a million years I’d be more afraid here in rural Oregon than I ever was in an urban area. Distressing beyond belief.


Citizen495, please consider applying for unemployment insurance. You didn't quit your job on a mere selfish whim. Your life was being threatened and endangered while you were trying to do your job. Quitting under those circumstance very likely would be considered valid.

There is no reason for you to suffer financially for months and months because customers thought they had the right to threaten your well-being. You would not be gaming the system. Maybe you'll get turned down, but maybe you might get some help until it becomes safe to go back to working with the angry public. Wishing you all the best,


I was recently doxxed by County Commissioner Chris Boice when I questioned his coronavirus response. He used his influence to find my personal information and posted on-line where my wife and I live. Doxxing seems to be a method politicians use to silence their critics.

According to the News-Review 3rd picture, Sen. Heard’s Instagram Declaration of Citizens Against Tyranny had 396 likes. The names of three anonymous supporters can be seen in the picture. A quick search of the internet reveals the following:

Inky_89 appears to be Weston Inkrote from Grants Pass, Oregon

All_american_spray_lining_tint appears to be Peter Kowals who owns a company called All American Spray Lining & Tint in La Grande, Oregon

Wondermarrta appears to be Maryna Vinichenko who lives in Kyiv Ukraine and in one post claims she is “unapologetically American.”

The next time you think Sen. Dallas Heard represents the working people, maybe you should take look at Sen. Heard’s Myrtle Creek 7,000 square foot home he currently has for sale on Zillow for $1.65 million.


Mike, did you uncover a real-life Ukrainian Troll?

Bryan Michel

Sherriff's office so crooked really has jack shot to say they can't even follow the laws they enforce.


Videos of maskless Sen. Dallas Heard among the crowd speaking about the "enemy in the Capitol" at the Occupy Salem protest two days ago.


sure looks like inciting insurrection to me. These guys are traitors.

Marine Vet

Video shows Oregon Rep. Mike Nearman open Capitol door to far-right demonstrators. YES By All Means Lets talk about TYRANNY


Does it seem that Heard is continually trying to cause the same unrest that is happening all over the country with the extremists? If one reads past articles about him you will see a pattern that is unsettling because he like so many others in the GOP don’t want to work for the good of all but only his “special” selected group. When our elected politicians walk out of government meetings, leave the state if they don’t get their own way, encourage rebellion & cause havoc between citizens then it is time for them to go. Heard is not someone that I want to be a voice in Oregon. Many are coming to their senses realizing that it takes cooperation to succeed and that the craziness has gone on too long. This is one issue in a string of incidence that Heard has grumbled about but if this pandemic isn’t nipped in the bud it will be here a lot longer and more businesses will fail and more deaths will happen. Everyone needs to follow protocol and do their bit to stop the spread.


Okay Heard, you want to know how the people you represent feel about how you're doing your job? Seems as though you've hitched your wagon to domestic terrorism, not a good look for an Oregon Senator.

Contact the Oregon State Senate Leader and demand Heard be removed from the State Legislature:

Senate President Peter Courtney

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1711

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-201, Salem, Oregon 97301




Dear Senator Courtney,

I am a constituent of Dallas Heard. I urge you to consider his expulsion from the Oregon State Senate, for his distain for the health and safety of his fellow senators, and for his recent activities, including bullying other elected officials, and his other activities that act to enable SARS-CoV-2 to spread.


I've also written Senator Courtney, noting that Dallas Heard is now advocating the doxing, banning and, by extension, the harassment of Oregon citizens who have engaged in legal behavior.

The article states it is expected that a proposal to outlaw doxing will appear before the Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform — a committee on which Heard sits. It's inappropriate for Heard to sit on a committee assessing legislation to outlaw an activity that Heard openly espouses and engages in.

I've asked that Senator Heard be removed from his committee assignments. (There may not yet be enough to expel him. It takes a lot.) For a member of the legislature, being removed from committee assignments is a huge punishment. It was one of the first punishments meted out to Senator Jeff Kruse before he was convinced to resign. Unfortunately, Dallas was appointed to replace Jeff. From the frying pan to the fire, as they say.

If you write Senator Courtney, please include your full name and street address so that he knows he is hearing from one of Senator Heard's constituents.


Dear Dallas Heard,

You are advocating making a public list of the names of people who have filed OSHA complaints. You are advocating that these citizens be "86ed" or banned. You are quoted as saying, ""If that's the case then I support those people being known for what they did."

Makes sense. Let's start with a list of the 20 or 30 small businesses such as restaurants and gyms who, you claim. formed this citizens for tyranny group.

Please list the name of the business, their address and the name and address of the owners/managers who are part of the citizens against tyranny group.

If any other elected officials have signed onto this group, besides you -- say, for example, your pal Chris Boice -- please list their name, their position and their address. Preferably in splashing bright red letters under a title something like PATRIOTS WILLING TO DOX ELDERLY LADIES IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM.

I like consistency in politicians. I'm corny that way. I like those old fashioned American values like Truth, Justice and Fair-Play. If businesses and elected officials are working to dox and 86 citizens who make complaints, then those businesses and elected officials need to be "known for what they did."

Show us what you're made of, Dallas. You can post the list of businesses and their owners and the names of elected officials who are part of this movement against tyranny right here in the N-R comment section. Today would be good.

Sincerely Yours,





mworden: yes! Let's know who is on the side of bullying, and on the side of the virus, as well.

Marine Vet TRYANNY, By All Means Let us Discuss that. *Video shows Oregon Rep. Mike Nearman open Capitol door to far-right demonstrators

Marine Vet

Video shows Oregon Rep. Mike Nearman open Capitol door to far-right demonstrators


Heard won't answer you. He never does. He represents only HIS people.


Dallas Heard is insane.


angercommittee: there are insufficient Cocoa Puffs available....


Someone with a sane voice - I think Mr. Heard is absolutely correct.


I have no doubt that that is what you think.


Hey Rise... Only 11 more days till you start railing about the budget deficits. That was something you were painfully silent about the last 4 years with Trump running up the debt.


The Oregon Supreme Court disagrees.


Dallas Heard is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the State of Oregon and especially to Douglas County. He needs to be immediately recalled. I voted for him last time, but NEVER again. I am starting to feel the same way about Gary Lief. Will never vote for him again either.

Scott Mendelson

Heard has propelled himself passed being a mere ignorant, embarrassing fool to being a genuine danger to society. To use his elected, government position to threaten citizens while at the same time defending and coddling those that purposefully disregard the clear and present public health risk shows that he does not deserve his position. That he would think his absurd religious dogmatism and political extremism gives him the unique right to bully others shows he is capable of even worse behavior. He should resign. Meanwhile, those with legal expertise should pursue the possibility that he has committed a crime or can otherwise be removed from his post.


You can read their manifesto here:


Wow. They cray-cray.


of the

Citizens Against Tyranny


Our most basic and non-negotiable rights to assemble, earn wages and control our private properties have been grievously infringed upon by Governor Kate Brown and lesser officials of the State of Oregon and local Oregon governments.

We stand together in solidarity against all governments, governmental employees, and private citizens who continue to threaten, harass or otherwise deprive us of our sacred fundamental rights. Such rights include:

The right to own and control our private property, whether such be our personal residence, place of business, or place of worship as well as the right to earn wages and to provide for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Additionally, we reserve the right to be free of unlawful oppression and harassment imposed by government in an attempt to enslave others through discriminatory practices designed and intended to bring financial and social ruin.


All public employees and private citizens who directly support any attempt by governments or their officials to deprive us of these most sacred inalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator, Almighty GOD, will be held fully accountable and will be made publicly known for their hostile actions against the oppressed peoples of Oregon.

All publicly elected officials who refuse to sign this declaration of basic rights will be held accountable via recall petition by the same citizens whom they refused to stand with in unity.

Page 1|4

Declaration of the Citizens Against Tyranny & Signature Pages

CITIZENS AGAINST TYRANNY For Information please contact us at:

Email: Website:


That all signatory businesses will ban any and all elected officials, public employees, and private citizens henceforth who attempt in any way to discriminate, harass or otherwise oppress our rights. Banned persons will be refused service at all participating businesses until a public apology is issued and full monetary restitution offered, equal to any and all damages to or costs incurred by the person(s) or business(es) harmed by the above listed hostile actions!


Oppressed and disenfranchised white people? Hahahahaha.


I copied and pasted my 1/7 comment but it still holds true.

If Dallas Heard really cared about his constituency and his loyalty to protecting property AND PEOPLE he would be advocating against the Jordan Cove, Pacific Connector pipeline. He has people in his district who could lose part of their property even though they don't want to sell any land.

In November '06 the people of Oregon voted against private property being taken over by any private entity through eminent domain. In Douglas County 78% of the voting citizens voted against this idea. Dallas Heard has come out in favor of this project. He is more sympathetic to goons who overtook the Malheur Wildlife Refuge than the personal infliction of a corporation onto the property of people in his district. He supports big money over people.


It's actually more insidious than you have portrayed. Sen. Heard did not throw his support to Jordan Cove until AFTER Jordan Cove contributed $5,000 to his election campaign. Sen. Heard is a corrupt politician with no principals, no allegiance other than to his own ambition.


Heard, like all Republicans, only cares about corporations. Remember, his dad owns the place in Wilbur where human excrement is dumped.


For businesses who plan to sign up on this website, I plan to NEVER patronize you business ever again and will go out of my way to patronize the business of your competitors.

In the past, I have voiced my opinion in opposition to businesses who have defied coronavirus restrictions because of my concern for people naive to its potential impacts. But I've never taken the step to report any of the violating businesses to OSHA because that would not be what I would expect from a neighbor in my community. What Senator Heard is doing is widening the chasm in our community.






I have not been to Casey's since they were fined by OSHA and I don't think I ever will.


Heard needs to resign. He's a crazy Q-Anon conspiracy theorist. People are dying because of these nut jobs. He's an embarrassment to our community. Resignation is quicker than a recall.


What a disgraceful human this Heard clown is. These type of people have no place in politics.

Robert Heilman

"I'm just gonna stand with the people I know are being trampled," said Mr. Heard. Rosanne Boyland, age 34, was trampled to death by an angry mob at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. Her death, and those of four other people that day (icluding a law enforcement officer) came about due to extremist rhetoric coming from politicians like Mr. Heard.


I thank the Sheriff for standing up to this tinhorn bully. You may wish to thank Sheriff Hanlin, too.


Not a chance. He isn't enforcing the mask mandate ordered by the governor and I have yet to see any "education" being done to citizens who refuse to wear masks.


I don’t agree with all the left and don’t agree with all the right but in this case I agree with everyone who believes Heard is whacko, time to go Dallas you are an embarrassment to society....all of society


We need to recall Heard. He's jumped off the Trump cliff


Carisa, thank you for this excellent article. And, News-Review, thank you; this is the kind of article that demonstrates why local papers are essential to a democratic society.

The News-Review recently suspended delivery to my area. Big loss for the community. Less for me, since digital works for me.

I urge everyone who values journalism to be sure they are subscribing to the News-Review. I think that the N-R really ought to reduce the digital-only price to make content more widely available.




Except the News-Review VERY seldom publishes letters to the editor, columns, editorials or state news in the digital version anymore. Digital NR only has missed a bunch of great columns lately that were published in the hard copy. I know because I get both.

George Weston

When one shows their ignorance, they show their true self. This is not a dictatorship! Too many have become brainwashed by the lies, not the truth. That is what our President has been doing and now he his losing his pulpit after what the social media has done to make it harder for him to spew his lies. Let's deal in facts, not fiction.

George Weston

He needs to go.


You all may contact Senate President Peter Courtney and request that he expel this person from the state senate.

Here's the email.




Our sheriff is right.

And Heard is way off the deep end.

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