the declaration, posted on Heard's Instagram

The declaration of the Citizens Against Tyranny, posted on Sen. Dallas Heard’s Instagram account.

Citizens Against Tyranny has a new list, this one of alleged supporters of the cause. But not everyone named on the list is happy about it.

Citizens Against Tyranny says it stands with local businesses and opposes state COVID-19 mandates it labels tyrannical.

But some of its methods have garnered controversy, such as targeting of individuals it asserts have filed complaints against local businesses and the demand that all local officials sign up or face recall efforts.

Last month, Citizens Against Tyranny’s website listed two senior women who it asserted had filed complaints against local businesses. The women’s names were removed from its website after an inquiry by The News-Review. One of the women told a reporter she hadn’t filed any report at all.

The Douglas County commissioners, sheriff and district attorney have all come out in opposition to Citizens Against Tyranny.

The group’s new list includes about 100 local businesses it says support the cause. The list was published by the Roseburg Beacon and posted last week on the Citizens Against Tyranny Douglas County Facebook page.

Some businesses on that list told The News-Review Friday they signed something, but weren’t clear about what they were signing. Others said they never signed anything and have no idea why they’re on the list at all.

Most of those who told The News-Review they never signed onto a list wanted to speak anonymously, saying the new list had put them between a rock and a hard place.

They said they didn’t want to get involved in a political fight in the first place, and now they’re doomed to offend and potentially lose some customers if they speak out against the group and lose others if they don’t.

One said he went to some meetings out of curiosity but didn’t sign his name to anything. From the start, he said, he opposed the idea of forcing the county commissioners to sign onto the project or the idea of creating a list of “snitches.”

Another said he arrived at one meeting halfway through and signed a sheet of paper going around without realizing his signature would be taken as joining the movement or endorsing it.

“I’m still scratching my head on how my name ended up as being a supporter for that on the declaration that I didn’t get to read at all,” he said.

ECHO Every Child Douglas County is one of the names on Citizens Against Tyranny’s list.

ECHO Executive Director Debbie Horton said she was shocked when several people reached out to tell her the organization was on the list. She said she has no idea how Citizens Against Tyranny even got ECHO’s name.

The organization is a nonprofit and can’t be involved in political activity, she said.

“We’ve sent them emails. We spent all day yesterday trying to get our name off the list,” she said Friday.

“It has nothing to do with what we do. We simply, solely support children in foster care,” she said.

Jack Trowbridge, owner of Great Northern Trailer Works in Sutherlin, said he did sign up for the group after state Sen. Dallas Heard reached out to him about it. But he said he made the mistake of not actually reading the group’s declaration.

“We support our friends who are in the restaurant business and in the gym business, and we are against the lockdowns that have hurt their businesses,” he said.

“However, we do not support recalling the commissioners. We do not support recalling the sheriff or the DA. And we definitely do not support singling out senior citizens who may or may not have called in a report,” he said.

Basco Logging also appears on the list. President Juan Yraguen said he signed the list because he does oppose tyranny.

He said both the governor’s mandates and a growing trend of censorship of conservative views are tyrannical.

However, he said he does hope the group stops posting names of alleged “snitches.”

That’s because right off the bat, the first two women identified by Citizens Against Tyranny weren’t properly vetted, he said.

“If that’s all the better it can be managed then don’t even do it, because you’re just harming yourself at that point and serving no purpose,” he said.

He does oppose people reporting small businesses to the state.

“If you’re a snitch and you’re playing that game, you don’t have to go to Casey’s and eat. Just don’t go, OK, but you have no business doing the governor’s bidding to work against those people who are just trying to make a living,” Yraguen said.

Aimee Jones, chairperson of Citizens Against Tyranny, said Saturday in a written statement said the group is disappointed that a small number of businesses have requested their names removed from the community support list, but they fully understand and have removed the names.

“It’s unfortunate that several influential people in our community are currently engaging in a full-scale distortion and public shaming campaign against our community of small businesses and our employees. They have now successfully intimidated some who need this support into removing their names from our list to avoid further public persecution,” Jones said.

Jones said that the two seniors whose names were posted on the group’s website as having allegedly reported businesses to OSHA were posted by accident and without the approval of the board.

“Those names were removed immediately after our group became aware of the mistake,” she said.

Jones is the owner of Blended Main Street Eatery in Myrtle Creek. Restaurants have been among the hardest-hit businesses under the governor’s mandates.

“Many of us have not been allowed to earn incomes for a better part of a year and now we are being told by some in our community that we should be publicly scorned and oppressed for even trying to band together in an effort to simply survive,” she said.

“In spite of the political style character assassination effort we are enduring, we will continue to promote the truth of who we are and what we stand for which is freedom and service for the benefit of our entire community,” she said.

She said the group’s primary goal is to raise funds through private charity so it can help businesses reopen and stay open “so their families both business and employees can have hope for the future.”

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(43) comments


Businesses have been allowed to open in Douglas County since New Year's. That's because we had lowered the number of covid cases. But they're back up again and if all this anti-mask nonsense continues then businesses will have to close again.

If you think wearing a mask is a sign of tyranny, then you don't know what real oppression is. It's oppressive to have to shut down business because people are too selfish to take precautions to help their neighbors.


Don't forget one of the major reasons businesses in Douglas County were allowed to open is because the County Commissioners threw out 22 positive coronavirus cases. That negative 22 cases had a big artificial impact on the 14-day case rate calculation. And 15 days later (after the artificial impact), the case rate is again above 200.


Consider this interesting dichotomy. These Trumpist groups like Citizens against Tyranny who are claiming coronavirus restrictions are oppressive to their rights and the economy should look to China. They will find a country famous for its oppression that has much more vigorous coronavirus restrictions than the U.S. And yet China is relatively coronavirus free and their economy has rebounded vigorously with 2.3% GDP growth for 2020 (below link). It’s quite possible these groups like Citizens against Tyranny have it entirely wrong and their resistance to coronavirus restrictions is what is causing the U.S. economy to tank.


Back to the story .... the whole roll out of the citizens against tyranny has been botched. Names were put up without being vetted and two senior ladies were labeled filthy traitors. That was called a mistake and the names were removed.

Elected officials were warned they'd be purged if they didn't sign on to the group. Never a good tactic. The sheriff, Rep, Gary Leif, the commissioners and the district attorney pushed back and said, no, we don't support this concept.

The News-Review has been harshly criticized by CAT officials for literally doing their jobs -- finding stuff out and reporting on it. That is literally their job.

I wonder if the founders of this group even know what tyranny means. Yes, it does mean a cruel and oppressive government. In this case, covid restrictions are being seen as cruel and oppressive.

But tyranny also means the cruel, unreasonable or arbitrary use of power. A parent can behave like a tyrant, an employer can, and so can a newly formed political organization. IMO, it's cruel, unreasonable and arbitrary to dox two senior ladies, one of whom hadn't reported anything to anyone. It's cruel to threaten ordinary citizens with doxing and public shaming.

It's cruel, unreasonable and arbitrary to threaten elected officials who may actually like you and support your general position, but who don't take kindly to threats. What kind of person threatens a friend? What kind of friend threatens another friend's job? That's cruel. It's tyrannical. It's abusive.

It certainly seems arbitrary to give a list to The Beacon of alleged supporters, some of whom may support your cause, but don't want to get into the middle of a political firestorm. They risk losing customers if they don't sign on and they risk losing customers if they do. I can tell you they've already lost me and I intended to make a major purchase at one of those businesses by the end of the month. I'm gone. They proudly had political signs on the fence around their business, so I knew where they stood. Didn't matter. But if they support doxing people and threatening elected officials, they've lost my business for good.

This roll out was botched. How many people have access to your website so that names could be put up by mistake? How did you think your friends in elected office would react to threats? Did you even care whether your list of members was accurate or not?

There seems to be a lot of ego and self- righteousness involved in the roll out. This was supposed to be a collaborative effort, from what I read. What if some of the folks in the collaboration just happen to be filled with bitterness, anger, fear or ego? How does that impact how things work?

David Jacques from The Beacon has talked about a high powered political consultant, big bucks, a hired gun leading up to a barrage of criticism for CAT. Chairperson Aimee Jones talks about high powered individuals engaged in full scale distortion, public shaming against supporters of CAT, and CAT members having to endure public persecution and political style character assassination.

When CAT has doxed innocent people and threatened elected officials, how in the world are the members of the group the victims of public shaming and persecution? That is exactly the way abusers see themselves. They see themselves as victims who have many powerful forces working against them. They feel like they have to fight others, put them in their place, just to maintain their own dignity. That is the way abusers think. (Speaking as a professional.)

Dallas, I listened to your entire sermon. I've read your Facebook page. I listened to the Wake-Up Call radio interview. When you warned against vengeance and when you had the names removed from the website, I think you were acting in accord with your true higher values.

All this other stuff, the doxing, threatening, and putting sympathizers in a difficult position -- is that really you? Is that what you really stand for?

You've been cheered and applauded by people who disagree with the governor's mandates. It's time to ask what's more important -- getting more cheers, flexing more power, instilling fear, or staying in accord with the real self, the higher self.

I'm asking you that, Dallas.

And each of us can benefit from asking ourselves those same questions every day.


mworden: you are very kind, I think. Seems to me, Heard is essentially calling his perceived enemies, enemies of God. And you know: for people who think like that sort of thing, often anything is permissible.

State Senator Dallas Heard, acting under the color of his office, has accused local officials opposing his efforts of having “some serious character problems,” and expressed the sentiment that opposition to him, by “countless enemies…seen and unseen,” was the equivalent to opposition to God: “There is an incredible effort underway to silence and destroy anyone who believes in God or freedom. I am going through my own experiences with that oppressive darkness right this moment and in spite of the fact that I have seemingly countless enemies both state and local, seen and unseen giving their absolute all to destroy me.”

“Countless enemies…seen and unseen,” meet Captain Queeg....


The project has run off the rails. My agreement or disagreement does not matter. Anyone with eyes can see the derailment, the wreckage and the toxic spillage.

It's in accord with my higher values to react with kindness when I see real trouble, the kind of trouble that can plunge people into darkness. Names have popped up that I recognize from living here and being active in the community for many years. Troublemakers. Tricksters. Those vested in self-aggrandizement at the expense of others.

This situation is messed up and anyone who has the power to step back would be wise to do so and to take some time to reconsider what's happening. Anyone.

Your post, Citizenjoe, outlines the nature of the trouble. You see it and I see it. My hope is that people who can offer firsthand help -- we can't -- will see it too and will do something sensible about it.


mworden you should run for office.


Got my vote.


Citizen Joe & Mike, we find your comments 👍spot on. There is a madness in our country and that has dibbled down to our own city because of the recklessness & lies from troublemakers. I don’t need to says the names because all one has to do is read about the “conspiracy theories” these loonies are ranting about.


Has our country's madness really dribbled down to our own city, or has it always been there, held under wraps by political correctness, but still simmering and waiting for Hitler type leaders to espouse their nationalism through racism, revolt, blacklisting and condemnation.

Marine Vet

THANK YOU for a Updated List. We Support Local Business's THAT SUPPORT the HEALTH & WELL BEING of the CITIZENS OF this County. We WILL NOT Spend ANY of Our Money at ANY Business, That SHOWS Disrespect for Common Sense & Humanity.


Actually, that is NOT the updated list. Its the list of Boardmembers of Citizens for Tyranny. The list of 69 businesses and their contact names that support this effort were removed....censored. Now I know how Trump feels.


Despite pandemic and claims otherwise, Oregon bankruptcies were down sharply in 2020 according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented hardship to many Oregonians. And yet the number of Oregon bankruptcies fell by more than 25% last year, to the lowest point in many years.


In addition, Douglas County suicides fell by more than 40% in 2020 compared to previous years according to Oregon Health Authority data. It is data such as this that is disproving many of the previous claims local elected leaders previously made of economic and mental woes brought upon us by coronavirus as their justification for pushing their political agendas contrary to the science.


To read the stats properly, we have to ask what was going on in 2019, when 47 people committed suicide in Douglas County. That's far higher than the average for the past decade. In recent years, around 30 people have committed suicide here every year. 2020 through November seemed to be heading in the same direction.

It would be most fair to say that the pandemic had little to no effect on the average number of annual suicides in Douglas County.

Drug overdoses spiked alarmingly in 2020, with many ODs attributed to accidental overdose of fentanyl, a cheap, highly potent synthetic opioid many times stronger than morphine. Some analysts have attributed the overdose increases to pandemic despair. However, the surge in overdoses started in January, several months before Americans were impacted by the pandemic. On January 13, 2020, Dr. Dannenhoffer was urging local residents who knew people who used opiates to get Narcan, an antidote for opioid overdose.


Below is the number of Douglas County suicides. The 5-year average is 33. The year 2020 is incomplete because the Oregon Health Authority has yet to publish the number of suicides that occurred in December. 5 of 2020’s suicides occurred during January and February, meaning 19 Douglas County suicides in 2020 have occurred since March 1.

Both our Douglas County Commissioners and Dr. John Powell have been quoted several times saying Oregon’s coronavirus restrictions were causing depression and leading to increased suicides in Douglas County. They lied. The same information was available to them as is available to us, yet they chose to NOT tell the truth to further their political agenda.

2020 Jan-Nov----24






5-year Ave--------33


Interesting. The OHA now says there was 47 Douglas County suicides in 2019. I saved OHA's PDF data table in June. At that time, it said Douglas County only had 43 suicides in 2019. Sometime since last June and today, the ODF added 4 more suicides to 2019. It makes me wonder what would have happened over the last 6 months to cause OHA to increase the stated number of suicides in 2019 by almost 10%.


Unfortunately, it may take months for the official cause of death to be placed on a death certificate, if the cause is not obvious. It can takes months for lab results looking for drugs to be returned and then several months more for the proper official to analyze the reports and fill out the death cert. This is a nationwide issue. It creates a significant lag time in the final reports and it's also terribly hard on the families who wait in grief and uncertainty.


You're right about it taking months for lab results. About ten years ago a cousin of mine went on a plane ride with two friends (one was the pilot). Some point during the night it crashed in a heavily wooded area. We assumed it was just a tragic accident and maybe was just attributed to bad visibility with flying at night. Well over 6 months later the lab results came out, turns out the pilot had well above legal alcahol blood count and more than likely that attributed to the plane crashing. If this had been a celebrity that died, the results probably would have been out the same week as the crash happend. Too us it just made the death all the more tragic to us.


I previously posted the businesses and contact names that were listed by Roseburg Beacon as being members of Citizens against Tyranny. The News-Review deleted my post without comment.


I appreciate that you posted the list, Mike. I also understand why it was removed by the N-R. People are contesting that they signed up. Let CAT and the Beacon take all the risk of liability and defamation.

Carisa, I hope that once CAT has a vetted membership list that the N-R will publish it. I intend to NOT spend my money at any business that endorses this malignant organization of bullies and covid-deniers.

If they spent half as much time and energy encouraging people to wear masks, avoid gatherings, social distancing and hand washing, we could keep infections low enough for all businesses to stay open.

We're having the equivalent of a 9/11 every single day in this country and covid deniers don't seem to care. Was it the buildings you cared about? Did the lives lost not matter to you? You've all got a lot of darn gall to call yourself patriotic.

MHenneke Staff

It was removed because of multiple people telling us directly they are not sure why they are on the list. Allowing something published that we already have significant doubts about its veracity would be irresponsible of us at the very least.


Understood, and thank you. I advocated for publication of the list, and I appreciate your position. It certainly is kinder to the businesses that had no part of this bullying project. On the other hand, victims of crimes generally do not enjoy privacy unless they are minors or there is some other good reason for protection.

I do hope that the victimized people and businesses sue the living daylights out of the perpetrators of this apparent hoax/intimidation project.


Mr. Henneke,

Aimee Jones, chairperson of Citizens Against Tyranny, said a small number of businesses requested their names be removed from the list and they have since removed their names. Have you reached out to Ms. Jones for the updated list?

Marine Vet

But Yet you do daily.?


I would be curious to know how many accepted money from the cares act. I know the gyms were still charging and fees even though you couldn’t go in.


So ,for example, a citizen were to report someone committing a crime, dealing drugs lets say, then they shouldbeo shamed for turning in a lawbreaker? Or does that only apply to laws one disagrees with? Sorry CAT, laws dont work that way...look it up in a civics textbook...


Looks like it's time for CAT to "lawyer up"....can you say defamation lawsuit?


Aimee Jones, chairperson of Citizens Against Tyranny, said the group’s primary goal is to “raise funds through private charity so it can help businesses reopen and stay open so their families both business and employees can have hope for the future.” Put simply, I don’t believe her. There is exactly ZERO mention of raising funds for businesses on their website. Ms. Jones and her lynch mob got busted and now are backpedalling.

Until they were exposed, Citizens for Tyranny’s website DID encouraged businesses to sign on to “86”-ing, or banning people by publishing their names on Citizens for Tyranny’s unvetted “LIST.” Until the website was taken down, Citizens for Tyranny’s website encouraged businesses to post a sign detailing instructions about how to file information requests to Oregon OSHA to try to uncover the names of those who have made reports.

According to Senator Dallas Heard who is an outspoken supporter of the group, the “Citizens Against Tyranny” effort seeks to not only expose whistle blowers but also ban them from local businesses. The movement threatened a recall for any elected officials who don’t sign on. Not exactly how Citizens for Tyranny’s Chairperson Amiee Jones portrays her lynch mob group.


Maybe instead of dragging law-abiding citizens through the mud, these restaurants should join up with Chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen,

He contracts with local restaurants and pays them to feed hungry people.

It's a win/win/win.


But what we have is the leaders of Douglas County's small business community calling for the shaming of the very people whose business they need to survive.

Gotta be the most ridiculous marketing plan I ever heard of.




I know one thing. I live in Myrtle Creek and I will not give my business to anyone or any business who supports a bunch of thugs.


Citizens Against Tyranny. Up is down, Alice in Wonderland, right here in Douglas County. The name should be Citizens FOR Tyranny.

Here's the thing. The way to economic recovery after the pandemic is, first, to control the pandemic. Get people vaccinated, etc.

Where legaislators - national and state- erred is in their failure to adequately support small businesses and workers until businesses can be safely reopened.

Had adequate support been provided (as many countries in Europe have done) we wouldn't be in this mess.


Dallas Teard, Powell's EF medicine, Commissars and others urging mask boycott and other illegal or unethical activities should be locked in a silo with no electronic devices until this is all behind us. Their lies confuse people


According to an Antifa Facebook page (below link), Citizens Against Tyranny, is described as “the magacult lead by @Heard4StateRep has provided this handy list of people and businesses that believe wearing a mask is tantamount to slavery and anyone that gets in their way will be doxxed, banned, and sued, to start.

Citizens Against Tyranny’s Board Members are listed as:

Chairman – Aimee Jones, owner of Blended Main Street Eatery.

Vice Chair – Todd & Kristen Koens, owners Blac-n-Bleu Bistro

Vice Chair – Brandi & Leo Voepel, owners Pacific Fitness

Vice Chair – Sean Klope, owner Old Sportsman Riddle

Secretary – Corinna Long, Executive Chef Blended Main Street Eatery

Secretary – Savannah Underwood, Owner My Coffee

Secretary – Jasmine Guyer, owner Bobby Guyer Construction Corp.

Board Member – Lance & Laurie Mounts, owners Casey’s Restaurant

Board Member – Brett & Mendi Parrett, owners Events Non-Profit Advocate

Board Member – Rudy Luna, owner Swing from the Vines

Board Member – Terry Brock, owner Total Body Fitness

Comment deleted.

Mike, thanks. It's good to note that some have disavowed the endorsement, ranging from "no, we never did," to "we didn't mean to do it," and now they have all been put into an invidious position by the liars at CAT.


And some of those "some" only disavowed the endorsement when their name and the name of their business was made public. They were perfectly happy to endorse CAT when they thought they could do so anonymously. Personally, I printed out the list and put it on my refrigerator to remind me where I will NOT spend my money in the future.

Marine Vet

THANK YOU for a Updated List. We Support Local Business's THAT SUPPORT the HEALTH & WELL BEING of the CITIZENS OF this County. We WILL NOT Spend ANY of Our Money at ANY Business, That SHOWS Disrespect for Common Sense & Humanity.


Actually, that is NOT the updated list. Its the list of Boardmembers of Citizens for Tyranny. The list of 69 businesses and their contact names that support this effort were removed....censored. Now I know how Trump feels.


Thanks, none of these businesses will be getting my money.

Marine Vet

THANK YOU for a Updated List. We Support Local Business's THAT SUPPORT the HEALTH & WELL BEING of the CITIZENS OF this County. We WILL NOT Spend ANY of Our Money at ANY Business, That SHOWS Disrespect for Common Sense & Humanity.


Nobody could have predicted that a bunch of paranoid delusional bullies might have lied.

Carisa, thank you!

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