Effective Wednesday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has lifted nearly all restrictions put in place after the coronavirus pandemic began.

In an announcement late last week, Brown had announced all restrictions related to face coverings, social distancing, business occupancy and group gatherings would be lifted by June 30 "at the latest," with the goal of having at least 70% of Oregon adults ages 18 or older at least partially vaccinated by June 30. As of Friday, the state had reached 69.1%.

"It means, effectively, Oregon is 100% open for business," Brown said.

As of Tuesday, 19,000 residents were needed to reach the 70% plateau. Under the average of 3,000 doses being administered daily, state officials expect to reach that mark by July 7.

Brown signed an executive order Friday which rescinded five other such orders which she enacted during the pandemic, including mask mandates, county level restrictions and restrictions on businesses. 

The state will still adhere to federal guidance mandating face coverings in airports, on public transit and at health care facilities.

Meanwhile, Douglas County has seen relatively small case counts over the past four days, reporting just six positive cases Saturday, eight (with one presumptive positive case) Sunday and six Monday. In its Tuesday report, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 11 positive cases and two presumptive positive.

Thirteen county residents were receiving hospital care, eight locally and five out of the area. The Douglas Public Health Network was monitoring 106 positive patients in isolation, which is down nearly 50 from one week earlier. There are 148 potential contacts who are in isolation.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 230 new positive and presumptive cases Tuesday and announced seven deaths, which pushed Oregon's death toll to 2,770 due to the pandemic.

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Huh, more young people being hospitalized. Who would have thought that 50% of new Covid cases in Oregon are from the Delta B.1.1.7 variant? This more contagious variant targets the young who perhaps are not being allowed to make a vaccination decision for themselves. Time will tell just how Covid variants damage those still growing. We won't know for 10 years or so, much too late to find out that the reason people won't get vaccinated will show debilitated hearts, lungs and brains of their young adult children. Source: https://qz.com/2026552/us-cdcs-delta-variant-tracker-shows-where-its-spreading-fastest/?utm_source=YPL


According to the OHA variant case counts, unlike the rest of the U.S., the entire state of Oregon has had only 3 delta variant cases over the past 8-days, zero in Douglas County. That only means Douglas County has the opportunity to have many more cases as the delta variant moves this way, with it, potentially many more deaths.


Interstate travel from California will be part of that movement. July will be interesting. Fortunately, Oregon is not one of the States no longer reporting cases every day making it much harder to quickly track where outbreaks occur. It's as if conservative states can easily believe the hoax lies/rights infringement but don't think about the consequences to their superior family bloodline.


According to TODAY's Press release from our Douglas County Commissioners:

"Beginning after the first of the year, the average age of those hospitalized with COVID began to drop significantly and we are now seeing many people in their 20’s and 30’s hospitalized. Last week nearly 40% of our hospitalizations were under 30 years old, a remarkable shift from the same time last year when the average age of those hospitalized was people in their 80s."


Douglas County had 4.7% of Oregon's new coronavirus cases over the past week even though Douglas County only has 2.3% of Oregon's total population.

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