After five consecutive days of single-digit positive tests for the coronavirus, Douglas County reported 15 new positive tests and two presumptive positives in its Wednesday report.

The team also reported eight new cases Tuesday.

Effective this week, the county has gone to three weekly updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

There were 11 county residents receiving hospital care due to COVID-19, with five locally and six out of the area. The Douglas Public Health Network is monitoring 101 patients who tested positive who are in isolation as well as 117 possible contacts who are in quarantine.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 591 new cases and six total deaths in its Tuesday and Wednesday reports.

The Douglas County Tiger Team will continue to provide pop-up vaccination clinics throughout Douglas County and has announced its upcoming schedule for this week:

  • Thursday, Music in the Park, Millsite Park, Myrtle Creek, 5-8 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Music on the Half Shell, Stewart Park, 5-8 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Grocery Outlet, 151 NW Douglas Blvd., Winston, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Tiger Team clinics are available to all county residents age 18 and older, and no appointment is necessary.

Aviva Health is also offering vaccinations at its clinic located at 4221 NE Stephens St., Suite 101, in Roseburg near Costco. That clinic is open to anyone age 12 or older to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, although those ages 12-14 must have parental or guardian approval to receive the vaccine.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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Oregon reported 536 new coronavirus cases today, the most since May 15.


The Oregon Health Authority issued a bulletin today stating another coronavirus death occurred in Douglas County, saying:

"Oregon’s 2,822nd COVID-19 death is a 68-year-old man from Douglas County who tested positive on June 20 and died on July 5 at Mercy Medical Center."

This is Douglas County's 3rd coronavirus death reported so far in July.


37 more cases reported in the last 3 Days in Douglas County and 87 cases in the last week.


Why would the News-Review NOT report Sunday that three cases of the deadly delta variant has been found in Douglas County like other medias reported on Friday? Is it also "fake news" when a local media intentionally omits news that could negatively impact the community and result in increased deaths?

The News-Review also failed to report the July 15 coronavirus death of an 68 year old Douglas County woman (Douglas County's 86th coronavirus death) but reported on page three of the Sunday paper that two Olympic Athletes tested positive in Tokyo.


2.1% of Douglas County's coronavirus cases have resulted in death. That's 1 case in 50 result in death, which makes Douglas County one of the most deadly counties in Oregon. Keep in mind, 7 of the last 10 coronavirus deaths in Douglas County occurred at Mercy Medical Center, whose Director Dr. John Powell writes a weekly blog encouraging people to ignore coronavirus restrictions and NOT get vaccinated.


Say goodbye to your carefree Covid summer. No one is more to blame than the anti-vaxxers.


If we had anti-vaxxers years ago, the U.S. would still have polio and small pox today.


Literally 26 days ago, EVERY single U.S. state reported less than 1,000 coronavirus cases. Today, 10 states reported over 1,000 new cases, the highest number of states since early May.


And we're off!

Three cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 have been identified in Douglas County in unvaccinated residents who recently traveled out of the state to known hot spots elsewhere in the U.S.

The Douglas County Public Health network said it has been watching for the variant for the past several weeks. These are the first confirmed cases.


It appears that Douglas County is having another surge. Surprised?


Roseburg's Graffiti week started shortly following the 4th of July weekend and started July 7 and ended July 11. Considering that on average, it takes 2-weeks for coronavirus symptoms to show after contracting the disease, we may expect cases for the unvaccinated to start increasing now and continue to rise through July 25.


Monday was the one year anniversary of Douglas County's first coronavirus death. A year letter, we now have 86 Douglas County residents who have died from this deadly disease.


3 cases of the new delta variant were confirmed in Douglas County from samples taken up to July 7, nearly 10 days ago. By now, the Delta variant has probably spread throughout Douglas County searching for the 55% of county residents that are unvaccinated. There's still time for you hold-outs to walk-in and get vaccinated today.


Correction. Make that July 12, four days ago.


Douglas County has reported 42 new cases and another death, Douglas County's 86th, over the last three days.


Roughly 50% of Douglas County residents are vaccinated. But in the grocery stores 95% of people are walking around without masks. Some people are lying and putting the rest of us at risk. Not to mention the possibility that businesses may be shut down again. Talk about self-destructive behavior.

Thomas Hall

When Douglas County reports the number of covid cases, they need to state

whether those infected have been vaccinated! It is helpful, I feel: when some read over and over again that the unvaccinated are the ones getting ill, it may send a message! I don't see this as shaming, just essential information.


99.5% of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. in the last six months occurred among the unvaccinated.

Medical misinformation peddled to the credulous, mostly by right-wing nutjobs, killed those people.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy made that point, again, today. The Biden administration is going all-out to try to convince people to get vaccinated, but, I am afraid, it has become important to RWNJs to "own the libs"--at the cost of lives. I mean, they are even shutting down broader vaccination programs in places like Tennessee, closing off routine vaccinations, including flu vaccinations, and (of course!) HPV vaccinations.

With allies like these, the virus will thrive.

Is thriving.

Case numbers in the U.S. have doubled in the last 14 days. Some states in the southeast are heading into medical crisis.


Florida had over 7,000 cases today and over 6,400 cases yesterday which are both three times higher than the same days last year.


Today I read a headline stating 20% of all nationwide cases is coming from Florida. But, hey, "Don't Fauci my Florida." BTW, dead and dying conservatives isn't making me feel owned in any way.


Over 8,200 cases reported in Florida so far today.


Dr. John Powell, CEO of Evergreen Family Medicine and Director of Mercy Medical Center, posted a conspiracy theory blog (below link) on Evergreen’s website claiming evidence of tyrannical censorship by social media company YouTube of videos of Florida Governor Desantis round table meeting with physicians and scientists when Florida’s coronavirus strategy was determined in the Fall of 2020.

To remind everyone, Florida’s policy included an emphasis on returning children to school, a ban on mandatory masking and re-opening of all businesses. This strategy countered the CDC and WHO recommendations at the time.

Because the video of Governor Desantis's meeting countered CDC and WHO recommendations, Dr. Powell contends YouTube censored the video, claiming the “action was an example of tyranny vs. liberty.” He then asks interested people to view the video of the meeting posted on the Great Barrington Scientists website, an organization known for reckless messaging by doctors and scientists which continues to feed mistrust of public health policies, including Covid vaccinations.

Guess what? Dr. Powell misled his patients…..again. It turns out, YouTube has NOT censored the roundtable meeting in Florida as Dr. Powell continues to falsely claims on his blog. In fact, there are multiple lengthy YouTube videos (below link) of Governor Desantis’s meeting posted on YouTube that everyone around the world can watch.

Yet, I’m willing to believe most of Dr. Powell’s patients did not bother to check the honesty of Dr. Powells’ conspiracy theory blog that clearly has more to do with politics than patient safety.

There must have been blowback. Because, soon afterwards, Dr. John Powell’s brother Tim, also an Evergreen doctor, published his own blog on Evergreen’s website (below link). Dr. Tim defending his brother by attempting to claim Dr. John’s Covid letters and blogs aren’t at all political, stating, “politicization of the issue was furthest from his mind.” Dr. Tim appears to exist in an alternative reality when he further claims, “Dr. John’s words have been purposefully misrepresented to fit other’s agenda; his character made a target of derision…Never, has he become controversial. Never, has he sought attention.” I guess I’m to believe Dr. John’s multiple letters to the Governor and News-Review and his monthly blog protesting coronavirus restrictions and advocating against vaccinations never really happened.

The words and actions of both Doctor Powells are what the surgeon general is currently warning the public about.


Douglas County had 70 new coronavirus cases in the last 7 days. Spin that how you want.

University of Oregon, which REQUIRES vaccination of all students and faculty is in the middle of its summer term and has not experienced a single coronavirus case since June 23.

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