Three more deaths of Douglas County residents due to COVID-19 complications have been reported, raising the county’s death toll to 258 since March 2020.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery team reported 91 new positive and presumptive cases of the coronavirus, including 41 Tuesday and 50 Wednesday, raising the total number of positive COVID-19 tests in Douglas County to 12,555.

The three deaths included a 59-year-old man who died Monday and a 92-year-old and 57-year-old who died Tuesday. Neither of the three were vaccinated against the coronavirus.

As of Wednesday, there were 25 county residents receiving hospital care due to the coronavirus, 15 locally and 10 out of the area. At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there were two COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, while four patients in the progressive care unit Tuesday had either been transferred or released from the hospital. Ten percent of all patients being cared for at Mercy were due to COVID-19.

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COVID death toll in Trump counties three times higher than the rate in Biden counties.


Have republicans really thought through their anti-vax strategy that is killing off their own voters? Is a dwindling voter base the reason Republicans must now resort to threats and violence to win elections?


Yes, of course they've thought it through. Just like the Sackler family thought through the cost/benefit ratio of overselling billions of doses of the narcotic OxyContin, just like the tobacco companies thought through the economics of selling cigarettes long after they knew they were killing their customers.

The covid death rate is significantly higher in counties that gave more than 60% of the vote to Trump. It's highest in counties that gave Trump 70% of the vote. Douglas County gave Trump about 66% of the vote and gave Dallas Heard 70%.

Republican strategists know they can kill off 10% of the voters in those strongly Red, usually rural counties and still win elections in a landslide. In some counties, they can kill off 20% of their base and still win elections. Fortunately, the death rate is not anywhere near that high. Do you really think Dallas Heard is sweating 263 fewer votes in his next election? The covid deaths are not even a small dent in the number of his supporters.

So, yeah, I think they've thought it through completely and have decided they can live with it and still win.

BTW, Purdue Pharma -- the Sackler family company that over-marketed narcotics -- is bankrupt and is paying out billions in settlements. But the family won immunity from lawsuits and they have all remained billionaires. They are the 19th wealthiest family in America. They will walk away with their fortunes and social standing intact after hundreds of thousands of people became addicted to the prescription opioids they dishonestly marketed and at least half a million people died.

I think that's the strategy the Republicans are using. The covid deaths are highest in counties that are so strongly Red that nothing will shake the voters confidence. So they'll willingly sacrifice a certain number of voters, knowing they'll still win.

Interesting note: Counties with the highest rates of chronic opioid use were far more likely to back Donald Trump.


Merely sacrifices for their version of freedom.


There was no mention in the Sunday edition of the News-Review of 8 Covid deaths this week in Douglas County. Yet a fly fisherman recovering from PTSD made the front page. Guess ya gotta have your priorities.


Roseburg Forest Products reported 60 Covid cases in Douglas County last week according to the Oregon Health Authority November 3 Outbreak Report (below link). This gives RFP a total of 233 Covid cases since May 24, 2021, making it the company with the most confirmed Covid cases in Douglas County.

The Outbreak Report does not specifically list how many RFP cases died. However, it would be fair to say 5 of those RFP cases resulted in death. This is based on Douglas County’s overall statistic that 2.1% of all reported Covid cases died.

Below are the cases reported for four Douglas County RFP sites.





Riddle Engineered Wood------17--------61------8/10/21-----10/15/21

Dillard Plywood--------------------9--------48------8/11/21------10/9/21

Dillard Lumber--------------------34--------70------7/15/21------10/8/21

Riddle Plywood---------------------0--------54------5/24/21------9/25/21



2 More Covid DEATHS reported today in Douglas County (below link), making that 8 deaths reported in the last 4 days.


It's been a long while now since vaccines have been available. Except for kids being vaccinated, which has only just begun, I dare say most anyone wishing to be vaccinated has already checked off that task. We wear masks to protect others from our own exhaled breath, but I have to ask: when can we quit? Is there a magic metric I can't remember hearing about? Is there a line in the mud somewhere we all need to cross?

I've reached the point where logic tells me the vaccinated are as protected as modern science can offer; not enough of us are going to be non-symptomatic carriers. If there was a vote, I'd vote to stop the mask requirements except in medical/dental environments. Logic also says the unvaccinated want to acquire immunity via illness -- fine with me.


It's also fine with me if the unvaccinated want to acquire immunity via illness. The question is how do they accomplish that maskless without dragging me down with them?

If everyone was vaccinated, herd immunity would be achieved and Covid would no longer exist. Hence, there would be no need for masks. That is the ultimate solution.

Until herd immunity is achieved via vaccinations or illness, the disease is allowed to live on and endangers everyone, including those like me who are vaccinated. Masks limit that danger. Wearing a small piece of fabric on our face is a small price to pay in a county fighting for the most per capita Covid deaths in the state.


All good points, except for one little bit of reality: with the exception of medical/dental facilities, few (if any) businesses are making any attempt to enforce the mask mandate in this town/county. I'm seeing more and more unmasked everywhere I shop; some give off an aura of rebellion, and some exude "I'm vaccinated, so just let me be."

While I'm all for following a recipe for success, it's far more common for humans to experiment with trial and error when faced with opportunities that don't have well-defined, proven solutions. I'm vaccinated (both flu and covid), and I'm now willing to accept the responsibility of keeping my distance from others, especially those who seem to display symptoms -- and I accept that there is a small chance of still acquiring communicable diseases. Sooner or later the reality of zero-enforcement is going to sink in to the general population, and masks will generally disappear. Then, a new social experiment will begin: will there be more dead, or just about the same as when more people wore masks? It's a dynamic world...and the answer may be different in December than it was last July. Only one way to find out.


Maybe what you are observing is Douglas County specific. I was at Jerry's in Eugene last week and did not see a single person without their mask on. There were a bunch of kids playing in the Christmas section. Every one of them had a mask on.

I was in Eugene picking up my wife from the Airport. My wife had been in Cabo and Los Angeles the previous weeks where she said EVERYONE wears a mask. Even in Mexico.

I attribute Douglas County's maskless tendency to people who want to be recognized as rebels. I've lived all over the U.S. and don't think I've seen nearly as many U.S. and rebel flags waving on the back of pickup trucks as here in Douglas County. I was dining at Panda Express a week ago and watched as a family pulled into the parking lot with both a Rebel and U.S. flag waving on the back of their pickup. Two parents and three kids. They were asked by a Panda Express workers to wear a mask when they entered and were offered one if they didn't have one of their own. The family promptly turned around and walked out with the father flashing the middle finger while walking to his pickup, demonstrating to his children how a proud and proper rebel should act.


dejadoodoo: my visceral, lizard-brain, reaction is to say, fine, let the unvaccinated get what they deserve. But they don't "deserve" it; nobody does. Moreover, the vaccinated people around them, and the people around them who cannot be vaccinated or whose immune systems did not adequately respond--they don't deserve it either. Colin Powell, whose memorial service was today, died of COVID-19 precisely *because* he caught the virus from someone.

We are each responsible for all of us. This is what both the great religions teach, and what humanism teaches. It's not what our lizard brain says, but it's what our better selves know.


For Citizenjoe's comment[thumbup]


re: Citizenjoe:

I don't disagree with your "better selves" statements, but they do bring up some questions. Our society says smoking tobacco is a major health risk, but aside from a few "allowed location" laws, people are still free to blacken their lungs -- it's up to them to stop and up to me to not start. Our society says the same for excessive alcohol consumption. Pick a drug or a vice, and the bottom line is pretty much going to be the same.

I trust the vaccine science, and I believe my health is strong enough, so I believe that I could live through the experience of catching COVID, but I don't want to. If I didn't think that my health was strong enough I'd put the responsibility on myself to stay away from risky situations. So, if we smoke too much, drink too much or refuse to use common sense -- so be it. We can only only control our own little world.


If you follow that train of thought, there should be no laws prohibiting smoking in public areas and everyone who doesn't like being subjected to second hand smoke at libraries, the movies, buses and restaurants should all just stay home if they don't like it. Fortunately, that's not the case because there ARE laws that allow people to smoke their selves to their death as long as it isn't in a public place and doesn't effect others who choose to enjoy a life free of second hand smoke.

The same goes for alcohol. Fortunately, there are laws that prohibit public intoxication, minimum age and drinking and driving so I am free to enjoy my life rather than be forced to stay at home to avoid coming in contact with over-intoxicated individuals.

Sure, people can smoke and drink their selves to death as long as it isn't in a public setting that exposes others to their unhealthy ways. The same should and eventually will be true for Covid. Even today, professional sports already has protocols that limit the actions of unvaccinated individual athletes. They must always mask, dine and room by their selves. California already has laws limiting the access to public areas for unvaccinated individuals. Eventually, there will be laws prohibiting unvaccinated people unimpeded access to public areas, much like the limits smokers and alcohol consumers have today. Yet, they will still have the freedom of catching Covid in private and die if they so choose, and can even shoot for the trifecta of drinking, smoking and catching Covid all at the same time. Freedom.


3 MORE Covid DEATHS were reported in Douglas County today by the Oregon Health Authority (below link), bringing the total to 261 Covid deaths and 6 deaths in the last three days.


A few days ago Mike has posted something about a close friend of his in another state where his friend took covid seriously with wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, etc. Yet the wife was what you typically see with a person in douglas county where if it anything that was suggested by a democrat, just don't do it. The wife got covid and ended up dying. It reminded me of an observation I've made the last few months working at Costco. I'll see a family of four, or a couple shopping in the store, but very rarely all of the members of the party all wearing a mask. Whats interesting is I'd say about 95 percent of the time the lone person NOT wearing a mask where the other people are is almost always the male partner (husband/boy friend) yet the female partner (and kids if its a family) will have one on. I guess to most of the male population here wearing a mask is seen as something very unmanly too?


11 of the last 14 Douglas County Covid deaths have all been men. Only one of the 11 was vaccinated.


Douglas County Covid vaccinations are falling off the table even though Douglas County, at 49.3%, is one of the lowest vaccinated counties in the state according to the CDC. Only 256 Douglas County residents (0.2%) were fully vaccinated last week, which is half the number vaccinated the week before. Below is the number of Douglas County residents who became fully vaccinated during each of the previous weeks according to the Oregon Health Authority (below link).




November 3------------256

October 27--------------507

October 20--------------500

October 13--------------553

October 6----------------858

September 29----------713

September 22--------1,009

September 15-----------905

September 8------------552

September 1------------558

August 24----------------571

August 18----------------481

August 11----------------370

August 4------------------292


Roseburg Public Schools Superintendent Jared Cordon said during his October 15th KQEN radio interview (below link) that ALL religious and medical exceptions for the state’s vaccine mandate were accepted. NONE were denied. Specifically, Superintendent Cordon said, “We were able to give exceptions to anyone who wanted one.”

Superintendent Cordon justified approval of ALL exceptions because he claimed there had been no Covid spread in Roseburg Schools. Specifically, Superintendent Cordon said, “Our responsibility isn’t to insure vaccination, it’s to insure we don’t have spread in schools…We’ve had no evidence of spread in the school…We have no evidence of spread.”

Superintendent Cordon’s claim of no Covid spread in Roseburg Schools is contradicted by the Oregon Health Authority weekly Outbreak Report which reported 16 Covid cases at Roseburg High School since September 27. This includes 4 Covid cases in the week before Superintendent Cordon’s radio interview and 3 more Covid cases since his interview.

13 Douglas County schools reported 24 new Covid cases last week according to the Oregon Health Authority weekly Outbreak Report published yesterday. The following are Douglas County schools that reported new cases in just the last week:






Douglas High-------------------1-----10/18/21

Fullerton IV Elementary-----1-----10/19/21

Geneva Academy-------------5------10/19/21

Glendale SD 77----------------3------10/25/21

Green Elementary------------1------10/22/21

John C. Fremont Middle----1------10/17/21

Lincoln Middle-----------------1------10/21/21

Melrose Elementary---------1------10/18/21


Riddle Elementary------------1------10/25/21

Roseburg High -----------------3-----10/24/21

Winchester Elementary-----1------10/23/21

Yoncalla High-------------------2------10/21/21



When people die in their 50s for any reason, they're dying too young. This is a heartbreaking tragedy.

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