The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team announced 21 new confirmed and one presumptive case in its Saturday press release.

The new positive cases push the county’s total to 2,603 cases since the coronavirus pandemic was declared nearly one year ago. There have been 55 deaths of Douglas County residents related to the coronavirus.

At present, the team is monitoring 189 confirmed cases who are in isolation as well as 577 contact-traced contacts who are in quarantine.

Fourteen Douglas County residents are receiving hospital care for the coronavirus, 10 locally and four outside the county.

While doses of the vaccine are expected to become more available in Douglas County in the coming weeks, the response team issued a warning from the Oregon Health Authority about potential scams pertaining to the vaccination:

  • People cannot pay to get early access to the vaccine. If someone calls to offer an appointment for payment, it’s a scam;
  • Do not pay to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone who wants money to put you on a list, make an appointment for you, or reserve a spot in line for you is a scammer;
  • If you are uninsured, on Medicare, an employer plan, private insurance or the Oregon Health Plan, you do not have to pay to get the vaccine;
  • Ignore sales ads for the vaccine. The vaccine is available only through federal, state or local health care partners. It cannot be purchased;
  • No legitimate health care provider will text or email about the vaccine and request a person’s Social Security Number, banking information or credit card number;
  • You are not required to provide a Social Security Number when registering for a vaccine appointment.

Eligibility for the vaccine is presently for Phase 1-B, Group 5, which is seniors 65 and older. Those eligible who wish to get the vaccine are encouraged to contact their local health care provider or qualified local pharmacy to schedule an appointment.

The Oregon Health Authority Saturday reported 202 new confirmed and presumptive cases and three deaths: a 58-year-old Benton County woman, a 75-year-old Clackamas County woman and an 82-year-old Curry County man.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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I find that a bit ironic and odd that Jimmy John's is on the list of CAT. So they don't like restrictions yet when the lock down first started last March when it would have affected their business, they were turning down business, and it certainly wasn't because they couldn't keep up. Around that time at my job at Costco we had placed a large order with them. An employee had picked it up earlier that day, but management realized there wasn't enough food to last for employees that came to work later that day, so they tried to have some more delivered. They wouldn't deliver because it was "too far" and out of their range. For those that don't know, Costco and JJ's are less than 2 miles apart from eachother, prob take less than ten mins to drive there. I read similar complaint from other people on Google reviews who were happy to support them by ordering through delivery, but they refused to deliver to relatively short distances. Not sure if they still do that or not now, but again, i can't help but think of the irony.


Casey’s Restaurant again defied Extreme Risk Level coronavirus restrictions by allowing inside dining at its restaurant Thursday, according to Citizens against Tyranny’s Facebook page (below link) urging people to resist coronavirus restrictions in Douglas County.

Citizens against Tyranny’s board members and those businesses that support Citizens against Tyranny are also listed on their Facebook page.

I guess Casey's feels they can afford some more OSHA fines now that they received $123,600 from federal PPP money and $14,600 from their GoFundMe website.


The following is the list of Douglas County business owners that are Board Members of the Citizens against Tyranny (CAT) group which doxxes old ladies and pressures government officials to pledge their support according to CAT’s Facebook page link below.

Chairman – Aimee Jones, owner of Blended Main Street Eatery.

Vice Chair – Todd & Kristen Koens, owners Blac-n-Bleu Bistro

Vice Chair – Brandi & Leo Voepel, owners Pacific Fitness

Vice Chair – Sean Klope, owner Old Sportsman Riddle

Secretary – Corinna Long, Executive Chef Blended Main Street Eatery

Secretary – Savannah Underwood, Owner My Coffee

Secretary – Jasmine Guyer, owner Bobby Guyer Construction Corp.

Board Member – Lance & Laurie Mounts, owners Casey’s Restaurant

Board Member – Brett & Mendi Parrett, owners Events Non-Profit Advocate

Board Member – Rudy Luna, owner Swing from the Vines

Board Member – Terry Brock, owner Total Body Fitness

According to Citizens against Tyranny’s Facebook page (below link) the following Douglas County businesses support Citizens against Tyranny.

1. 541 Plumber LLC - Laura Young

2. Ace Community Services – Tracy Forrester

3. Alexander’s Greek Cuisine – Mike Emanuel

4. All Wired Up – Brian Hunnicutt

5. Alpine Real Estate 1 LLC – David Jacques

6. Autoworks Plus – Sandra Riley

7. Bagshaw’s Auto Repair – Paul Bagshaw

8. Basco Logging – Jaime & Betsy Yrguen

9. BC Customs – Brandon & Chelsie Hopkins

10. BNB – Cherie Bierbower

11. Body Shop Total Fitness – Terry Brock

12. Cooligan Refrigeration – Brad Ellison

13. Country Club Tavern – Judy Bayne

14. Country Financial Insurance – Zack Skoglie

15. Create and Sip Studio – Crystal Unrue

16. Currieco Real Estate – Valynn Currie

17. Delany Trucking – Blake Delaney

18. Double K Livestock – Ken McKillip

19. Echo Every Child – Julie Brown

20. Ellison Homes Group – Tammi Ellison

21. Finnish Line Motorsports – Josh Hunt

22. Freedom Builders – Jeremy & Audrey Kirkland

23. Great Northern Trailers – Jack Trowbridge

24. Harcourts Integrity Team Real Estate – Christina Winter Ronk

25. Harris Crew 6 – Megan Harris

26. Harris Realty – Shae Ellison

27. Hunt’s Chainsaw – Theran Hunt

28. Ireland Trucking – Chuck Ireland

29. Jensen Tree Service – Erik Sunday

30. Jimmy John’s – Andrew Osburn

31. Journey Roseburg – Jeff Paschall

32. Kubota – Guy Kennerly

33. Katie Guaschino Photography – Katie & Steven Guaschino

34. Kelly’s Cozy Corner – Kelly Blake Jeffries

35. Kelly’s Cozy Corner – Pam Kantola

36. Kruger-Mckenzie Construction – Jack Kruger

37. Levi Huffman Engineering – Levi & Corel Huffman

38. Lindbloom Orchards – Justin Lindbloom

39. Literacy Advocates – M Gumser

40. McDonald Wholesale – Tom Ocumpaugh

41. Mignola Farms – Peggy Mignola

42. Mobile Welding – Roland Guthree

43. Noble Roofing & Construction Inc. – Jamie Gray & Michael Gordon

44. Performance Martial Arts – Ryan Cunningham

45. Precision Plumbing – Levi Buchanan

46. Randy Butler Construction – Randy Butler

47. Rawsome Juices – David Zaragoza

48. Riddle Liquor Store – Melisa Wagnon

49. Roseburg Beacon Weekly – David Jaques

50. Soaring Eagle Consulting – Bradley Hanson

51. Standridge Roofing – Kathy Standridge

52. Steadfast 1776 – Paul Eckel

53. TCI Construction – Trevor Ison

54. Terry Lewis Construction – Terry & Wendy Lewis

55. The Iron Shop – Casey Richey

56. The Place in Roseburg – Cecil Barrett

57. Three Tree Trimming – Trevor Trimble

58. Tommy’s All American Burger – Tom & Susan Lebengood

59. Umpqua Valley Fire Services – Doug Shulze

60. UPS Store – Preston Hash

61. UV Fire Services – Earl & Vikki Pennington

62. Valley Gate Brokers Real Estate – Dawn Scott

63. Victory Builders – Bonnie Pappas

64. Waterscapes Pool & Spa – Dave and Sandra Hansen

65. Watson Automotive – Jay Roth

66. Western Oregon Jewelers – Heather Johnson

67. Why Not Bar & Grill – Sheila Bryant

68. Winston Diner – Dawn Murray

69. You’re Sew Creative – Terry Tillman


The Republican Party of Douglas County is now posting its messages on Citizens against Tyranny's Facebook page per the below link.


Cases going up again, yet we got places like Backside Brewery reaming illegally opened and a sign being spread around social media saying if anyone reports them, they'll find out who you are through the freedom of information act and make your name public. If someone reports something to OSHA, do they actually go out of their way to validate that person's identity before they investigate the complaint? Lets say someone reports a restaurant because they witnessed an employee doing something unsanitary where a customer could get sick or die. When they get the complaint which do you think is more important, investigate the complaint so no one gets sick or dies, or make the sure the person that reported them used their real name, address, etc? If it was me where lives are on the line it wouldn't be the later.

I can just see people getting around this by using fake names than when the report a place if you have to provide that stuff in a complaint. But as I said yesterday in another comment, they clearly don't understand how the Freedom of Information Act works. If someone reports them, and they send in a request, they're not going to have the name of the person that tattled on them by the end of the weeks. They have to give you no less than 20 days to acknowledge your request, from what I read in articles over the years, usually takes the full 20 days or close to it, and all it is is a thing saying "we got your request, we'll get to you when we get to you". Average person usually has about 5000 requests in front of theirs, and on average usually takes YEARS to get anything back (if at all).


Now don't go thinking the brainwashed in Douglas County would actually care. One of two might even haul off and throw a Merriam-Webster dictionary at this:

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