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After nearly six weeks of triple-digit new positive and presumptive COVID-19 cases, the Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team announced a total of 64 new cases over the weekend in its Monday report.

The team reported 33 new positive and presumptive cases Saturday, 13 Sunday and 18 Monday. Dating back to Thursday, there have been a total of 110 such cases in that five-day period.

There were five deaths reported, all aged between 70-73 and all five unvaccinated, according to information provided by the Douglas Public Health Network.

As of Monday, there were 77 Douglas County residents hospitalized due to complications from the coronavirus, 51 locally and 26 out of the area, including one receiving specialized care in another state.

At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there were 16 COVID-19-positive patients requiring the help of ventilators as of Monday. Another 12 were receiving non-invasive breathing assistance. Eleven patients were in the hospital’s intensive care unit and eight were in the progressive care unit. Just 34% of all patients presently being cared for at Mercy were COVID-19 patients.

The new cases reported Saturday pushed Douglas County past 11,000 total COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

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118 Douglas County Independent Physicians Association (DCIPA) doctors submitted a letter to the public today (below link) encouraging vaccinations and opposing experimental treatments. Notably absent from the letter listing the doctors names are those of Dr. Tim Powell, his brother Dr. John Powell and Dr. Nancy Powell.

Evergreen Family Medicine’s website lists a staff of 40 doctors (below link). The names of two of those doctors, Dr. Shelli Flynn and Dr. Britain Parrish, were included on the public letter. The names of the other 38 Evergreen doctors are missing from the letter’s list of names.


8 more Covid Deaths and 163 new cases were reported over the last two days by our Douglas County Commissioners Covid Recovery Team. The total number of Covid deaths in Douglas County is 215.


3 Covid DEATHS and 80 new cases were reported in Douglas County yesterday by the Oregon Health Authority (below link). 20 residents have died in the last week.

A total of 210 Douglas County residents have died of Covid. 123 of those deaths occurred since our County Commissioners were granted control of Covid restrictions on June 30.

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Click on home in the top left corner. It will take you to the digital front page. Then check out the headline story on the top right.


We'll never know exactly why so many of the "older" crowd said no to being vaccinated, but I doubt many could honestly say it was from a doctor recommending against it.

Choose life -- for yourself and others.


Yet another reason to quit smoking and to get vaccinated:


Half of unvaccinated workers say they'd rather quit than get a shot – but real-world data suggest few are following through. While it is easy and cost-free to tell a pollster you’ll quit your job, actually doing so when it means losing a paycheck you and your family may depend upon is another matter. And based on a sample of companies that already have vaccine mandates in place, the actual number who do resign rather than get the vaccine is much smaller than the survey data suggest.

Houston Methodist Hospital, for example, required its 25,000 workers to get a vaccine by June 7. Before the mandate, about 15% of its employees were unvaccinated. By mid-June, that percentage had dropped to 3% and hit 2% by late July.

In deeply conservative rural Alabama, a state with one of the lowest vaccine uptake rates, Hanceville Nursing & Rehab Center lost only six of its 260 employees following it's mandate.

In other words, vaccine mandates are unlikely to result in a wave of resignations – but they are likely to lead to a boost in vaccination rates.


In a recent poll (below link), Gallup asked people two questions: First, “what percentage of unvaccinated people who tested positive have been hospitalized due to the coronavirus?” And second, “what percentage of fully vaccinated people who tested positive have been hospitalized due to the coronavirus?”

The correct answers are 20% and 2% respectively.

Unvaccinated Republicans believe the percentage of unvaccinated people like themselves requiring hospitalization is 5 percent. How does that compare to how they believe the vaccinated fare? It’s exactly the same. They believe the hospitalization rate for vaccinated people is also 5 percent. So the median unvaccinated Republican essentially says the vaccines have net-zero efficacy — i.e. there is no benefit to getting vaccinated when it comes to landing in the hospital.

Compare this to Democrats whose median view of the vaccines’ efficacy is about right for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

How is a class of people so badly misinformed about the efficacy of vaccines? Gallup surmises that it’s about the news they are consuming. Democrats are more consistently exposed to information that portrays vaccine efficacy accurately, while unvaccinated Republicans are getting their information from right-wing media and social media that dwell significantly more upon — and often hyperbolizes and misconstrues — the supposed negative aspects of the vaccines.



"Since Delta began circulating widely in the U.S., Covid has exacted a horrific death toll on red America: In counties where Donald Trump received at least 70 percent of the vote, the virus has killed about 47 out of every 100,000 people since the end of June, according to Charles Gaba, a health care analyst. In counties where Trump won less than 32 percent of the vote, the number is about 10 out of 100,000."

So, Douglas County has experienced far more deaths than the high number that would have been predicted from its level of Republican dominance. Pretty impressive. We are punching way above our weight.


The continuing downtrend is welcome news; exponential decay is our friend.

I'm grateful the News-Review published this so shortly after the data were released.

I note that a month ago, our county's test positivity rate was 25%, a disastrously high positivity rate that seems to have plummeted--I hope this change is real, too.


Douglas County's 7-day positive test rate was 13.6% on Friday. The highest it got was 32.0% on August 16.

We won't know what it was Sunday until later today when OHA publishes the number of tests performed over the weekend for each county.


Douglas County's 7-day positive test rate is 11.9% today. Oregon's is 7.3%.

Douglas County had 316 new Covid cases and performed 2,656 Covid tests over the past 7 days.


And how many are refusing to get tested? The unknown unknowns.

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