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The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 23 new cases Friday, and 500 more vaccines have been distributed for the current list of eligible Douglas County residents.

The vaccines, distributed to health care providers in the last 48 hours, will be administered in accordance with the the priority group guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Right now, health care workers, long-term care workers, EMS and first responders continue to be a priority for vaccinations.

People in these groups are in the 1a category for receiving vaccinations. Only people in the 1a category are currently being vaccinated.

The COVID-19 response team is prepared for a large community vaccination event — as soon as it receives enough vaccinations.

"To date, we have not received enough vaccines to move to the next phase or wave, or to hold a large community event," according to the press release.

The next groups expected to become eligible for the vaccines after 1a are education workers and people 65 or older.

There are now 11 county residents hospitalized, eight locally and three out of the area. There are currently 1,659 people who are considered presumptive or have positive cases of COVID-19.

The Douglas Public Health Network is supporting 163 people with the illness who are in isolation, and another 330 people who have had contact with an infected person and are in quarantine.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 1,037 new cases and 21 new deaths Friday.

To date, 326,300 COVID-19 vaccines have been given to Oregonians.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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(7) comments


Serious question. If this County is so bad, why not move? Why not run for County Commissioner and change things?

You could move to blue counties like SF County, LA County, Santa Clara County. They are doing so much better.....


The county is wonderful. It's some of our negligent elected leaders that could use improvement. With better leaders, Douglas County would be perfect.


Douglas County is the #1 worse county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. No other county in Oregon is worse than Douglas County. Only 1,821 out of 112,251 people in Douglas County have been vaccinated as of yesterday. 163 of those have received both the first and second dose. It has taken Douglas County nearly one month to vaccinate a mere 1.6% of its residents with their first of two doses. That is fewer residents vaccinated than EVERY other county in Oregon. Wheeler County has vaccinated over 15% of their residents. Below is the percentage of residents vaccinated in each of the 6 counties surrounding Douglas County.

Coos County -----------3.38%

Klamath County ------3.27%

Curry County ---------2.87%

Lane County ----------2.65%

Jackson County ------2.51%

Josephine County ---1.69%

Douglas County ------1.62%

All of this information is provided by the Oregon Health Authority on their vaccine dashboard. Unfortunately, the News-Review spam filter will not let me publish the link. However, you can get to it by going to the below link and scrolling down one half page and click on “Vaccination Trends.” Compare how POORLY Douglas County is doing compared to the other counties around it.


Yeah. My father-in-law is in Sequim. He got his second dose of Moderna last Monday. The county is inviting everyone over 70 to come in for mass vaccinations, and anybody else who may be at increased risk. Now, Washington was stiffed by the feds on an earlier distribution, and everybody got stiffed again this time around--the promised stockpile of vaccines simply did not exist-- but still: in the face of federal failures, some places have done more competent jobs than others. My younger brother in Texas also has had his second Moderna dose. He's over 70, also.

All that said: if I were king of the world, I'd prioritize emerging hotspots. Right now, at least, we are a not-spot, relatively speaking.


Hot spot or not, it sure would be nice to get our school teachers vaccinated before they are forced to go back to schools. At the current rate, it will take Douglas County until August (not sure which year) to vaccinate all the educators. Unlike me, its tougher for them to hunker down if their school district says they have to return to in-class learning.


You are correct. Even within a lower-priority geographic area, there are plenty of people who need to be prioritized.


What? Trump lied about the stockpile? I'm shocked. Shocked I say. No doubt it was the notorious Deepstate and Lizard People who stole it and are hiding it in the basement of a Brooklyn pizzeria.

Seriously, my dad is 74 and would love to get vaccinated. Sadly he lives in this ruby red county where, somehow, this disease is a political issue and the commissioners have abdicated their responsibility to their constituents.

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