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There’s some good news for Douglas County residents who are frontline workers and younger adults with underlying conditions.

Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman said the county received the go-ahead from the state Tuesday to immediately begin vaccinating everyone in Group 7 for COVID-19.

The state had originally said only those in Group 6 or earlier groups were eligible, with Group 7 becoming eligible next week.

The list of underlying health conditions that qualify includes cancer, chronic kidney disease, COPD, down syndrome, heart conditions, obesity, sickle cell disease, pregnancy and type 2 diabetes

Frontline workers now eligible for vaccines include workers in agriculture, food service, grocery stores, forestry, colleges, the postal service, transportation, manufacturing, energy, utilities, housing, media, child care, public health administration, finance, legal, government and more.

Among those who were already eligible from earlier groups are education and healthcare workers, first responders, migrant farm workers, seafood workers, homeless individuals, people in low-income senior housing or congregate living and wildland firefighters.

Group 7 also includes people in multigenerational households, meaning a home where three or more generations live, or people who are residing with and caring for a relative who is not their own child.

Saturday’s drive-thru vaccination event, hosted by the county, Douglas Public Health Network and Aviva Health, will now be open to Group 7 as well as all earlier groups.

Online signup sheets for the event are at A link is also available at

Registration is also available for the event by calling 541-671-3646 and leaving a voicemail. A volunteer will call back to help you sign up for the event.

Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported seven new cases Wednesday.

Three county residents are currently hospitalized with the illness, one locally and two out of the area.

In the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly outbreak report for this week, two nursing homes are listed with active outbreaks but neither had new cases.

Umpqua Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s outbreak had no new cases this week, remaining at 14 total.

Roseburg Veterans Administration River House’s outbreak also had no new cases this week, remaining at 3.

Workplace outbreaks were also quiet.

Umpqua Dairy Products had one new case, bringing its total to 14 cases in an outbreak that began March 11, with the most recent reported case on March 20.

Swanson Group Manufacturing had no new cases, remaining at 36. That outbreak began Feb. 12, with the most recent case listed as March 12.

Roseburg VA Medical Center had no new cases, remaining at 13 in an outbreak that began Feb. 12, with the most recent reported case on March 17.

Roseburg Forest Products has outbreaks at three of its operations, but no new cases. The Dillard Lumber plant remained at 15 in an outbreak that began March 11, with the most recent reported case on March 17.

Its Dillard Plywood plant remained at 10 cases in an outbreak that began March 11, with the most recent case reported to have been on March 5. Its Riddle Plywood plant remained at seven cases in an outbreak that began March 11, with the most recent case reported on March 13.

Statewide, the Oregon Health Authority reported 441 new cases and two new deaths Wednesday.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(9) comments


I grew up in the 1950s. We all lined up to get the Salk vaccine against polio.

My family had a beach house and in the summer my parents invited my father's business associates to our cottage for a day at the beach. My father's boss's family was invited one day. One of their kids had had polio and wore a leg brace. Well we were pretty nasty kids. So before the family arrived my mother took us aside and explained what had happened to little Kenny (he had had polio) and warned us that we were not to tease him because he wore a brace on his leg.

There were no anti-vaxxers back then. No one wanted their child to be on a respirator, or to carry their withered leg around for their entire lives.

So to the anti-vaxxers here in Douglas County I have one thing to say. WTH is wrong with you?


I had this same exact conversation with my nephew today. He a grown man, intelligent and kind-hearted, always helping other people. He is not anti-vax, per se, but he has listened to the wrong people and the wrong info and he's truly afraid of the covid vaccine. He has AstaZeneca mixed up with J&J. He's convinced Americans will have to show vaccine passports to travel from Roseburg and we'll have to show papers just like in the old movies about life behind the Iron Curtain. He thinks I am sorrowfully misinformed and that I've swallowed all the wrong propaganda.

Deep sigh ...

We had this conversation outdoors standing about 10 feet apart. He's respectful of other people's precautions. He never had measles, mumps, chickenpox, smallpox, rubella, rubeola, tetanus, whooping cough, diptheria or anything else except the common cold, an upset stomach now and then, and some broken bones.

He thinks I live in fear and he's not going to live in fear, etc etc etc. And he is the nicest, kindest person who goes out of his way to help other people all the time.

So ... WTF is wrong with people? That's what they're asking about the likes of us.

There was no social media in the 1950s, but there was Edward R. Murrow, Edward Douglas, John Cameron Swayze, Dave Garroway and the Huntley-Brinkley Report talking about the miracle of the Salk Vaccine. I listen to old time radio shows and there were public service announcements informing people about this miracle. It was even in movie newsreels. Now we have Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and a hundred million people on Twitter and Facebook repeating what they heard from somebody else on social media. And, oh yeah, 5-G will get you.

If anyone has any idea how to approach this I'm here to listen. So far, in my divided family we approach it by saying, Arrrrrrrrrgh, this is ripping us apart, let's change the subject. And we do, but every once in a while it breaks through and Arrrrrrrrgh. We then work on remembering that we really do love each other a lot and we ask for the wisdom to know the difference between the things we can change and the things we had better accept. Like both sides of this equation believes they have idiots for relatives, but we'll accept that as the price of admission to this particular family. Arrrrgh.


When respected Doctors in our own community, like Dr. Powell and Dr. Powell, with years of scientific training, publish repeated conspiracy theories in our community paper, its easy to see why some people who rely on the opinions of others rather than searching for the truth, have misunderstandings.

The disservice done by the words of those learned people and our elected leaders may be felt by families for generations.


Mike, the N-R has no obligation to publish Dr. Powell's rubbish. So Powell can think whatever he thinks, but the N-R deserves blame for giving him a platform. This is NOT an equal voice issue. This is a truth or lies issue.


As one who's opinions with linked back-up are frequently edited or deleted, I concur.


I believe we're past the point of addressing it with those we love. The Big Liar and his media minions have cemented disinformation into minds amidst the most damaging political agenda. I just continue to love em and encourage them

to never stop questioning, and continue to read and learn.

Marine Vet

04/06/2021 I Won a Radio contest. Went in to the Main Office of the News Review to pick up my winnings. Not a SINGLE PERSON in the Entire building had a Mask on.? Over 30 + People in the building Not 1 Mask. And while waiting for my winnings I Observed a small office up front being Used for a Staff Meeting. I watch as Over 12 to 20 people Crowded into that Small Room sitting shoulder to shoulder & Close the Door. I Guess.? Everybody working for the News Review has been Vaccinated already.? Or is it that the Local News Paper Just DOESN'T BELIEVE in Wearing Masks. Or is it a Problem with someone's Political Views that Work/Run this Paper. Wasn't even a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer in site either. They DID have a sign on the front door stating a Mask to be worn. but Not 1 Single Employee was Wearing 1. Absolutely Horriffic & SAD.

Chris Boice

There have always been anti-vaxxers, and not just here in Douglas county, you just didn't hear from them becasue there was no social media... The fact is that people who choose not to vaccinate thier kids, do it at a minimal risk these days because of those who do vaccinate. They enjoy the ability to be anti-vaxxers due to those who aren't. It has always been that way.


Are you aware Commissioner Boice that in recent weeks the average daily cases and deaths for children has risen by over 200% due to the B.1.1.7 variant which is now the dominant strain in the U.S.? Are you aware schools that have been open in the UK and Europe are now choosing to close to contend with B.1.1.7 infecting school children?

How sure are you when you state it is a "fact" there is minimal risk for parents who choose to NOT vaccinate their children. Is this like the other "facts" you stated about coronavirus that have since been proven untrue? Do you intend to hold a anti-vaccine rally at the County Courthouse similar to your anti-mask rally?

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