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Douglas County will be bumped back up to the high risk category for COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Tuesday evening.

The move will end a week-long reprieve, during which the county was labeled moderate risk.

It will return restrictions for businesses like gyms, theaters and restaurants to the level they have been for much of the year.

Statewide, 15 counties that had been labeled extreme risk will be bumped back down to the high risk category on Friday. No counties will remain in the extreme risk category next week.

That’s not necessarily a measure of how many new cases each of those counties has had. Instead, it has to do with the statewide hospital rates. When the seven-day average hospitalization increase drops below 15%, under the current rules, no counties are in extreme risk.

The governor said in a press release, however, that hospitalization numbers are still high and Oregon’s “not out of the woods yet.”

“From the beginning, I have said that returning counties to the Extreme Risk level was about preserving hospital capacity and saving lives,” she said.

“With our statewide hospitalization rate stabilizing, our hospitals should have the capacity to continue treating patients with severe cases of COVID-19 and other serious medical conditions in the coming weeks,” she said.

A total of 24 counties will be in high risk on Friday, four at moderate risk and eight at lower risk.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 10 new cases Tuesday.

Fourteen county residents are hospitalized with the illness five locally and nine out of the area.

South Umpqua School District announced one additional case at Coffenberry Middle School in Myrtle Creek.

Douglas Public Health Network is supporting 105 people who have COVID-19 and are in isolation, as well as another 264 people who have been in contact with an infected person and are in quarantine.

Aviva Health will hold a vaccination clinic for county residents 16 and older from 8 to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 4 the Sutherlin Community Center, 105 Willamette St. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments can be scheduled at 541-672-9596.

The Douglas County Tiger Team will host pop-up COVID-19 clinics Wednesday and Thursday this week at the following times and locations:

• 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday at the Scottsburg Rural Fire Station, 33327 Highway 38.

• 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Elkton High School, 739 River Drive.

• 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Timber Valley SKP Park, 800 S. State St., Sutherlin.

No appointments are necessary for the Tiger Team clinics.

All Oregon residents 16 and older are currently eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. In addition to the vaccine clinics, many health care providers and pharmacies are scheduling appointments for vaccines.

The Roseburg VA Medical Center is currently offering vaccine appointments for veterans, VA staff, and spouses and caregivers of veterans. Appointments can be scheduled at 541-440-1000, or online at

Members of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians can call 541-672-9405 for an appointment, or make an appointment online at

The Douglas County COVID-19 Hotline is at 541-464-6550 and can provide additional information about obtaining a vaccine.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 748 new cases and six new deaths Tuesday.

Statewide, 1,870,643 people have received at least one vaccine dose. Of those, 1,314,226 have been fully vaccinated, receiving either two doses of Pfizer or Moderna or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

In Douglas County, 30.1% of the population has received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. A total of 33,785 county residents have received at least one dose and 26,825 have been fully vaccinated.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(22) comments


Chris Boice,

Did you really tell a constituent who was annoying you that anyone with a smart phone could find out who they were and where they lived right after telling them that if they were afraid for their safety they should stop say things?

Seriously, dude! You sound like a villain in a grade B movie threatening to send out a hit man. If I had received such a message from a public official I would 1. contact my attorney, 2. contact the state police, 3. file a complaint with the state ethics commission.

You owe Mrs. Mike an abject apology for issuing a statement that sounded darn close to a threat during a time in American history when people have had to go into hiding over much less.

But ... but ... but ... what about what Mike said? He is not a public official and Mrs. Mike has had nothing to do with whatever has caused your ire. You're a grown man scaring retired ladies.

A quote from my father who was an elected official: "When you stick your snout into the public trough you have to live by a higher standard."

Aim higher, Chris.


Commissioner Chris Boice's non-response pretty much answers your question.


Just get the'll help you a lot, and help the rest of us, too.


No thanks to County Commissioner Chris Boice for defending and encouraging antivaxers, leading to Douglas County being the lowest vaccinated county around, leading to more deaths and more business restrictions. Not exactly what one expects from their elected leadership.


More lies. Collectively, and individually, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners have strongly supported the County wide vaccination efforts. Show me one example of Commissioner Boice "defending and encouraging antivaxers"?


Lies? Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice commented to News-Review article on April 7, 2021 at 11:05am:

“There have always been anti-vaxxers, and not just here in Douglas county, you just didn't hear from them becasue there was no social media... The fact is that people who choose not to vaccinate thier kids, do it at a minimal risk these days because of those who do vaccinate. They enjoy the ability to be anti-vaxxers due to those who aren't. It has always been that way.”

Do you interpret Commissioner Boice's comment as encouraging people to get vaccinated?


Yes, I do. He's saying that anti-vaxxers have enjoyed minimal risk because of all of the other people who get vaccinated. In other words there is less risk of getting these virus because of the vast majority of people who are vaccinated. I don't see that as a statement of support for people to oppose vaccinations at all. More people vaccinated = less risk. How is that a statement of support for anti-vaxxers? When you are a hammer all you see are nails Mike. So nice try, what else you got?


"people who choose not to vaccinate thier kids, do it at a minimal risk."

That is Commissioner Boice's direct quote. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his claimed "fact," how is that NOT defending antivaxers?


I'm with you, Mike. He certainly didn't encourage folks to get the vaccine. In fact, he defended those who don't.


What percentage of people need to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity? How close are we in Douglas County, nationwide and internationally?

Not close. Right. In order to reach herd immunity, thousands of more people in Douglas County, millions nationally and billions internationally need to be vaccinated.

Chris's words were utter nonsense because he obviously knows we have a long way to go before enough people have been vaccinated. We no longer have herd immunity with measles and pertussis because so many children are not fully vaccinated. But it's still a far higher rate for those diseases than it is for covid.

Chris was acting as an apologist for the vaccine hesitant, providing them with a ready justification for not getting vaccinated. The problem is that he used hypothetically factual info in a way that was irrelevant to the current situation.

Nobody can enjoy the privilege of being an anti-vaxxer right now because we have a long, long, long way to go before we reach covid herd immunity.

Chris is an intelligent person. I can't believe he didn't realize he was pandering to the fears of the hesitant. He was skirting the line. But given the situation, he was definitely encouraging anti-vaxxers and giving them ready-made excuses that make absolutely no sense in the current situation.

Chris Boice

Defending and encouraging antivaxers?? That never happened....

Chris Boice

Mike, the former Governor has it right... A hammer only sees nails... The point that I was making is that the responsible decision of the majority of the populus to vaccinate against various diseases is the only thing that allows anti-vaxers the ability to be anti-vaxers reasonably comfortably... If the risk of dying from the plague or getting polio was greater, many anti-vaxers would likely reconsider. If you somehow in your twisted dimented mind think that somehow is encouragin people not to vaccinate, you are sadly mistaken... but that wouldn't be the first time.. your hatred of me has caused you to stretch or completely distort the truth on numerous occasions. Again, it's pretty sad in reality.


Commissioner Boice,

It was YOUR quote. Point to the part that was quoted inaccurately. Point to the part where I said I hated you. You can't because I've never said either.

If you believe I have a twisted demented (sp) mind, it is of your making. Rather than treating me with the respect every person deserves, I was subject to your yelling, ridiculing and name calling the very first time ever we spoke. Later that same day you doxxed my wife and I. Weeks later you issued a private email false apology for your horrible public treatment of me, a person who had never met you before and actually voted for you at one time, never again.

So let me get this straight. You are the one who screamed at, ridiculed and doxxed me in public and then emailed a false apology in private for your public behavior. Who's the twisted demented mind here?

Please tell me what I have described wrong. I am more than willing to publish the hateful emails you sent me followed by your false apology for YOUR behavior. Just say the word.


Didn't think so.

Chris Boice


It is your interpretation of my quote that is in error. The entire point that I was trying to make, and clearly did for some is that vaccinating against known threats is responsible and the success of that gives anti-vaxer's more leeway to make their choice with less risk. That is all. In the end, I beleive in freedom of choice, I am not personally as an individual or a politician going to push people one way or the other. I am however going to encourage people to consider ALL of the pertinent information when choosing and that certainly should include the impact on others. As far as hating me, I never said you said that, I believe you have shown that with your obsession in opposing literally everything I say, when in fact, if you cared to know, you'd probably find out we agreed on most things. As far as our phone conversation goes, you yelled at me as well. I think we can both agree that that conversation was less than fruitful. I have sincerely apologized for my part in it. It is up to you whether or not you want to accept that and clearly you haven't. I did not dox you and your wife either. I simply stated that you lived on North Upqua Rd. which you yourself made fairly clear when you talked about the location of drift boats drifting by your house during winter steelhead season. Much more detailed information is available to anyone in the public who cares to look it up on simple apps on thier smart phone like OnX or through voter registration record. If you decide to publish the emails, just be sure to include them all as I have them too. Most would agree that your aggressive behavior towards me is way out of line. Again, I have apologized for my part, yet here you still are taking quotes out of context, providing your own interpetation of what I meant, saying things about me that aren't even remotely true, and continuing the fight. All I really care about is providing factual information. If I could get a do-over on our first interaction, I would gladly take it and try harder to be more gracious.


Commissioner Boice,

The very first time we spoke was during a phone call on March 27, 2020. I called at YOUR request after questioning your lack of coronavirus pandemic leadership in the comment section of the News-Review. I never had a chance to ask a question before you started screaming at me and calling me names, yelling at me that I didn’t know anything and that you had all of the information.

Your facts are not correct regarding doxxing my wife and I in the News-Review. At no time in any of my News-Review comments prior to you doxxing us did I identify where my wife and I live. At no time did I provide you with my last name. It wasn’t until after our March 27 phone conversation that you wrote in the News-Review that you floated by my home on the N. Umpqua. With only my first name and cell phone number, you identied where we live and attempted to intimidate my wife and me by needlessly and maliciously posting our home location in the News-Review.

You claim to have “sincerely apologized for my part in it,” which I accepted in my below email. Yet when I did not forgive you for doxxing my wife and I, your sincerity certainly comes into question when you responded by writing in the below email, “The fact is that I do not need your forgiveness, nor do I care if I have it.” Furthermore, you apology was invalidated as soon as you stated, “there's a part of this that you are responsible for too.”

Need I remind you that being an elected public official requires a greater thickness of skin. Being angry and impatient with a concerned constituent is one thing. Yelling at them, calling them names without even giving them a chance to explain is beyond disrespectful. And then Doxxing their family just takes it to another level.

People can read our below email exchange and judge for themselves.

------Original Message-----

From: Chris Boice

Sent: Apr 5, 2020 9:04 PM

To: Mike

Subject: Re: Douglas County Commissioner Harassment


The Lord convicted me tonight at my church service for the lack of grace I've had with you. These are trying times, but I have no excuse. I hope you can forgive me.

Thank you,

Chris Boice.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 2:22 AM Mike wrote:

Commissioner Boice,

I accept your apology, but cannot forgive you.

Writing that I was “lying,” a "fear monger" and "know it all" is one thing, but you didn’t see the fear in my wife’s eyes and the worry in her voice when I told her what you did to us. That is something I would never do to another person's family.

My forgiveness does not extend that far,



On Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 2:25 AM Chris Boice wrote:

I've done my part. Thank you.


-----Original Message-----

From: Chris Boice

Sent: Apr 8, 2020 2:46 AM

To: Mike

Subject: Re: Douglas County Commissioner Harassment


This is just a friendly suggestion. I hope it can be taken that way. If you are saying things that make you or your wife afraid for your safety if anyone finds out who you really are or where exactly you live (which I did not divulge, though certainly could have) you probably shouldn't be saying them. Like it or not, my intention was to make you aware of the fact that there is no anonymity anymore. Anyone with a smart phone can figure out who you are and where you live. Also, you are extremely critical about people and things you know nothing about. A little kindness goes a long way. I wonder how this situation might be different if you had just called our office and asked a few questions before running us down in the newspaper? I don't mean to lecture you. I absolutely ran out of grace and should not have and that's on me. But like it or not, there's a part of this that you are responsible for too. Everyone of us needs to be responsible for our own actions. The fact is that I do not need your forgiveness, nor do I care if I have it. The Lord's forgiveness is all I'm concerned about and it's because I let Him down that I'm sorry that I didn't not treat you gracefully regardless of how you were treating me.


Chris Boice


Chris, you're wrong on this. if you were any more wrong we'd have to change your name to Commissioner Wrongy McWrongstein.

We are not close to reaching a covid vaccination rate that would give anti-vaxxers a reason for comfort. The infection rate is still high enough to produce variants.

I'm pretty sure that you sincerely want businesses to be able to reopen at full capacity. I'm pretty sure you sincerely want the economy to thrive and for people to be able to earn a living and enjoy life.

I find your words disingenuous because you failed to put your comments into an accurate context for our current situation. Yes, if the vast majority of people get vaccinated against covid or other diseases, it makes life safer for people who can't be vaccinated, like patients on immune suppressing treatments. It also makes life safer for anti-vaxxers, whether they avoid vaccines out of fear or out of strong belief. But we are nowhere near that point with covid.

Maybe you were trying to explain how herd immunity works and some things got left out of the conversation. If or when you talk again about the benefits of herd immunity to those who can't or won't be vaccinated, please put it into the accurate context for the situation at that time. Like: "If the vast majority of the populace gets vaccinated, it provides reasonable comfort to people who avoid the vaccine. But we're not there yet. We still need 40,000 more Douglas County residents to accept the vaccine before we can feel safe. Please visit a local pharmacy for your free shot." Like that. That's context.

Chris Boice


Thanks for the advice. What I said was true and what Mike is saying is false. I never said anything about herd immunity for Covid, or our current situation. My orginal comment was in context with the conversation that was being had. Mike is the one who took it out of context and tried to make it something it wasn't.

He has a history of doing the same thing. The point was well recieved my those who don't have an alternate agenda. I've had many thank me for saying it. I was simply making the point that the majority of people getting vaccinated (for anything!!) reduces the risk for others considering not taking the vaccination. I in no way encourged anyone not to get vaccinated or even suggested that it was a good idea. There are two ways to get to herd immunity, one way is to get everyone vaccinated, and the other way is for everyone to get the disease. Unfortunately, with Covid, I think we are reaching the point where those who want the vaccination have it and the rest are going to take the risk, and yes, that will have an impact on local businesses etc.


Chris, thank you for replying. I read it.


There you go again acting trumpy. "If you somehow in your twisted dimented mind think that somehow is encouragin people not to vaccinate, you are sadly mistaken... but that wouldn't be the first time.. your hatred of me has caused you to stretch or completely distort the truth on numerous occasions. Again, it's pretty sad in reality."


Well for sure we want the anti-vaxers to be comfortable lest they have to feel a little icky for continuing to endanger others with their misguided self-righteousness. Let's keep playing real-life game of Risk and see how it works out for your leadership. I'm beginning to think you're having great fun.


Any reference to Chris Boice and the word "leadership," is a misnomer and oxymoron.

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