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In its first report since Wednesday, the Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported 136 new and presumptive positive cases of the coronavirus since Thursday.

In the first of what now will be bi-weekly reports released Monday, there were 17 new and presumptive cases reported to the team Thursday, 60 on Friday, 37 Saturday, 14 Sunday and eight Monday.

Additionally, the county was notified by Oregon Vital Records of five deaths in that period, one by Oregon Vital Records and four by hospice or long-term care facilities. Those who died ranged in age from 83 to 93.

The team, which last week announced that it switching its reporting to Mondays and Thursdays, also has adjusted how it reports deaths of Douglas County residents. The response team receives "delayed" reports of COVID-19-related deaths from vital records, hospice and long-term care facilities and other institutions located out of state. 

There were no recent deaths to report Monday, although the county's death toll has climbed to 275.

There are 28 county residents receiving hospital care who are reported positive for the coronavirus, 23 who are reportedly not fully vaccinated. Of the 28, 21 are being cared for locally and seven out of the area.

At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there was one COVID-19 patient in the intensive care unit and four in the progressive care unit. Fifteen percent of all patients currently hospitalized at Mercy are dealing with COVID-19 symptoms.

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4 Covid Deaths were reported in Douglas County today by the Oregon Health Authority (below link), bringing the total to 284 deaths. 21 deaths have been reported in Douglas County over the past two weeks.

Oregon reported a record high 104 Covid deaths today, breaking the previous record of 82 deaths reported on October 12.


Correction: Oregon reported a record high 103 Covid deaths today, NOT 104.


As a harbinger of things to come in the U.S., Europe is currently responding to its fourth brutal wave of the coronavirus pandemic by imposing more widespread restrictions on unvaccinated people after previous restrictions failed to stem a surge in new infections. Austria announced it will mandate Covid-19 shots as it seeks to exit the crisis. Germany is no longer ruling out a similar move as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government announced further plans to restrict many leisure activities for the unvaccinated.

“There are too many among us who haven’t shown solidarity,” Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said in Tyrol after meeting with provincial governors. “Raising the vaccination rate is the only way to break this vicious circle.”

Europe has again become an epicenter for the pandemic. Countries in the east along with Germany and Austria -- where vaccination rates are relatively low at less than 70% (Douglas County is 49.8%) -- are especially hard hit. The Czech Republic and Slovakia recently introduced curbs on unvaccinated people, while Latvia is in full lockdown.


Something you won't read about in the News-Review.

40 something year old Howard Breidenbach recently returned to his home in Myrtle Creek after spending 102 days in Washington University Medical Center in Seattle after being diagnosed at Evergreen Family Medicine with Covid on July 14th. According to Mr. Breidenbach who referred to his wife’s notes, “The ambulance came and got me the (July) 18th…they moved me to ICU the 25th…I lost consciousness the 28th…Seattle came and got me the 29th…I was discharged October 28th…I still depend on oxygen a little bit…I thought Covid was a Joke…I thought it was all a scam…It was nothing worse than the flue…until I got it…that Covid is no joke…its really serious…its really dangerous.”

Mr. Breidenbach also told KQEN radio (below link) he regretted not getting vaccinated and “before I lost consciousness I thought I was going to die because I just didn’t get the shot…when I woke up I couldn’t believe I was alive…I thought it was all a nightmare.” Mr. Breidenback went on to say he was vaccinated with both shots while he was in the hospital in Seattle and “most of my friends, the people I run around with are like me, it’s a conspiracy, Covid won’t kill me...I urge everybody, even if it leads to scorn and a little ridicule…to think about it, to get vaccinated.”


How tragic that someone who lived through such a fight has to frame getting the vaccine as perhaps opening up yourself to something between "...scorn and a little ridicule..." The future might be very bleak for humanity unless somehow "we" learn how to trust scientific facts and reject folly. I wonder how many people, prior to buying a new vehicle, did research, and didn't trust one review or recommendation? Start using your heads the way we used to -- we CAN get back to being smarter.


Douglas County Covid deaths have now risen to 280 after 2 more deaths reported today, making it 5 deaths and 186 new cases in just the last 4 days.


Douglas County’s 279th COVID-19-related death is an 80-year-old woman who tested positive Nov. 13 and died Nov. 18 at her residence.

Douglas County’s 280th COVID-19-related death is a 37-year-old man who tested positive Nov. 11 and died Nov. 18 at his residence.


The number of new Covid cases in Douglas County schools keeps growing every week. 23 Douglas County schools reported 36 new Covid cases last week according to the Oregon Health Authority weekly Outbreak Report (below link) published yesterday. The following are Douglas County schools that reported new cases in just the last week:






Brockway Elementary------2-------11/7/21

Coffenberry Middle --------1-------11/8/21

Douglas High------------------1-------11/7/21

East Sutherlin Primary-----1-------11/5/21

Eastwood Elementary------1-------11/9/21

Geneva Academy------------1------10/20/21

Glide Elementary------------1-------11/2/21

Glide High---------------------7--------11/8/21

Green Elementary-----------1-------11/7/21

Hucrest Elementary---------1-------11/9/21

John C. Fremont Middle---1------11/10/21

Joseph Lane Middle--------1--------11/8/21

McGovern Elementary-----1-------11/9/21

North Douglas High---------1------10/26/21

Oakland Elementary--------1------10/31/21

Oakland High-----------------1--------11/4/21

Reedsport Community----1--------11/3/21

Riddle Elementary----------1--------11/3/21

Roseburg High---------------1--------11/2/21

South Umpqua High--------1--------11/7/21

Sutherlin High----------------2--------11/7/21

Sutherlin Middle ------------6------11/11/21

West Sutherlin Inter--------1--------11/6/21


Why isn’t the News-Review reporting on this and warning parents about the increasing risk to their children?


5 Douglas County retirement homes reported 12 new Covid cases and 7 deaths during the past week according to the Oregon Health Authority Weekly Outbreak Report published yesterday. The following are the retirement homes listing new cases and deaths over the past week and also the vaccination percentages of the residents and staff at each of those retirement homes on October 25:




Adams House Asst Living-----------0----------2----------42%-------------100%

Callahan Court Memory------------4----------0----------48%--------------83%

Callahan Village-----------------------8----------1----------68%--------------84%

Chantele's Loving Touch-----------0----------3----------66%--------------82%

Pines at the Landing-----------------0----------1----------37%--------------89%



Another DEATH, Douglas County's 277th, was reported (below link) today along with 33 new cases. 12 Douglas County residents have died in the last 8 days.

31 Douglas County residents are currently hospitalized, which is the most since November 1.


Douglas County’s 277th Covid death is a 64-year-old woman who tested positive on Nov. 14 and died on Nov. 15 at her residence. It was a death that occurred just 3 days ago, not one that is rendered meaningless by our Commissioners and the media because it supposedly happened weeks or months ago.


Douglas County's 276th COVID-19 related death is an 87-year-old man who tested positive on Sept. 9 and died on Sept. 11 at Roseburg VA Medical Center.

Our Douglas County Commissioners Covid Response Team claims to only tracks cases for 10-days after they test positive and have to rely on the state notifying them for the majority of death reporting which occurs longer than 10-days after testing positive. That is their explanation for why deaths are not reported in a timely manner. Yet, here we have a case where a Douglas County resident died 2 days after testing positive and it was not reported for 5 weeks afterwards.


What’s the concern? 45 said “Covid would end after the election” in Nov 2020. You mean it didn’t go away? Would he tell untruths? Nah. “Now I lay me down to sleep…”


If two people died in a car crash in Douglas County, the News-Review headline would be “Two Die in Car Crash.” The headline wouldn’t say “Wet Road Caused Car Crash.”

Yet, when 5 Douglas County residents die from Covid, the News-Review headline is “Douglas County reports 136 new COVID-19 cases.”


Just another Covid death to report TODAY, bringing Douglas County's total to 276 (below length). Move along. Nothing to see here.


Douglas County's 7-day Covid positive test rate is back over 11.5% compared to Oregon's 5.7%


Douglas County's 7-day positive Covid test rate is higher than all but 5 Oregon Counties according to the Oregon Health Authority Weekly County Transmission Report (below link).

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