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Douglas County has reported one death and 28 new cases of COVID-19 in the past two days.

The 44th death of a Douglas County resident related to the coronavirus was reported Friday. An 84-year-old man was diagnosed on Jan. 8 and died Jan. 21.

On Friday, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team also reported 17 new positive test results and one presumed positive case. On Saturday, the response team reported 10 positive results to bring the total to 1,767.

As of Saturday there were 13 local residents hospitalized with COVID-19, 11 locally and two out of the area.

Douglas Public Health Network is supporting 162 cases in isolation and 371 in quarantine throughout the county. Isolation is recommended for confirmed and presumptive cases.

Just before 1 p.m. Saturday, the state announced its death toll had risen to 1,877. 775 people were confirmed or presumed positive for COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the state total to 137,600.

On Friday, Douglas County also reported that Oakland High School would be temporarily closed as a result of a positive COVID-19 case.

“Because we are a small high school many of our teachers see students of all grade levels, so we are opting to return to distance learning for the short term,” Oakland School District Superintendent Patti Lovemark said. The plan is for students to return to on-site learning on Feb. 1.

Due to widely available COVID-19 testing opportunities, the county has scaled back its testing clinic to one day a week. The next drive-thru testing clinic will be Friday in Roseburg.

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From the Washington Post today. You have to have a subscription to view. But I thought this was worth sharing. Oregon is number 50 currently, in cases per capita. I thank Kate Brown for putting in early covid restrictions and for not buckling under political pressure, including efforts to recall her. Oregon has saved countless lives by keeping our case rate down. Eventhough we're number 50, we still have too many cases and deaths and we risk being shut down again if people don't cooperate by wearing masks, socially distancing, avoiding gatherings, and washing hands. Refusing to wear a mask is not patriotic; it's idiotic. We can beat this thing if people stop behaving so selfishly.

"Over the last week, Oregon has seen an average of 709 confirmed cases and 11 deaths per day. Oregon has the 50th most confirmed cases per capita among states and D.C. during the same period."


Here's a couple of interesting articles on how we got to this place with Covid-19: -- and,


We have one and soon it'll be 15....and then like a miracle, it'll be gone.


The number of cases and the percent of residents in each Douglas County zip code on January 20 was reported by the Oregon Health Authority. The News-Review spam filter prevents me from publishing the OHA link.

















Douglas County is STILL the WORST County in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. Douglas County has vaccinated ONLY 2.5% of its residents in the 38 days since receiving its first vaccine shipment. No county in Oregon has vaccinated a lower percentage of its residents than Douglas County. In Comparison, below is the percentage of residents vaccinated in each of the six counties surrounding Douglas County.

Jackson County ------5.75%

Klamath County -----4.96%

Coos County ----------4.85%

Lane County ----------4.25%

Curry County ---------4.10%

Josephine County ---2.94%

Douglas County ------2.50%

All of this information is provided by the Oregon Health Authority on their vaccine dashboard. Unfortunately, the News-Review spam filter will not let me publish the link. However, you can get to it by going to the below link and scrolling down one half page and click on “Vaccination Trends.” Compare how POORLY Douglas County is doing compared to the other counties around it.

Don’t let our County Commissioners claim supply of vaccine is the reason Douglas County is LAST in vaccinating its residents when there are other counties in Oregon that have vaccinated 20% of their residents. According to the CDC (below link), Oregon has received 492,450 doses of vaccine, which is enough to vaccinate 11.7% of Oregon’s residents. Only 285,906 of those doses have been administered. 206,544 doses (42%) are still waiting to be administered, which is over an 17 day supply based on Governor Brown’s goal of injecting 12,000 doses per day.

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