Douglas County reported six new COVID-19 cases Saturday.

The Douglas Public Health Network in a release said that of these, three are confirmed and three are presumptive, meaning individuals have not received a test result but have symptoms and have been in contact with someone who tested positive.

The new cases bring the county's total for confirmed and presumptive cases combined to 49.

Of these, two are hospitalized and 15 are in isolation.

To date, there have been no COVID-19 deaths reported in Douglas County. The agency also said 5,146 people have tested negative for the illness.

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The Douglas County Commissioner’s COVID-19 Response Team issued a “Special Report” yesterday to Douglas County residents regarding the threat of coronavirus that said;

“Many of our residents have been asking why we have seen a steady increase in our positive confirmed cases in the last few weeks. The answer is TRAVEL! Yes, the majority of our recent cases have been directly linked to travel outside Douglas County, and especially those residents that have chosen to travel outside of Oregon.”

While the vast majority of cases are kept secret from the community, we know a number of the recent cases were not related to residents traveling outside of Oregon or even out of the county. According to the KGW8 news station in Portland, at least 8 people associated with Newberg’s baseball team contracted coronavirus at a ten team 4th of July baseball tournament in Roseburg. It was reported at least 2 Grants Pass Nuggets players also contracted the disease. The Commissioner’s COVID-19 Response Team refuses to release how many Roseburg ball players, coaches or adults were infected. But DPHN reported at least 8 Douglas County residents were infected during the duration of the tournament.

Why don’t you ask our County Commissioners why they failed to mention the numerous coronavirus cases diagnosed on multiple baseball teams because our county leaders made the highly questionable decision to bring potentially infected baseball teams from all around Oregon and California to Roseburg to participate in a baseball tournament during the middle of a pandemic? Why you are at it, also ask our Commissioners whether the two coronavirus cases reported by Roseburg’s VA over the last week resulted from travel outside Oregon. I think you will find none of those cases had anything to do with Douglas County residents traveling outside the State or County.

Like our country’s President, our County Commissioners are coming under increasing pressure from their mishandling of coronavirus in Douglas County. They are fielding more and more question about the rapid increase in Douglas County coronavirus cases resulting from their push to reopen Douglas County and felt it necessary to email their “Special Report” today in an hopeful attempt to appease those questions and concerns over their leadership. Now that you have more information indicating not all new coronavirus cases were caused by residents bringing the disease back from their travels, give the Commissioners a call and ask them again why we are seeing more cases. Isn't it about time they should start taking more responsibility for their questionable decisions and misleading information.


Is this the beginning of another Douglas County SCANDAL. Portland radio station KGW8 reported 2 Roseburg Legion Baseball players tested positive during a baseball tournament in Roseburg last weekend. They went on to report that Newberg (near Portland) pulled its team from the tournament early but still had 8 players test positive for coronavirus. Below is the quote;

“During a weekend tournament in Roseburg, the Newberg team learned that a team from Roseburg had reported two cases of COVID-19 among their players, according to Newberg School District Superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock. The Newberg team had no contact with the Roseburg team but they decided to leave the tournament early anyway, Morelock said.”

The NRToday reported this differently in two articles. First, the NRToday reported the source of Newberg’s baseball team’s coronavirus cases was a “Grants Pass Team (below link).” NRToday claims Newberg Schools Superintendent Joe Morelock said “the Newberg team had no contact with the Grants Pass team (not the Roseburg team) that left the tournament early because two people that were associated with that team had tested positive.”

A second article published by NRToday about halting the Docs’ Fourth of July tournament in Roseburg because of coronavirus said, “The Docs weren’t one of the teams with a COVID-19 related issue, but the local Legion commission has chosen to pause the season out of an abundance of caution. Docs head coach Jeremiah Robbins said on Saturday Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our kids, our community, our fans and everybody involved in this process.”

The Grants Pass Courier reported on July 3 that their Nugget’s Legion Baseball team cancelled the remainder of the season after team players tested positive for coronavirus. The Nuggets Baseball team website now says the 2020 season has been cancelled.

The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 6 new coronavirus cases in Douglas County during the time of the baseball tournament between July 2 and July 5.

The NRToday failed to report that, “a spokesperson with Oregon American Legion Baseball said the organization canceled 2020 tournaments nationwide in early May. Any team that continues to play in the 2020 season is not playing as a team registered with the American Legion National Organization…The official season was canceled for safety and liability reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Also omitted from both NRToday articles was “a spokesperson with Oregon American Legion Baseball said the organization canceled 2020 tournaments nationwide in early May. Any team that continues to play in the 2020 season is not playing as a team registered with the American Legion National Organization…There is no American Legion team operating in Oregon this year. The whole summer season was canceled,” said Art Cummins with Oregon Legion Baseball.

So what really happened at last weekend's Legion Baseball tournament and how does any adult justify such a tournament contrary to the advice of medical experts and especially considering the sheer number of coronavirus cases contracted as a result?


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 2 MORE new coronavirus cases today, now bringing the total number of cases to 54. Douglas County had 24 total cases when our Commissioners decided for us to re-open Douglas County. Total cases have increased 125% since they made that decision without allowing the public to voice its opinion.

Today’s DPHN misleading noon update claims in bold capitalized type “there are NO new confirmed cases of COVID-19” and in non-bolded, non-capitalized type says, “and two new presumptive cases.” Anyone who does not read closely would assume there were zero new cases. Rather than simply state there were two new coronavirus cases, DPHN continues in its attempts to mislead Douglas County residents.

The Oregon Health Authority reported Douglas County received 9 coronavirus tests today. After reporting 55 test results received yesterday, Douglas County has now fallen to seventh from last place in Oregon for both total tests performed and percentage of residents tested in our County Commissioner’s apparent quest to become the lowest testing county in Oregon.

The Department of Veteran Affairs reported a new coronavirus case today at the Roseburg VA. It’s unknown whether this new case is included in the 54 cases reported by DPHN. In the past, it has taken several days for the DPHN to report coronavirus cases reported by the VA.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 25 new coronavirus cases today and a new record 188 cases and one death over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 210 new coronavirus cases and 5 deaths today in Oregon. OHA reported 82% of all (ICU and non-ICU) hospital beds are occupied in Oregon today.


43 Florida ICUs Reach Capacity, Show No Beds Available as Coronavirus Cases Surge.

Is this what's coming for Oregon?


The Veterans Affairs in Roseburg reported another veteran coronavirus case today bringing its total cases to 8. In the past, DPHN has not reported veteran cases for days after reported by the VA. I wonder if the same will happen this time.


Why does the Douglas County Public Health Network always have to be so misleading when they report coronavirus statistics? DPHN today reported (below link) in bold capitalized letters “there is ONE new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Douglas County.” While technically true, it is obvious the intent was to draw attention away from the fact the total number of coronavirus cases in Douglas County went up by TWO, not ONE. Nowhere in their noon update does it say the number of “total” cases went up by two. You would have had to remember what yesterday’s noon update reported and done the math to realize total cases went up by TWO, not ONE.

DPHN, led by our County Commissioners, has misled Douglas County residents from the very beginning, every time reporting coronavirus data in a manner that minimizes the virus’s impact on our county. Even today with growing coronavirus cases in our county, our Commissioners continue to exhibit a pattern of reckless behavior by repeatedly under reporting coronavirus information knowing fully well it imposes a risk that many would view as unreasonable.


Douglas County Public Health Network’s reported number of coronavirus cases has been intentionally misleading. Prior to May 5, DPHN only reported coronavirus cases confirmed by a test. Beginning May 5, DPHN announced they were expanding their reporting of coronavirus cases consistent with the Oregon Health Authority to include both confirmed and presumptive cases. However, it wasn’t until June 21 that DPHN reported its first presumptive case and contrary to OHA, DPHN did not report the presumptive case as a new coronavirus case, nor was it reported in the total number of cases.

After two more presumptive cases were reported in the following days, DPHN responded to multiple questions by falsely claiming on their website on June 26, “OHA recently expanded their reporting for COVID-19 case management to now include presumptive COVID-19 cases. DPHN will also be reporting presumptive cases and will use the OHA’s definition of presumptive.” That was an outright lie in an attempt to justify the discrepancy between DPHN’s and the OHA’s reporting of coronavirus cases. OHA had not “recently” expanded their reporting of presumed cases. OHA had been reporting presumptive cases in the total since the last week of April after the CDC changed its definition of coronavirus case counts on April 14 to include presumptive cases. DPHN specifically discussed this in their May 5 noon update email, making it impossible to believe they didn’t know about it. The number of presumptive coronavirus cases not reported in DPHN’s total case count was building and DPHN came up with this lame reason why DPHN’s reported number of cases was so different than the number of coronavirus cases reported by OHA. And then it started getting even worse.

DPHN reported 5 more new presumptive cases over the next 6 days, none of which were reported as new coronavirus cases by DPHN, but were reported as new cases by OHA. Then, on July 3, DPHN’s daily email update magically reported the same number of total coronavirus as OHA, including both confirmed and presumptive cases in the reported total number of cases (below link). The only explanation given was, “The total number of cases (confirmed and presumptive) in Douglas County is now at 45.” Where previously, presumptive cases had not been included in DPHN's total number of cases, it appears now they are included. However, DPHN has not yet changed their website to reflect the total number of coronavirus cases.


DPHN has now emailed a "CORRECTED" noon update which says;

"A CORRECTION has been made to today's joint press release from the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team (DCCRT), via our Joint Information Center. The update includes a correction for the number of new cases today, July 6, 2020. We had two new confirmed cases since our last update at noon on Sunday, July 5, 2020. The chart and the case count in our press release from earlier today correctly listed our total cases. As of noon today, July 6, 2020, we are at 52 total cases with 46 confirmed and 6 presumptive in Douglas County. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

The noon update listed on DPHN's website has also been changed to reflect the misleading reporting of coronavirus cases. Have you noticed DPHN has never issued a correction for overstating coronavirus cases? It's always for understating cases after someone apparently questions their numbers.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 2 new coronavirus cases today, bringing the total number of cases to 52. Douglas County had only 24 total cases when our Commissioners decided for us to re-open Douglas County. Total cases have increased 117% since they made that decision without allowing the public to voice its opinion.

DPHN has reported 12 coronavirus cases in Douglas County over the past 7 days. This ties the record for the highest number of cases in one week.

After reporting 55 test results received today, Douglas County has now fallen to 7th from last place in Oregon for both total tests performed and the percentage of residents tested.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 15 new coronavirus cases today and 179 cases and one death over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 165 new coronavirus cases in Oregon today after receiving 3,027 test results. OHA reported 183 people are currently hospitalized for coronavirus, which is the highest number since April 26. OHA reports 80.4% of non-ICU hospital beds are currently occupied in Oregon. 26 people are on ventilators.

The U.S. will pass 130,000 coronavirus deaths before the end of today after already passing 3 million cases yesterday.


The U.S. active duty military reported 3,422 new coronavirus cases today and 2 deaths. This is a one-day 19% increase in total cases reported by the military which now stands at 21,493 total cases with 40 deaths.


Do americans understand how badly they’re doing?

A global comparison of coronavirus cases.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 1 new coronavirus case today, bringing the total number of cases to 50. This is a 108% increase in case numbers since Douglas County began its phased reopening, an autocratic decision made by our County Commissioners without public input.

DPHN has now reported 12 coronavirus cases in Douglas County over the past 7 days. This is another new all-time record high case number for one week in Douglas County.

DPHN reported receiving a record high 267 test results today for Douglas County to counter the 3 coronavirus test results received yesterday.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 17 new coronavirus cases today. These counties have had 185 cases over the past seven days which is a new record for one week. These counties now have a total of 603 cases. 433 of those cases have occurred since the phased re-opening of Oregon.

Klamath County and Lane County have each reported one death since the re-opening.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 300 new coronavirus cases in Oregon today and 2 deaths. This is the fourth day in a row OHA has reported at least 300 new cases. OHA has now reported 10,280 total cases for Oregon with 215 deaths. This is a 288% increase in cases and a 100% increase in deaths since Oregon began its phased re-opening of Oregon.


Douglas County had 24 coronavirus cases when it started its phased re-opening of businesses, driven entirely by our County Commissioners who made the decision to reopen without public input and have since repeatedly emailed and published self congratulatory messages about the great job they are doing keeping coronavirus contained. Now the NRToday is saying Douglas County had 1/3 as many cases in one single day as when Douglas County began its phased reopening and we have over twice as many overall cases as when the phased reopening began.

This is the first week our Commissioners have NOT sent out an email patting themselves, and the Coronavirus Task Force they lead, on the back. After repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, taking self credit for a great job, I can't wait to hear how our Commissioners explain their decision to be the first county in Oregon to re-open for business and how Commissioner Boice will justify urging Casey's restaurant to open illegally before the phased re-openings in defiance of the Governor's shutdown order.

But I just may have to wait to hear from the Commissioners who, I suspect, will become like President Trump and suddenly become quiet as they watch their flawed, selfish and dangerous decisions potentially impact the safety of every person in our Country and Douglas County.

We deserve better from our leaders. We deserve our leaders to care more for the lives of the public they represent than the bottom line financials of their campaign contributors.


Speaking of the commissioners, has anyone seen them in public anywhere or know if they're abiding by the mask order since it started? I've noticed the die hard republicans around here are some of the loudest and most vocal about being against masks. Doesn't help when our president won't wear one and thats seen as a sign of weakness if he won't do it.

And before anyone ousts me as a democrat because I spoke negatively about republicans, I don't identify myself as either and believe you can co-exist with people that may not share your political views. Thats part of the mentality problem in douglas county among many other things is that if you don't share the same political views as other, than that person is the devil apparently.


Can you say anything POSITIVE about Douglas County and its people? Sheesh! You and Mike are a pair.


Don't like it? Don't read it! :)

I don't understand why thats such a hard concept for people that seem to get so butt hurt over everything here.




Never voted for a Democrat in 50 years. Why do you think if there is a order you have the right not to follow it people? Guess a thousands in this county aren't going to pay taxes, need a drivers license or just respect others especially health care workers. This is not a political 'virus'. It's not N1H1 in its virulence, more like SARS or HENDRA. Trump is not going to be reelected because there won't be many Republicans left by then since this is pandemic is scientific fake news. So the only thing bad about Douglas County is the people who openly disregard the science and lawful orders be it DoCo or anywhere else.


Incompetence is one thing and will be addressed at the next election but willfully endangering the lives of every citizen in Douglas County goes beyond poor judgement. A criminal complaint might be in order or at least an investigation into the behavior of the board of commissioners during the health crisis should follow.


Commissioner Boice encouraging a local restaurant to open in defiance of the Governor's shut down order is more than incompetence. I would argue it demonstrates gross negligence on his part and a failure in his duty as our county's top elected official to protect county residents from harm. Gross negligence is the conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care, which is likely to cause foreseeable injury or harm to persons, property, or both. It would be up to a jury, but I believe Commissioner Boice’s encouragement to defy the governor’s orders meet all the elements of gross negligence.

The decision by all three Commissioners to re-open Douglas County without seeking public comment on the record may be ordinary negligence, the failure to exercise reasonable care. It would be up to a jury to decide whether the Commissioners exercised reasonable care by ignoring public health official recommendations and choosing to prohibit public input into their life-threatening decision to re-open Douglas County.

All three Commissioners, especially Commissioner Boice, should be worried whether their negligent actions ultimately lead to harm or loss of life. While they may have cared little about the lives of us Douglas County residents when they decided for us to re-open Douglas County, they probably care more now that they realize their negligent actions may come back to haunt them.

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