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Douglas County reported an average of 40 positive and presumptive cases of COVID-19 between Saturday and Monday after nearly a month of daily cases in the triple digits.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported 42 positive and presumptive coronavirus cases Saturday, 38 Sunday and 39 Monday. Three deaths were recorded in the team’s Saturday report, raising the county’s death toll to 188.

The deaths included a 50-year-old man who died on Friday, who the Douglas Public Health Network reported was unvaccinated. A fully vaccinated 83-year-old man also died Friday, while an unvaccinated 46-year-old woman reportedly died Saturday.

The county reported that for the reporting week ending Saturday, there were 436 new positive and presumptive cases of the coronavirus. By comparison, there were 1,274 cases in the reporting week ending Aug. 21.

“Douglas County is not out of the woods yet,” the recovery team said in Monday’s report. “Case numbers are still very high comparatively.”

The team noted that while the peak of 113 hospitalized residents was extraordinarily high, there are still 88 hospitalized.

“This number remains very worrisome,” the team said.

Of the 88 county residents hospitalized with COVID-19 complications, 62 were being cared for locally and 26 out of the area, including one receiving specialized treatment out of state. At CHI Mercy Medical Center, 22 patients were on ventilators and another eight were receiving non-invasive breathing treatment. The hospital’s intensive care unit was caring for 15 patients with another 13 in the progressive care unit. COVID-19-related patients made up 49% of the hospital’s total residency as of Monday.

Friday, the Oregon Health Authority announced that the Food and Drug Administration recommended that residents age 65 and older — or those at high risk of severe COVID-19 complications — who have completed their two-shot sequence of the Pfizer vaccine contemplate a booster shot of the vaccine six months after their second shot.

Boosters have not yet been recommended for people who received the two-shot Moderna vaccine or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as neither have yet completed the process for full FDA approval outside of emergency use. The Moderna vaccine is currently in the FDA full-approval process. It is expected that federal officials will consider booster doses for people who have received the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the coming weeks.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 3,359 new positive and presumptive COVID-19 cases statewide as well as 25 deaths, raising the state’s death toll to 3,594.

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(15) comments


7 more Douglas County residents dead today from Covid, all of them unvaccinated. Probably 7 fewer people who believed the misinformation spewed by our local doctors and elected officials. Probably 7 fewer of their voters.


North Carolina Buncombe County leaders have voted unanimously to strip unvaccinated employees of a paid quarantine benefit. The vote Sept. 21 was expected after a Board of Commissioners discussion two weeks prior when those who had not gotten COVID-19 shot were called "irresponsible."

Unlike Douglas County, there ARE County Commissioners in the U.S. who take actions to save the lives of the residents they represent.


Nevada's Clark County Commission voted by 5 to 2 on Tuesday to declare COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis after a motion proposed by Commissioner Justin Jones.

"It's important for our governing board to declare health misinformation as a public health crisis and commit to doing all we can to combat the falsehoods that continue to jeopardize the lives of our citizens," Jones said after the vote.

Compare this to Douglas County Oregon where Evergreen CEO's and Mercy Medical Center Directors Dr. Tim Powell and his brother Dr. John Powell have and continue to post Covid misinformation on their Evergreen blog with no comment by our County Commissioners. Furthermore, Douglas County Public Health Network Director Dr. Dannenhoffer has repeatedly refused to comment when asked about the misinformation.


Parent says child brought COVID-19 home from school and infected entire family. Both parents became sick but luckily were both vaccinated.


New R.1 COVID variant with unique mutations that allow it to circumvent vaccine anti-body protection has been detected in 45 residents and health care staff of a Kentucky nursing home.


Good news! It's even better news if you've decided to fight this pandemic via vaccination -- thank you!

On the other hand, if that was you in Sherm's unmasked and telling anyone whos asked that "It's none of your effin' business", or you were the guy in Safeway unmasked with the semi-auto proudly in your belt holster, thanks a bunch for everything.


The drop must be from all those free masks Boice gave away right? I'm surprised he hasn't tried to take credit for it yet honestly. That had to have been one of the most elaborate forms of damage control I've ever seen, or it was snowing very hard in somewhere thats normally very hot.


Hey, don't bang on Commissioner Boice. He finally did SOMETHING to save lives after being granted Covid restriction authority from the Governor on June 30. Even his own press release said it took Commissioner Boice's "delivery prowess," to make sure all of those donated masks got to their right place. Next, Commissioner Boice will be issuing a press release because he changed the toilet paper roll in the men's room.


According to the Oregon Health Authority, all three deaths occurred on Friday at Mercy Medical Center where Covid cases are being treated with horse de-worming medicine according to members of Mercy's Board of Directors.


5 people hospitalized in Oregon after taking horse de-worming medicine ivermectin to treat COVID-19.


More on the subject of Ivermectin:


Those at Steve Bannon founded Breitbart has come up with a unique way to both spread a conspiracy lie, but in the process "’s noteworthy that Nolte is promoting the vaccine:" This is what happens when the conspirator lies but gets all twisted in their intent:


There have been a total of 104 avoidable deaths since Douglas County Commissioners took over Covid restriction control from the Governor 82 days ago on June 30.. During that ENTIRE time, and unlike our Governor, our County Commissioners did NOTHING different to save lives.

83 of those Douglas County residents have died since August 20 (just 32 days ago), when the Douglas County Public Health Network began reporting the vaccination status of residents who died of Covid. Below are the vaccination statistics for those 83 Douglas County Covid deaths, not including an infant who died on September 6.



Fully Vaccinated------14----------17.1%--------65.1

Not Vaccinated--------68---------82.9%--------75.4


Oregon Covid Deaths per 100,000 people:


Douglas County-------------------------168

Average Trump Won County--------135

Average Biden Won County----------71

Oregon Average Percent Fully Vaccinated:


Douglas County--------------------------45

Average Trump Won County---------47

Average Biden Won County----------62


This is welcome news.

Exponential decay is our friend!

Get vaccinated, mask, and otherwise drive that R0 down way below one.

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