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The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported 74 total new positive coronavirus cases according to reports it received between Saturday and Monday.

According to the team’s Monday update, there were 12 new positive and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Saturday and 38 Sunday. On Monday, the team reported 34 such cases as well as one death, a 94-year-old woman who died from COVID-19-related complications on Aug. 29. The death was reported to the county Monday. She was not vaccinated.

There are 60 county residents hospitalized due to the coronavirus, down nine from Saturday. The team said 38 county residents are being treated locally and 200 out of the area. Of the 60 hospitalized, 54 are reportedly not fully vaccinated.

At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there are 12 patients on ventilators and 11 receiving non-invasive breathing assistance. The hospital had seven patients in its intensive care unit and six in its progressive care unit. As of Monday, 21% of all patients at Mercy were being treated for COVID-19, down from the 34% which was reported Friday.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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With today’s reporting of 7 Covid deaths since Monday, Douglas County has now passed Jefferson County to become the 4th highest County in Oregon for per capita Covid deaths. Only Harney, Mahleur and Josephine Counties have more per capita deaths than Douglas County’s 204 Covid deaths per 100,000 residents.

Only 3 months ago, Douglas County was in 31st place for most per capita deaths. Today we are 4th. Douglas County has over twice as many per capita Covid deaths than the Oregon average.


6 more deaths were reported in Douglas County today by the Oregon Health Authority Daily Report (below link), bringing the total to 226 deaths in Douglas County.

Douglas County passed Gilliam County today to have the 5th most per capita deaths of all counties in Oregon. Only Harney, Malheur, Josephine and Jefferson, all states won by Trump and with low vaccination rates, have had more per capita deaths than Douglas County.


So far......

Only 3 months ago, Douglas County was in 31st place for most per capita deaths. Today we are 5th.


Compare Douglas County's 201 Covid deaths per 100,000 residents to Oregon's 90 Covid deaths per 100,000 residents.

Douglas County has over twice as many per capita Covid deaths than the Oregon average. It must be because people in Douglas County are more frail.


Douglas County Covid deaths represent 5.8% of Oregon's total Covid deaths even though Douglas County is only 2.5% of its total population.


An Ohio man whose wife sued a Cincinnati-area hospital to use the drug Ivermectin to treat his severe case of COVID-19 has died.


Of the 6 deaths reported yesterday by OHA (below link), 3 occurred in their residence and 3 occurred at Mercy Medical Center.


Some of you have read my stories about working at Costco during all this. Going from social media posts of other employees and hearing discussions in the break room, its a safe bet to claim that easily out of 150+ employees well over 70 percent I'd label as extreme far right where democrats are the great enemy of mankind, masks/vaccines are useless, and cattle dewormers are a miracle cure for covid (one employees swears by this after he got it).

When Delta got out of control they reverse the policy with employees being required to wear masks, but we can't enforce the customers too. Acourse this made several employees irate that they'd have to do something a democrat was endorsing. I've noticed several of these employees will come to the store on their day off to shop with no mask on. I'm guessing beings they're technically not on the clock and/or being a grey area that management probably can't do anything about it. As others are seeing these people do it, it encourages them to do it themselves. A bit before Delta got out of hand we hand one employee that tested positive and actually had to go to the hospital. I don't think she was ever bad enough to be like on a ventilator or anything like that, but obviously having to go to a hospital is never considered a positive thing. She missed several weeks of work. The other week I was shocked to see this same person shopping on her day off with no mask. I guess proving a point was worth another potential hospital visit for her? Ironically her teenage son that was with her did have a mask on. Its sad when children are wiser than their parents are.




60 to 70% pro-Republican is about what we expect in these parts. Some number of them may probably still get the vaccines -- but the majority of them will simply continue to take their chances without it. I have mixed feelings about mandated vaccinations, but I have pretty much completely accepted that a whole lot of people simply want to get sick, so they need to get sick. I accept their choice, but I don't approve of mandate not-compliance. I don't understand why stores let customers go maskless when medical/dental businesses can successfully strictly enforce.

I met a previously-vaccinated man today who tested positive a month ago -- his only symptoms were temporary loss of taste and smell, but he was recovered. I accept that something similar could befall me, but I know it wouldn't seriously affect me thanks to the vaccine. On the other hand, our unvaccinated 19 yr-old granddaughter in AZ caught a mild case, and was moderately sick and quarantined for three weeks before testing negative; she said it sucked. The other non-vaccinated family members dodged the bullet (so far).


Its telling when one person says 70% of his fellow workers are EXTREME far right and another says that's what we expect because 60 to 70% are pro-Republican.


Has it gotten to the point that "extreme far right" and "Republican" have become synonymous?


Go back and look at the News-Review's Tuesday reporting history on Covid. Without fail, the Tuesday paper headline is about Covid cases decreasing over the weekend. That's because the Recovery Team and much of the profession tracking Covid started taking weekends off beginning last spring and the News-Review only publishes what is known on Monday morning before all of the information from over the weekend is evaluated. Look for Thursday's paper, as usual, to announce cases, hospitalizations and deaths are back up.


If people want to hold family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas, now is the time to finally get vaccinated. What's the use of joining together for a family celebration if you're increasing the odds of killing Aunt Mildred or Grandpa George?


This is very good news, indeed. It's local, national, and somewhat international (in most of the developed world)--exponential decay is our friend.

Get vaccinated. Maintain masking and distancing, and we will get to something resembling to our old normal in the near future.

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