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Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin speaks during a press conference in March.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin says he won’t enforce Gov. Kate Brown’s mask mandate, which goes into effect on Friday, saying it is “potentially more reckless than doing nothing to stop the spread of COVID.”

The sheriff posted a statement on his Facebook page late Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to address an influx of questions from residents and the media.

“The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be enforcing Governor Brown’s mandates period,” Hanlin wrote. “The citizens of Douglas County can choose to wear a mask or choose not to wear a mask. We can choose to get vaccinated or choose not to get vaccinated. And we can choose to stay home or we can choose to travel about freely.

“There are choices we as informed individuals shall make ourselves, NOT have made for us by the government,” he continued.

Hanlin said it is his responsibility to provide for the peace and safety of those in Douglas County and that he believes retaining local control over decisions affecting public health and safety is paramount.

“Personally, I am tired of Governor Brown’s style of leadership that ignores the abilities of our local leadership, and her support of ideals that contradict the values most of us in rural Oregon hold dearly,” Hanlin said.

“Governor Brown has once again initiated what many consider to be an unconstitutional mandate by requiring our children and citizens to wear masks and by requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for state employers, healthcare workers and teaching staff,” he said. “This mandate is potentially more reckless than doing nothing to stop the spread of COVID.”

Hanlin said “overreaching requirements and coercive government mandates” weren’t ways to improve public health and instead recommended “honest, accurate communication and compassion while respecting the different beliefs of a diverse community.”

The statement was released hours after the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team announced that the Douglas County Medical Examiner and other local medical facilities requested a temporary increase in morgue space. The request, the county said, was made because of the recent surge in COVID cases, subsequent hospitalizations, and a “huge increase in local COVID-related deaths.”

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin receives the COVID-19 vaccine

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin receives the COVID-19 vaccine

Douglas County John Hanlin received his COVID-19 vaccine in January from Roseburg Fire Chief Rob Bullock.

On Thursday, Hanlin responded to critics accusing him of being against vaccines.

“Let me be clear, I chose to be fully vaccinated,” he said before referencing a photo of him getting the vaccine that was posted to the sheriff’s Facebook page in Janruary. “I also choose to wear a mask in most places. The point is, I made the decision to do this. I fundamentally believe it is wrong to mandate people to get the vaccine or remove them from their chosen discipline.”

“This isn’t about if someone should or shouldn’t wear a mask. This isn’t about whether someone should or shouldn’t get the vaccine,” he said. “My message is about free choice over healthcare decision. The right to choose if we want the vaccine or not. The right to refuse when the Government is overstepping and telling some they must or else. That is not the Government’s place. The Governor is choosing to mandate vaccines for employees of certain fields. She is choosing for them; not the individual.”

Hanlin isn’t the first sheriff in Oregon to oppose the state’s mandate. Marion County Sheriff Joe Kast said his office would focus on education instead of issuing citations or making arrests. Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe went further calling the “alleged science” used by state and federal agencies political, which his constituents have “seen through from the beginning.”

Read Hanlin’s full statement below:

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin says he won't enforce a mask mandate from Gov. Kate Brown.

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Such a humble brag coming from someone whose agency has not been and will not be asked to enforce these mandates. Too bad this guy didn't just tell people that instead of copying this letter from other "constitutional" sheriffs who posted the same thing and acting like they're some kind of heroes. These sheriffs are definitely playing to the crowd and they're disgusting.

Bias Hater

Like when he boldly came out to not tell us the name of the mass shooter. Wow. What a sacrifice.


So Sheriff Hanlon has made headline news for his coming out as the defiant soldier. Not too long ago, he was pants off and proud of himself. Today he is reliving the very same moment. Now he is earning such a poor reputation. Perhaps the good ole boys like you for being brazen and defiant. It shows no honor or grit. Just a man with his pants down one more time.


Unfortunately, we're currently a society with our pants down. This virus may not go away for a while -- certainly not if simply ignored. he situation may be much worse the next go-around, and sadly, we are clearly not unified in a means to fight these situations. Like hot summer weather, having to deal with pandemics might be a new normal, and I hope we can learn to fight pandemics effectively.

Hanlon's "editorializing" about the Gov may have been ill advised, but the main message was simply that his department isn't going to be distracted by people whining about compliance. They have a job to do, and mask compliance would simply be a distraction. It's basically up to us citizens to call out adults that don't seem willing to comply -- and hope they change their mind.


We have some people with serious control issues here in DC. There are plenty of people that support you Sheriff.

The reason people are in the hospital is because of COVID. Stop dividing and blaming people. This virus will never be gone. People need to wake up and realize that COVID will NEVER be done. If you want to wear a mask for the rest of your life, feel free. That is your choice. If you want to get in line for your 105th booster shot, feel free. That’s your choice. Stop trying to control everyone else.


Governors have the right to take measures to protect their citizens as given under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The Sheriff accuses the Oregon Governor of unconstitutionality.

He should stop playing politics and retract his accusation.

If he doesn't want to enforce the mandate, fine. That's understandable. It's an insurmountable task.

But she never asked him to use his position to do so.




Following your train of thought, I now have permission to send my child to school with headlice and measles, because.....freedumbs.


I wanted the dubious distinction of making the 100th post under this article. That's the most I've seen in the last year. Way to go, Sheriff John Hanlin. You certainly know how to uplift your fans and boil the blood of the rest of us.


Barney fife at it again what an idiot


The sheriff needs to bone up on his constitutional law knowledge.

The Governor is within her constitutional rights to protect Oregon citizens during epidemics.



I think that is worth noting that, despite the sheriff's and the county commissioners' antagonistic responses to Governor Brown, she continues to support our medical community in numerous ways: sending the National Guard, authorizing the sending of more medical workers, and so on. She doesn't whine about it all; she just digs in her heels and, unlike our county elected officials (who are not leaders), does her job.

Thank you, Governor Brown.


Excellent post


[thumbup]Good point, melrosereader.




Oregon ‘constitutional sheriffs’ seize on mask mandates to attack state government’s authority. Yet, nNo Oregon government official has asked county sheriffs to enforce Gov. Kate Brown's new COVID mask mandates.



Illinois governor shuts down radio host advising him to calm parents anxious over…

Trump's ex-national security advisor John Bolton says it's 'impossible' for Mike…

Florida on Thursday reported 21,765 more COVID-19 cases and 901 deaths to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Miami Herald calculations of CDC data.


John ford

I agree with Sheriff Hanlin, Everytime you mandate (force) someone to do something you will eventually be doing it a the point of a gun! Not the way I would choose to be free.


Do you really mean to say that somebody (anybody) will be forced to stop at a STOP sign at the point of a gun?


As of 8/26 at 6:45PM, the winner of the most blah blah blah entries is "mike"; followed closely by "MWORDEN" and "DJONES54". Gads! It is tough to compete these "experts". "Citizen Jo" was a close 4th with only 7 comments. Hang in there Joe. It's tough to compete now-a-days.


I'm terribly disappointed to have trailed Mike. I'll try harder in the future. Thanks for keeping track, bob. Now I have something to aim toward while voluntarily foregoing non-essential activities until this surge abates. Bet I can get 10 more in tonight.[wink]


Congrats! You moved up to 2nd place. Keep up the good work.



The Oregon Health Authority published its COVID-19 Pediatric Report (below link) today that indicates Douglas County’s case rate of 720 per 100,000 children under 18 is currently the SECOND HIGHEST CASE RATE IN OREGON over the week of August 15, the last week data was collected. This is an increase from a case rate of 630 reported the previous week. Only Curry County with 802 has a higher case rate than Douglas County.



159 new Covid cases and 1 DEATH was reported today by the Oregon Health Authority. Now that Douglas County is having record cases, hospitalizations and deaths, Douglas County Commissioners’ COVID Recovery Team only reports 3 days per week.

Douglas County (below link) has the highest per capita number (988 per 100k people) of Covid Cases for the past week of all counties in Oregon. No other Oregon county is higher.


40 Douglas County residents have died since Douglas County Commissioners Kress, Freeman and Boice were given Covid restriction control for Douglas County on July 1. This was after they had DEMANDED control in several letters to the Governor, claiming THEY knew better how to address cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Douglas County than the Governor. And when given the control they demanded, those same three Commissioners CHOSE to NOT impose ANY Covid restrictions. And another 40 residents are dead as a result, which is why the Commissioners yesterday ordered refrigerated trucks in anticipation of an overflow of dead bodies.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) tracks the vaccination status of each COUNTY in the United States, including VA Hospitals and Tribal sites, and reports on it daily (below link). According to the CDC, 49.0% of Douglas County’s total population has received their first dose of vaccine today and 43.1% are fully vaccinated.


2,262 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Douglas County over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 2,015.1 today, which is more than ten times higher than the maximum case rate of 200 previously required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 2,046 new coronavirus cases and 9 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 9.6% today. Douglas County’s positive test rate is 24.8%

There are currently a RECORD 1,111 Oregonians hospitalized with Covid, a RECORD 303 in ICU and a RECORD 175 Oregonians on ventilators.

The Oregon Health Authority also tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported there are 15 ICU beds and 87 non-ICU beds available in Region 3 today. A RECORD 246 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. A RECORD 64 are in ICU and 43 are on ventilators in Region 3. 275 new coronavirus cases were reported in Region 3 today.


What annoys me the most about Sheriff Hanlin's statement is that he chose right now, while people are dying and the hospital is overwhelmed, to make a divisive pitch aimed directly at the people he knows give him their support, respect, even their affection.

He's been the county's most popular elected official for years. He just won re-election. He has no worries about having to keep voters happy at the moment.

Why choose now to behave divisively?

I can see why he had to say something. It could have been something as simple as, "Good citizens of Douglas County, please don't call 911 if you see people not wearing masks. We're still not doing that. Thank you for your cooperation."

Instead he chose divisiveness. Right now ... in the midst of a crisis. Why?


If you don't want to get vaccinated or wear a mask, stay home.

Better yet, if you get sick, don't seek medical care.


The Rooshans are coming! The Rooshans are coming! Such a man, our grandstanding sheriff!


For those who exude personal freedom talk and tell everyone to stay home if they are worried, what do you tell people who have family members in a Long-Term who are being cared for by the unvaccinated? Because, unless it is Brookdale, I hope you don’t have loved ones in a Douglas County Long-Term Care Facility. Brookdale in Roseburg is the ONLY Long-Term Care Facility in Douglas County that meets the requirement that 80% of its residents and staff are fully vaccinated according to the Oregon Health Authority (below link).


Below are the percentages of residents and staff that fully vaccinated for every other facility in Douglas County and the number of cases and deaths listed in the latest OHA Outbreak Report (bottom link).


Forest Glen Senior Living----------------12%-----------32%-----------67-----------2

The Pines at the Landing----------------20%-----------74%------------3

The Landing Senior Living---------------20%-----------78%------------6

Riverview Terrace--------------------------21%-----------86%------------5

Adams House Assisted Living----------28%---------100%

Aiden Senior Living at Reedsport-----29%-----------56%

Curry Manor---------------------------------30%-----------87%----------69-----------9

Timber Town Living-----------------------34%----------91%-----------25-----------3

Ashley Manor-Roseburg-----------------36%----------89%

Callahan Court Memory Care----------37%----------86%

Callahan Village Assisted Living--------40%----------83%------------3

Chantele’s Loving Touch Mem----------46%---------82%------------3

Umpqua Valley Nursing Center---------50%---------77%----------40-----------1

Bridgewood Rivers Assisted Living-----56%---------84%-----------4

Rose Haven Nursing Center--------------67%---------74%----------74-----------5

The following Long-Term Care facilities did not provide the OHA with data as requested and should be considered suspect.

Applegate Place

Amamere at Oak Park



Florida health system is using refrigerated coolers because their morgues are full of patients who died from COVID-19



Sheriff Hanlin says he's tired of Governor Brown's style of leadership. Clearly, it doesn't matter what the Sheriff feels as he is subjugated under her authority and the State Consitution. Governor Brown declared a state of emergency last year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. According to Oregon Public Law Statutes, ORS 401.168 Governor's Powers During State of Emergency: “During a state of emergency, the Governor has authority to suspend provisions of any order or rule of any state agency, if the Governor determines and declares that strict compliance with the provisions of the order or rule would in any way prevent, hinder or delay mitigation of the effects of the emergency. “

Further, ORS 401.175 - Additional Powers During Emergency, the Governor has the authority to “Assume control of all police and law enforcement activities in such area, including the activities of all local police and peace officers.” source: https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_401.175 – and: https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_401.168

Although the Sheriff's Department is actually part of County government, the Department is subjucated under State law and/or State Constitution. The National Sheriff's Association describes it as such, “The Office of Sheriff is not simply another "department" of county government. The internal operation of an Office of Sheriff is the sole responsibility of the elected Sheriff. County department heads are subordinate to a county governing body, because a "department" is truly only a division of county government. The Office of Sheriff is a statutory/constitutional office having exclusive powers and authority under state law and/or state constitution. These inherent powers are not subject to the dictates of a local county governing body.” source: https://www.sheriffs.org/about-nsa/faq

Sheriff Hanlin took an oath of office. Again, the National Sheriffs’ Association's Legal Meaning of the Oath of Office: "...individual sheriffs should not fall into the mythology that any “oath of office” taken by the man or woman who fills the position of sheriff conveys upon that individual any extraordinary powers or duties that are not otherwise set out under the constitutions and laws of the respective states." source: is a .pdf file with a link that doesn't work in the NR platform. One can get close to it using this link - no guarantee: https://www.sheriffs.org/sites/default/files/uploads/Legal – it's actual link is https://www.sheriffs.org/sites/default/files/uploads/Legal%20Meaning%20of%20Oath%20of%20Office.pdf

Sheriff Hanlin is not upholding his oath to Oregon's Constitution by ignoring the Governor's state of emergency mandates. One might even go as far as to say his violations of State Mandates simply because of his “feeling” about the Governor could and perhaps should be the subject of investigation as to why he cannot perform the job he took an oath to perform.

And Sheriff Hanlin? How about you curb your enthusiasm for exposing yourself on social media. How about let's start with that, eh? (thanks Mike) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=371806184596003&set=p.371806184596003&type=3&theater


If you are afraid and paranoid even if you've been vaccinated then stay at home. We live in America and have the freedom to make medical decisions based on our own individual circumstances and that includes taking a vaccine or wearing a nasty mask that offers little to no protection. Also if the government is so confident in these vaccines, then why aren't there vaccine mandates at the White House, CDC, FDA, the WHO or the three pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccines? Stop reading and watching fake news....King Kate is a power hungry radical and making fools out of a lot of Oregonians. You are doing a great job, Sheriff Hanlin!


President Biden has issued a mandate for federal employees to be vaccinated or regularly tested. All the groups you reference are federal employees.


Or get regularly tested. In other words options not just a vaccine or your fired. Democrats might be the stupidest people I know.


If you don't agree with his statement, then, please tell me, just which parts of our Constitution do you want to remove?


Wretched, I don't agree with the statement you're referring to. First, masks are not nasty. Good Gawd, people! Use clean masks as often as you use clean socks and underwear.

Why should people who don't want to risk infection from the unvaccinated and unmasked have to stay home? That's completely backwards. We don't do that with anyone else. Do we tell parents to keep their kids at home and allow kidnappers to roam free? Do we tell women to stay home and allow pervs to grab anyone who dares to venture out? Do we tell sober people to stay off the roads and allow drunks to drive anywhere they want?

Please show me the place in the Constitution where it says people have the right to infect and possibly kill other people in the name of liberty? Even the first amendment right to freedom of assembly has limitations when it comes to safety.

We don't have the right to risk other peoples' health and lives in the name of our ideas of personal liberty. That is a child's view of freedom. And we're all adults here.


mworden: yes!


mworden: and, oh: trying to reach you. -----------43 gets me a disconnect. Ditto ---59 Can you call me, or email me?


I'll call tomorrow -- Friday.

dena searles



Oregon says people fired for refusing vaccines can’t collect jobless benefits.


Comment deleted.
Tom Wingo

This is a complete distortion of the truth. The vast majority who need hospitalization (85% locally -- over 90% nationally) are unvaccinated. If you are at the stage of needing hospitalization, vaccinated or not, you are severely compromised. The most common factor locally of those that are fully vaccinated and have died of COVID is that they are elderly. The vaccine is still the best bet to not get hospitalized and once you are hospitalized, being non elderly is your best bet for survival. Facts matter. Data and statistics in context matter.


Hospitalized COVID patients now responsible for out-of-pocket expenses. Earlier in the pandemic, insurance companies were voluntarily waiving out of pocket costs, deductibles, and copays for patients if they needed hospital care. No longer is that the case.



Similar to the Douglas County Super Spreader Fair and other upcoming Douglas County Super Spreader events, warnings about the Sturgis Rally have come tragically true. South Dakota’s has witnessed a 686.8 percent increase in daily case counts over the past three weeks, currently more than 10 times the nationwide rate.



Stop worrying about what other people are doing. If you don't value your freedom and the right to choose, then stay home.


Aren't we, as good citizens, supposed to worry about the people in our community? If you feel otherwise, perhaps you should consider the definition of "citizen": a native or naturalized MEMBER of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection. You are a member of society, and as a member, you should worry about what other people are doing, especially when it endangers the welfare of other members and/or society at large.


GIMPY look up liberty which is in the constitution:

Definition of liberty (Entry 1 of 2)

1: the quality or state of being free:

a: the power to do as one pleases

b: freedom from physical restraint

c: freedom from arbitrary or despotic (see DESPOT sense 1) control

d: the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges

e: the power of choice

2a: a right or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant : PRIVILEGE

b: permission especially to go freely within specified limits

was given the liberty of the house


100,000 more COVID deaths seen unless US changes its ways.


Comment deleted.

According to the medical director of Mercy's ER and Dr. Dannenhoffer, the vaccinated people who died were immunocompromised. You get immunocompromised by great age, chemo, organ transplant or immune suppressing medication for serious illness. That was as of two days ago.

To understand what the breakthrough cases and deaths mean, you need more info than just numbers.

Immunocompromised people need everyone around them to be vaccinated. They also need a third shot. If you know immuno-compromised individuals, please help them call their doc for expert advice on when and how to get the third dose. If you're not vaccinated yourself, please do not infect them. Even though they're vaccinated, they don't form great antibodies in response to the vaccine. Give them a break!

Comment deleted.

I agree. In fact, why don't you turn on Fox news right now and see what our "great" Democratic radical leaders have done to Americans in Afghanistan. Four of our Marines have been killed and three badly injured. Do you really think we can believe anything they say about Covid, vaccines, or anything else? Wake up!


You can't rely on individuals to be informed and make the right decisions. If you could, we wouldn't have laws (or mandates), and Sheriff Hanlin would be serving you burgers from a McDonald's drive-through window instead of wielding power from the podium. If his stated assumption were true, we wouldn't have seatbelt laws because everyone would understand the possible consequences of not buckling up. Additionally, no one would be held accountable for their behaviors (no jails) because everyone would do the "right" thing. As the sheriff, Hanlin makes his living from people doing the wrong things. In fact, he knows that people will do wrong things on occasion. So why is he insisting that people will be informed (they are not, for the most part) and make the right decisions (his office arrests people continually for doing the wrong things)? He doesn't believe that. He is simply lying, and I care not to speculate about why he's lying.

Anti-maskers have been around since there were masks. During the world's most deadly flu pandemic--the 1919 influenza pandemic--people formed "anti-mask" leagues. Nothing has changed, it seems. So far, the world has lost about 4.5 million people to COVID (it's much higher than the reported cases, of course). I believe that your freedom should take a backseat to community safety. Wearing a mask and getting the vaccine are your civic duties. You are not free to harm others by your selfish behaviors (I'm talking to the antivaxxers now). You are not good citizens. Douglas County--the number one county in Oregon for new cases and currently the number 44 county in America, out of over 3,000 counties--you are the reason that our governor issued the mandate. You and your sheriff are responsible for many a death.


spot on


Why anyone would trust this person to decide what healthcare mandates to enforce is beyond baffling as he has zero qualifications to do so. He should lose his job since he is refusing to do it.

I can understand someone not wanting to take the vaccine but I cannot understand combining that with not wearing a mask and refusing to protect yourself and others. Do people with this view think the people dying are fake? that 400+ new cases are fake? The lack of ability to apply reason to this situation at the expense of their safety and society as a whole is staggering. Its is up to the people of Douglas County to solve this and they are doing a horrible horrible job.


Thank you, Sheriff Hanlin for standing up to Dictator Kate and allowing us the freedom to choose. God Bless You!


I guess you need to stop enforcing other things that “limit” freedom .. like wearing a seatbelt.. talking on a cell phone while driving..having to pay car insurance ..urinating in Public, drunken disorderly , dui., those all limit your freedom also!!! This county is famous for having the highest rate of covid per capita..way to go in helping the already taxed medical professionals..great job🙄….try working in a covid unit .. you wouldn’t last 4 hrs let’s alone 15…so you don’t like the governor ? Let’s Let personal feelings dictate how you police.. WOW JUST WOW. What if medical professionals treated their jobs the same way you did and said oh you didn’t wear a mask or you weren’t vaccinated you don’t get treatment because that’s their personal feelings ??!!! Just do your job….and try to assist your fellow county professionals by not adding to the death problem here.. before you all start screaming at me , I’m not a huge fan of the governor either…last time I checked a sheriffs job is to uphold the law not pick and choose what laws you want to enforce…If any medical professionals posted a letter like that they’d be fired immediately…


Medical is actually saying if we are full then choose the ones that can make it, so yes in fact medical is choosing life or death and not trying to help all so there are decisions being made just like citizens have the decision to get a vaccine or not. If you are vaccinated then you should be safe and not have to wear a mask and those that don't will just take the risks. Time for all you get the vaccine people who have it to just shut up.


I believe that people who are not getting vaccinated (without medical reason) and/or have abandoned most cautions are foolish.

People won't freely do things in an intelligent manner, the Sheriff's department has more pressing duties than being on mask watch (which is not a law), and it's up to each of us to either do the right things or proudly wave your "COVID Freedom Fighter" flag all the way to the hospital.

Stede Bonnet

By Hanlin's logic, exactly which "fundamental rights and personal freedoms" is he fighting for? I checked the Constitution,but didn't see anything about masks. Or seatbelts - do I still need to wear those, or is Hanlin fighting for my personal freedom in that area too? How about spark arrestors or emissions equipment - are those coercive government mandates? Personally, I find clothes to be a bit chafing and I suspect some parts of my body would like the local control to be free - is it now OK to shed those in public? Was the use of DDT outlawed by a Constitutional mandate, and was that mandate more reckless than allowing bugs to eat my corn? As an informed individual, can I choose, or choose not to use meth (asking for a friend)? Forgive me for asking so many questions, but it seems a lot harder these days to separate those pesky overreaching mandates from those safeguarding lives and property.


From the N-R in May 2020:

"Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office won’t enforce the governor’s executive orders against businesses that choose to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic."

The sheriff is an elected official in his own right. The commissioners are not his bosses, they cannot fire him. Their declaration about county employees not enforcing covid restriction does not apply to the sheriff. He can enforce or not enforce as he chooses.

This is the Sheriff's policy and it has been since the beginning of the pandemic. He has the same policy regarding legislation about gun registration or control. He won't enforce it. He's always been public about these positions. No surprises here.


Kinda reminds me of when you adamantly and repeatedly claimed Dr. Dannenhoffer doesn't work for the County Commissioners only to have the Commissioners post a message saying he did. It's my understanding that Commissioners determine budgeting of ALL departments, even those separately elected by citizens. They control the money whether officials are elected in their own right.


Peace and love, Mike, I have no gripe with you. But let's look at the facts. Things changed during the pandemic. You were wrong in the beginning. The county did not run DPHN. When things looked good the commissioners decided to take full ownership of DPHN and Dr. D's employment. After all, by Oregon law the counties are the local health authorities and they have the legal authority.

Six or seven years ago the health department was busted up and jettisoned as a county department. Local agencies banded together to keep services afloat. Various agencies were designated to do the various tasks of public health. DPHN was designated to do infectious disease. During the first year+ of the pandemic, Douglas County performed wonderfully compared to other counties. The commissioners made their astounding statement taking full ownership. They apparently wanted the credit for success. But things changed again. Yikes!

Now who gets full credit for needing temporary morgues for the overflow of bodies? You were wrong in your understanding in the beginning, but you're not wrong now. Use your noggin on the ramifications of that one.


Need I post Commissioner Freeman's exact quote AGAIN proving you are wrong?


Apparently, I was too subtle.

It's an excellent idea to again post Tim's exact quote so everyone reading these entries knows who is taking full responsibility for infection disease in Douglas County. Please include the date of the statement and don't neglect to add that emergency management is included. By posting Tim's exact quote, it'll make it clear to everyone who is in charge and responsible for slowing the spread of covid in our local area. It means they have no way to dodge that responsibility or cast blame elsewhere or raise their hands to say they're powerless. They owned it when things were going good. Now they have to own it as disaster looms.

That's what I meant by ramifications.




You might want to consider moving to China or Russia then. I'm sure they would have a citizen like you!!!


I really expected better of Sheriff Hanlin. I mean, he has exhibited some of this oppositional-defiant behavior in the past, but I thought he'd rise to the occasion: we have a serial killer in our county, currently taking an average of two or three lives a day. More lives in a week than did the shooting at UCC.

We do not simply trust that everyone will make good decisions about driving on the right, or not robbing banks. Or deliberately putting children and elders at risk.

We hire law enforcement to keep the peace, save lives, protect the vulnerable--not to engage in childish oppositional-defiant behavior.


There is no meaningful difference between someone who refuses to wear a mask and/or get vaccinated and a Vietnam era draft dogder.


WOW!!!!!! There is no hope for you!!!! So much anger and hate!!




Absolutely. "I refuse to comply with what the government tells me to do, and as a result of my actions someone else is likely to suffer, or worse." <--applies equally to either.


Strut, puff chest. Strut, puff chest.

When did encouraging people to get sick and die become a virtue to be admired?


Posted on Citizens Against Tyranny's Facebook page.



Yep, sure enough, he looks like a drunken exhibitionist. Uhh, you don't happen to have any brain bleach I can use, do you?


I'm happy that I've taken the vaccine, because right now, I see dead people -- betcha I won't be one of them.

Carry on, all you COVID Freedom Fighters...fight 'till your last easy breath!


Evidently you didn't the articles that stated last week 2 of the 5 deaths were vaccinated and just today 3 of the 7 deaths were vaccinated. I guess the doesn't make you death proof!




You might want to watch or read some real news because vaccinated people are getting just as sick and many are dying, as well.


Nothing but love for a hero willing to stand in the gap and stand up for freedom against a tyrant.




When I was younger the Douglas County District Attorney took pride in the role of the chief law enforcement officer in the county, advising the law enforcement agencies what the law required and receiving respect from those agencies. Now the District Attorney's Office is silent and Sheriff Hanlin tells us he chooses not to protect us from the danger posed by the unmasked spreaders of the virus because the Sheriff's expertise in epidemiology makes him sure that wearing masks is a greater community risk than all of us breathing on one another. I would feel more safe if we wore masks as required by the mandate and I think the Sheriff's position puts us all at unnecessary risk.


Show me one scientific study that says wearing masks help stop the spread of a virus.

If course, if you do I'll show you 10 that says they don't.


whawaii: Can't show you one. Can show you many. Here are two, so you owe me 20, but sure, show me ten:



Just go to google scholar and search mask efficacy virus.


The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) statement was consulted to report this systematic review. Relevant articles were retrieved from PubMed, Web of Science, ScienceDirect, Cochrane Library, and Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), VIP (Chinese) database.


A total of 21 studies met our inclusion criteria. Meta-analyses suggest that mask use provided a significant protective effect (OR = 0.35 and 95% CI = 0.24–0.51). Use of masks by healthcare workers (HCWs) and non-healthcare workers (Non-HCWs) can reduce the risk of respiratory virus infection by 80% (OR = 0.20, 95% CI = 0.11–0.37) and 47% (OR = 0.53, 95% CI = 0.36–0.79). The protective effect of wearing masks in Asia (OR = 0.31) appeared to be higher than that of Western countries (OR = 0.45). Masks had a protective effect against influenza viruses (OR = 0.55), SARS (OR = 0.26), and SARS-CoV-2 (OR = 0.04). In the subgroups based on different study designs, protective effects of wearing mask were significant in cluster randomized trials and observational studies.


This study adds additional evidence of the enhanced protective value of masks, we stress that the use masks serve as an adjunctive method regarding the COVID-19 outbreak."


Nice graphic: mask, time, infection, and Delta and Covid-classic



Hey, whawaii, I am still waiting for the ten studies you owe me.


Nobody can protect you and your family but you!! LE isn't there to be a baby sitter!


FedUp: "Nobody can protect you and your family but you!!" So much for lifeguards, firefighters, police, the military, doctors, pilots, engineers, etc.


Citizenjoe if those are the people your relying on for your main protection and safety for you and your family, your and Idiot!


I see this as Seriff Hanlin pandering to the mega crowd. The County Commissioners already passed a resolution at the July 23 Board of Commissioners meeting that, “barred all county employees and agencies from helping to enforce COVID-19 pandemic closures or other state directives.” Sheriff Hanlin couldn’t enforce the mask ban even if he wanted to because he is barred from doing so as a county employee.

Sheriff Hanlin is about to retire and is laying the groundwork for his future election run for County Commissioners or State Representative. When Sheriff Hanlin endorsed Tom Kress for County Commissioner during the last election, it was the first time he has endorsed a political candidate and involved himself in partisan politics. The reason he endorsed Commissioner Kress is because all three Commissioners promised their support in his future run for political office.

Tom Wingo

Mike -- it took me some time to find the Board meeting where this resolution was passed -- and it was on June 23 and not July 23 -- and you badly misquote the resolution. Was this intentional? You put quote marks around your statement as though the words you used were in the resolution. The resolution stated that County employees and agencies shall not assist in the enforcement of business closures, school closures and stay at home directives UNLESS specifically authorized by the Board of Commissioners. Sheriff Hanlin is also an elected official and does not report to or work for the Board of Commissioners. So the resolution has no impact on his ability to enforce laws. Regardless, this is all a ridiculous argument meant to just fan the flames of controversy with out actually moving towards a solution. Are we really expecting out limited law enforcement to be mask police? Completely impractical and nonsensical. Not even the Governor expects that. Also, what role would County government employees have in assisting the closure of businesses and schools anyway? Besides, how can they currently exist as there is no state mandated closure of business and schools to assist with anyway. So you are mad that they won't do something that can't be done?

You also seem to throw out a lot of stuff that just sounds like self fabricated rumors. You know for a fact that all three commissioners have promised their support to Hanlin for a run for political office? Or are you just making stuff up? It might be helpful for your credibility if you would point out what is just your theory, or when you are taking liberty with quotes. Otherwise you just come off as some partisan hack.

I wish all of the partisan posturing would end and people would focus on real solutions. Let's focus on how to get more people vaccinated and know it off with the rest of this nonsense. That goes for the Sheriff and you Mike.


Hi, Tom. This is Jason Bourne, another 1980s fictional protagonist. I hope when you think of me you'll picture Matt Damon. Whenever I think of you, well ... Nick Nolte's mugshot pops into my mind.

IMO, it's important for people to know that the sheriff and other elected officials don't work for the commissioners and are not supervised by them. The only hard power the commissioners have over other elected officials is through increases or cuts to their departmental budgets.

I agree we need to focus on solutions. Douglas county has a low vaccination rate. I see many people not wearing masks and hear people talking about socializing, festivals, big birthday parties and travel around the country, as if everything is normal. If I suggest they tone it down, they act confused and say nobody official has mentioned toning anything down. That means they're not getting the message.

It would help if the commissioners called a news conference on the courthouse steps (so people could socially distance) and asked the citizens of Douglas county to:

1. Get vaccinated. The vaccine is fully approved. It works and it's safe.

2. Wear masks in public

3. Limit socializing, especially indoors

4. Limit travel

5. Stay home if they have any symptoms

6. Just stay home if they can.

We have a large retired population in Douglas County. Retired people don't have to go to work. If they stayed home for two weeks it would help reduce the spread of covid and that would be a benefit to the hospital system and all the people who have no choice but to go to work because they have an essential job or they have no other way to survive.

I do not understand why our commissioners won't do these simple things. Their press releases advocate that people do all of these things, but it's all buried in dense type.

Why not say it out loud, in easy to understand language that could be quoted on Facebook and Twitter? That's where most people get their news these days.

It would help if the commissioners told county residents in repeated news conferences exactly what they've been advocating in the dense type. On the courthouse steps in front of TV cameras. Human to human. Most of our county residents are kind, smart and decent people. And, yes, they will take medical advice from elected officials, if they just happen to trust those officials and if those elected leaders speak from the heart. I mean, they take medical advice from strangers on the internet. Why wouldn't they listen to a commissioner they liked and trusted?

It's time to speak heart to heart with their constituents. That seems like a far easier task, emotionally speaking, than setting up more morgue space. The commissioners wouldn't have to take any radical stances.

They could publicly and loudly promote what they've been advocating in writing that too many people are not reading.

Publicly and privately, heart to heart from one trusted individual to another. It can work.


Sorry, you are right about June 23. The BOC meeting minutes, as usual doesn't show any details. However, it was reported on by the News-Review at the below link. I used their EXACT quote. If you don't like it, I suggest you talk to the editor.



Bam! Pandering is exactly the word!


Hmmm. I thought he was more intelligent and law-abiding. I am wrong. An election is where he will judged by the voters if not by a court before then. When did elected officials decide they were the experts of the application of the US Constitution?


Yes, you're wrong. There is no law, just a fiat mandate from a feckless governor. And Sheriffs are the last Bastians of defense to uphold the Constitution against any federal or state mandates or laws they deem a violation of the Constitution. That's the Sheriff's job.


Oh, the experts on the constitution again!! Which branch does the Sheriff represent? What is the purpose of that branch? I dare say it is not to interpret laws, because that is left up to the judicial branch. So, he’s actually breaking the oath of upholding the constitution….,


Actually, a sheriff is a part of the judicial branch. He takes the same oath that all three branches take to uphold and defend the Constitution. Go do your homework. He's doing his job.


I’m guessing he’s also against the top down mandates from the governor’s of Florida and Texas, which don’t let local governments choose. Principle or content?

George Weston

I keep hearing about this being unconstitutional. Did he file a lawsuit to see if he is right? Who made him the judge? If he doesn't want to enforce this, why do we need a sheriff? If one gets a citation from the sheriff's department, take it to court and plead not guilty. Then have the sheriff's department explain why they don't enforce all laws in the courtroom.

George Weston

Better yet, maybe the AG's should investigate the sheriff for not fulfilling his oath of office.

Willie Stroker

His Oath of Office is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States as written, not to a specific person or group. If you don't like it, then you can leave!


Because AGs know the Sheriff is completely within his purview


George, the Governor has no authority to make a law; the legislature does that. Brown's mandates are not law although, depending on the circumstances, they may carry the power of law. Much of what Brown and other governors have mandated are being challenged in courts all over this country. We shall see what power the Governor has at some point in time, probably after covid is just a memory. In the meantime, there are other more pressing matters your deputies and Sheriff, as well as the Court System, need to tend to .

George Weston

The Governor does have the authority to make law by signing what the legislature has passed and send it to her desk. The legislature can only make law by overriding the governor's veto. Mandates are temporary, not permanent. Mandates, such as fire closures, road closure, are temporary, aren't they? A road closure is only permanent if the road is decommissioned. The court is the only branch that has the final say.


When are you people going to figure out? A mandate is not a law anyway. The Governor has no authority to require Sheriffs to enforce mandates. If Kate wants to try again she should actually legislate instead of decree mandates by fiat.

Willie Stroker

Here comes Mike in 3... 2... 1...


Hanlin's belief that the people of DC can make their own decisions re health and safety is the reason Mercy ICU is full.

Comment deleted.


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