An unvaccinated 45-year-old woman died of complications from COVID-19 Thursday, marking the 200th death of a Douglas County resident due to the coronavirus since March 2020.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported seven total deaths between information received Thursday and Friday, which raised the county's death toll to 202. Of the seven deaths reported, only one, a 64-year-old woman who died Sept. 1, was fully vaccinated.

The county reported 73 new positive and presumptive cases of the coronavirus Thursday and 46 Friday. There were 74 county residents hospitalized, 52 locally, 21 out of the area, and one out of state for specialized care. Of those, 69 were either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

At CHI Mercy Medical Center, 18 COVID-19 patients were on ventilators and another eight were receiving non-invasive breathing assistance. Thirteen of those patients were in the hospital's intensive care unit while 10 were in the progressive care unit.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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Why does this comment keep getting deleted?


"In an analysis of 520 U.S. counties, the CDC found that pediatric cases rose more sharply in places without school mask requirements. And in a separate report that looked at Arizona’s two most populous counties, the agency found that schools without mask requirements were 3.5 times as likely to experience an outbreak than schools with them."

Scott Mendelson

infuriating, disgraceful, bewildering and sad


Scott, yes to all of that. I was inclined to say it's not bewildering, in that we already knew a pandemic was coming, were ill-prepared for it, and the virus behaves precisely as viruses do, in mechanistic, mathematically predictable ways.

But it is bewildering how many people have elected disease fatalism and scientific nihilism. And how many elected leaders have encouraged them.






We are winning!!!!

Congratulations! Douglas County currently has 9,747.6 cases of COVID per 100,000 people. That's the highest in the state! WOW! Just WOW!

And there's more!. We have 202 deaths per total county population of 112,530. Compare that to 644 deaths due to COVID in Multnomah county with its population of 829,560. You all can do the math.

Bottom line. This is a self-inflicted wound. And we have people like the Drs. Powell, Dallas Heard and, lately, Alek Skarlatos, as well as their rabid followers, to thank for their anti-mask freedumb antics.

Compare that to Multnomah county where 644 people out of a population of 829,560 people have died of COVID.


OOps. Editing issue. Sorry.

Comment deleted.

Mike, I was being sarcastic. As I wrote above, this is a self-inflicted wound.



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1. I don't recall Pelosi or other democratic politicians EVER saying to "not get it" when trump was President, referring to the vaccine. And I've been following Covid pretty closely from the beginning. Biden and Harris stated from the beginning they mistrusted all of Trump's policies. Fox News and others twisted that to claim Biden and Harris didn't want people to take Trump's vaccine, when in fact Biden and Harris have both been vaccine supporters from the beginning. Despite your false claim, both Pelosi and Biden were vaccinated on TV at their earliest opportunity.

2. Besides Fox, there was and still is conservative stations OAN and Newsmax. I'm surprised you wouldn't know that since Trump has declared OAN his new favorate TV station.

3. Hypocrite Pelosi deserves condemnation from both sides for having her hair done while supporting San Francisco's lockdown. Pelosi's hypocritical actions should have received more democratic opposition. And more blow back may have occurred had not the Trump administration immediately latched on to Pelosi's action as representative of the entire Democratic Party rather than just one hypocrite.

4. I voted for Trump the first time.

5. Perspective can be gained by watching more than just Fox News.


[thumbup] to the idea of watching a news source other then Fox. OAN and News Max are not news sources either.

Comment deleted.

LiarsAndDemocratsWalkHandInHand is James Joyce in bedlam.


We are going to get higher vaccination rates!

Some of the unvaccinated will get vaccinated, increasing the numerator.

Some others of the unvaccinated will get dead, decreasing the denominator.*

Of all the nations in the G-7, the United States now ranks *dead* last when it comes to vaccination rate.

* and, well, some of the vaccinated will get sick and die from their breakthrough infections, but the proportion will be a lot lower than among the unvaccinated. I'd like to point out, too, that most of the vaccinated people who get breakthrough infections would not have done so if all of the population were vaccinated and otherwise behaving rationally.



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