More than 50% of Douglas County eligible residents are either fully or partially vaccinated, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team said Wednesday.

That number differs from the Oregon Health Authority, which as of Wednesday, reported that only 38% of eligible Douglas County residents had been vaccinated.

The discrepancy was caused by the reporting from the Roseburg VA Health Care Center and the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians, which receive their vaccines directly from the federal government. Because of the source of those vaccines, the VA and tribe report their information relating to doses administered directly to the federal government and not the state health authority.

As a result, those people who have been at least partially vaccinated by the VA (8,814) and the tribe (3,034) had not been counted among numbers reported to the state.

“For reasons unknown to us, the federal government has not been very forthcoming in supplying or providing their vaccination data to the state or the county,” the county’s response team said in Wednesday’s report. “It is important to note that because we have a great relationship with both the Roseburg VA and the Cow Creek Tribe, as they are part of our COVID-19 Response Team, they have been more than willing to share their vaccination data with us.

“However, (the Oregon Health Authority) has stated that they have yet to find a good way to combine the state and federal vaccination data in their weekly reports,” the team continued. “The obvious discrepancy in vaccination data has created unnecessary turmoil and confusion not only for Douglas County residents but several other counties in Oregon as well.”

With the adjusted numbers, Douglas County has shot ever closer to the goal of having at least 65% of all county residents 16 and older at least partially vaccinated, at which time many COVID-19 restrictions would be lifted as the county would be reclassified as a “low risk” county. Presently, Douglas County remains under the high risk designation.

Only five Oregon counties — Benton, Deschutes, Hood River, Lincoln and Washington — had reached the 65% benchmark as of Wednesday.

Douglas County has 94,878 residents age 16 or older, and so far 47,647 — 50.3% — are either partially or fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The county will reach that 65% plateau when another 14,024 residents receive at least one shot of the two-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson.

While the adjustment in vaccination numbers was encouraging for Douglas County, the response team noted its fourth consecutive day with new double-digit COVID-19 cases and the county’s 72nd death.

Wednesday’s daily report announced that 17 county residents had tested positive for the coronavirus, as well as one presumed positive test. Fourteen area residents were receiving hospital care, eight locally and six out of the area.

The county’s 72nd death was a 66-year-old woman who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 21 and died Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Oregon Health Authority reported a decline in the number of weekly positive tests, but saw a rise in both deaths and hospitalizations. The authority announced 394 new positive and presumptive cases in its Wednesday report along with seven additional deaths.

From May 10 through Sunday, the health authority reported 4,108 new daily cases of COVID-19, a 16% decrease from the previous week. Patients hospitalized (265) jumped 20 from the prior week, while the 26 deaths reported in that period were the most in 10 weeks.

WEEKLY REPORTDouglas County had mixed results in the health authority’s outbreak report for workplaces and senior living and care facilities.

Chantele’s Loving Touch Memory Care saw no change in the number of cases in its reported outbreak, remaining at three with the last reported onset reported April 28.

The Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Composites plant, which reached 14 total cases, did not have another onset over the past reporting week and was moved to the list of resolved workplace outbreaks.

However, Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Plywood appeared in the workplace outbreak report Wednesday with a total of 18 cases, with the most recent reported May 5.

GETTING VACCINATEDThe Douglas County Tiger Team will be holding its final pop-up vaccination clinic for the week Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the headquarters of the Diamond Lake Ranger District, 2020 Toketee-Rigdon Road.

Aviva Health, which recently opened a dedicated — and free — vaccination clinic in northeast Roseburg, will be hosting a free vaccination event Saturday from 8-11:30 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. The event is available to all county residents age 12 and older, with an emphasis on those ages 12-14, who just recently became eligible to receive the vaccine as the Pfizer vaccine was approved for that age group on May 13.

The clinic is located at 4221 NE Stephens St., Suite 101, across from Aviva’s Roseburg clinic near Costco.

Children ages 12-14 will require written parental or guardian consent to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. To schedule an appointment, call Aviva Health at 541-672-9596.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(10) comments

Marine Vet

I find it rather interesting that watching Local News broadcasts Ive yet to seen Any Elkected Officals from Roseburg like Coos County or Linn or Lane countys have talking about What THEY are doing here.? Seen some other actors driving vans talking about reaching out to people who cant get access, But have Yet to have seen Any City or County Elected Officials on Local News. Maybe it's because They have Out Right LIED about the numbers here.?


How about this,. Sunday copy of this article to the Oregon Health authority so they can read the numbers and have them in manually.

There's something wrong with a state agency that does not have access to numbers that a news reporter can get.


"More than 50% of Douglas County eligible residents are either fully or partially vaccinated, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team said Wednesday."

Well, no. The denominator changed when we added 12-and-up to those eligible.

Let's keep working on that numerator, folks! Get vaccinated; work to get everyone eligible vaccinated.


Is the VA reporting differentiating between county residents and out of county ones?


I have the same question


This may help a little, but it's old news.

On Feb 17, KEZI reported the VA had vaccinated 2600 local outpatient vets, with 250 having received 2 doses. That was in addition to previously vaccinating staff and in-patients. They increased local vaccination clinics from 3 to 5 days a week at the local VA campus. Spouses and caregivers of vets also became eligible.

The Cow Creeks have been holding vaccination clinics open to the public across the street from their headquarters on Stephens Street in Roseburg. It's likely that participants are locals. They're using the one-shot J&J.

Unfortunately for those of us craving info, neither the VA nor the Tribe is obligated to report to the county or state. They receive their vaccine from the feds and they're required to report back to the feds. It's never been part of the VA culture to report to locals. They march to their own drum. It seems obvious to me that it would not be in the best interest of the Tribe to start reporting anything to the county commissioners that they didn't have to. That's unfortunate for us, but they have to look out for themselves. But they are not being selfish. They have been providing free vaccination for the public, not just tribal members and employees.

Dr. D. reported on Tuesday that 3 other Oregon Counties have similar situations with the VA and/or local Tribes.

Marine Vet

I used the VA's online registration. 3 months later haven't heard a thing. I signed up for the J & J only to have that pulled day of my shot. Went back online & registered for a Moderna. 2nd shot completed last week. The VA here is Dismal at it's best.


What the County Commissioners failed to mention in their press release today is whether the 11,848 people vaccinated at the VA and the Tribe are ALL Douglas County residents. According to their website, the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians serves all of Southern Oregon and supports philanthropy in Coos, Deschutes, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, and Lane counties. Not JUST Douglas County. Likewise, the Roseburg VA website indicates it serves over 26,000 veterans in Douglas, Lane, Coos and Curry counties in Oregon, and Del Norte County in Northern California. Not JUST Douglas County. Clearly many, if not most of the people vaccinated at the VA and the Tribe could be residents of other counties.

Furthermore, Roseburg VA has Community Based Outpatient Clinics in Eugene, Brookings and North Bend where vaccines were administered. All vaccinations at the Outpatient Clinics accrue back to the Roseburg VA main hospital. Similarly, vaccinations at many other Oregon VA outpatient clinics are included in the numbers at Oregon VA hospitals in White City (Jackson County) and Portland (Multnomah County). This begs the following questions:

1. Were non-residents included in the 11,848 people vaccinated and now claimed by Douglas County?

2. Shouldn’t every county in Oregon, not just Douglas County, get to similarly add people vaccinated at their respective VA hospitals, VA outpatient clinics and Tribes?

3. Does the bar need to be raised above 65% if every county adds in the VA and Tribal vaccinations?


It's been sloppy from the start, I doubt it's going to get any better at this point. I've never thought that the numbers would come down the chain from the Feds to the County, but rather it was the County's responsibility to keep track by some accurate method and reporting would go up the chain to the Feds only.


That sound you hear is the steam coming out of Mike's ears...

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