Douglas County is one of two counties in the state that will remain at the “extreme risk” level for the next two-week period, beginning Friday.

The county had 273 new cases over the previous two weeks, or 243 per 100,000. That’s well above the 200 cases per 100,000 population limit.

Coos County is the other county at extreme risk. Many counties across the state have moved in the opposite direction. Benton, Jefferson and Josephine counties dropped from the extreme category, the highest of four categories, down to the high risk level.

Currently, 13 counties are at lower risk, 12 at moderate risk and nine at high risk.

“We are largely seeing case rates decline across the state, with the most counties in the Lower Risk level since the framework was introduced in November,” Gov. Kate Brown said in a press release Tuesday.

“This should serve as a reminder that when we follow the health and safety measures we know work against this virus, we can truly make a difference in infection spread. But, we still have more work to do before we reach the level of community-wide protection we need in order to return to a sense of normalcy,” she said.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 13 new cases Tuesday.

Douglas County and the Douglas Public Health Network are organizing a mass drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic to be held Saturday for county residents 65 and older.

Additional information will be available online Wednesday afternoon at

Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available.

Appointments are required to participate.

Seniors can contact their regular healthcare providers to seek appointments to receive a vaccination. Seniors whose providers aren’t offering shots are being encouraged by health officials to seek referrals or reach out to their regular pharmacy.

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Having states with a mask mandate and other states without a mask mandate is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool. Eventually everyone in the pool is affected.

st paddy



1,206 Douglas County businesses with 16,294 employees received $158 million from the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Below is a summary of how the money was distributed per the U.S. Department of Treasury (below link)

-------------------# of Cos----Employees------Total-----------$/Emp

$5M - $10M----------1-----------500-------$10,000,000-----20,000

$2M - $5M----------10---------1,911 $25,992,603------13,602

$1M - $2M----------16---------1,722 $22,702,622------13,184

$350K - $1M--------59---------3,390 $35,264,847------10,403

$150K - $350K------95---------2,818-----$26,128,617--------9,272

0$ - $150K---------1,025-------5,953 $37,908,484--------6,368



I made the following observations while reviewing the data.

1. Despite claims PPP was created to help small businesses, it appears large businesses with the most employees tended to receive the most money and the most money per employee.

2. Many businesses received more than $40,000 per employee and many received less than $500 per employee.

3. In excess of 27 Douglas County real estate agents received an average of $10,255 per agent.

4. A total of 116 Douglas County businesses listed as sole proprietor, self-employed or independent contractor with 1 employee received an average of $10,262.

5. 97 Douglas County businesses applied for PPP money more than once.

6. Multiple different businesses that received PPP money claimed the same business address. The most was five businesses in Myrtle creek all using the same business address received a total of $1.55 million.

7. Five businesses related to Senator Dallas Heard received $264,718 for 19 employees.

8. County Commissioner Chris Boice’s business received $144,200 for 17 employees.


And, oh: Alaska is now vaccinating people over 16.


In addition to those people not wearing masks, how many others with the opportunity to get a vaccine are either "on the fence" about getting it or downright refusing? Now that vaccines are becoming more available, school, healthcare and senior homes should not have many new cases unless people are refusing to get vaccinated.




Check out the 39 year old woman from Utah that died after the second dose that no one is talking about.......


Obviously it WAS reported. Think of all the THOUSANDS of people who have had the vaccine with no side effects of all. Think of all the THOUSANDS of people who are now protected. The number of people who have died after the vaccine is EXTREMELY small.


The shot is not a vaccine


I hope all the business people who have joined the group Citizens Against Tyranny wake up and realize that it is they, and their fellow anti-maskers, that have shot themselves and all the rest of us in the foot.



st paddy

they be too stupid


[lol] It just takes some longer to figure it out, especially when they're still wound around their wheel believing big lies from a big criminal. It just must be more important to maintain the struggle than wear a little mask. A tiny, little mask.



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