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A Douglas County infant has died from COVID-19 complications, according to the Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team.

The infant reportedly was diagnosed with COVID-19-related symptoms on Aug. 20 and died Monday. The child was one of 13 deaths listed in the recovery team’s Wednesday report.

“The significant number of deaths over the past month have been so incredibly tragic and heartbreaking,” Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said. “While we have chosen to not provide detailed case information out of respect for the privacy of those that have passed and their families, as well as our ethical responsibility to follow all medical and HIPAA records laws, we can say that some of those who died were perfectly well before they contracted COVID and died.

“Some were like the rest of us, living with some to several underlying conditions such as obesity, mental health issues, smoking, diabetes, cancer or heart disease. We thoroughly investigate all deaths, and review all medical records to make sure that everyone meets the requirements for a COVID-related death as per the Oregon Investigative Guidelines,” Dannenhoffer said. “But, more important than all of that is the fact that they were all someone’s family, someone’s friends and our neighbors, who all died too soon.”

Recovery team spokesperson Tamara Howell said that the team works to fully investigate every death which may have a connection to COVID-19.

“We have rejected a number of these cases,” said Howell, adding that the child had other health complications. “We don’t take this lightly.”

Due to privacy reasons, the Douglas Public Health Network and the county’s COVID-19 Recovery Team choose not to provide any additional information about the death of a Douglas County resident who dies where the coronavirus may have been a contributing factor.

The only items reported are the patient’s age and sex, when they were diagnosed, when they died, and their vaccination status. No names have ever been released unless the family themselves made that information public.

Of the 13 deaths reported Wednesday, ranging in age from an infant to 96 years old, nine were not vaccinated against the coronavirus, and two were partially vaccinated. Only one, a 73-year-old woman who died Saturday, was fully vaccinated.

After back-to-back days of double-digit positive and presumptive cases of COVID-19, the county reported another spike Wednesday with 151 total cases, after having just 56 cases Tuesday and 77 reported Monday.

There were 105 county residents hospitalized for treatment against the coronavirus, 70 locally and 35 out of the area. At CHI Mercy Medical Center, 16 COVID-19-positive patients were in the intensive care unit and 13 were in the hospital’s progressive care unit. Twenty-four patients required the use of ventilators for breathing, while another nine were receiving non-invasive breathing support.

The Oregon Health Authority Tuesday announced 5,821 confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases from Sept. 3-6, with 54 deaths. There have been 3,326 deaths of Oregon residents related to the coronavirus.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Cops and Courts Reporter

Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(30) comments


Thank you, mike, for caring about our community and forall the reporting you do. Reading your comments is how helps me to review the facts and stay current[wink]


Utah Doctor Says Children's Hospitals 'Filled to the Brim' as Pediatric COVID Cases Rise.


Oregon's COVID-19 Weekly Outbreak Report shows 182 active COVID-19 outbreaks in senior living communities. 13 of those retirement homes are in Douglas County. Gonna need more refrigeration trucks.


Los Angeles school board, the 2nd largest school district in the U.S., voted to mandate Covid-19 vaccine for students 12 and over.


1. 20% of all of the U.S. childhood Covid cases have died in the last three weeks.

2. Over a thousand schools in 35 states are closed because of COVID—closed, not just trying to deal with it.

3. Only 32% of U.S. kids, 12 to 17, are vaccinated, inviting challenges in junior high and high schools, as well if they bring it home to other siblings.


North Carolina health officials in panic mode after half of state’s middle and high school COVID-19 clusters are traced back to sports.


It would be helpful if the News Review would print the relationship of fully vaccinated people to 1) total cases, 2) hospitalized cases, and 3) deaths. Some people have important decisions to make regarding vaccinations, and as usual, facts are important.


And where do you suggest the News-Review get that information?


168 new Covid cases and 1 MORE DEATH was reported in Douglas County today by the Oregon Health Authority (below link).

Douglas County remains the highest county in Oregon for per capita DEATHS and cases for the past 3 weeks. No other county is even close to having as many per capita deaths as Douglas County.

Oregon reported 2,414 new Covid Cases and 21 deaths today. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 9.1% today, compared to Douglas County’s 23.6% (rampant transmission).


The number of Douglas County residents seeking vaccination peaked two weeks ago and has been declining since according to the Oregon Health Authority. Listed below is the number of residents who received their first vaccine dose and the number who became fully vaccinated during the previous week.



August 4------------292----------568

August 11----------370----------740

August 18----------481----------1248

August 25-----------574---------1248

September 1-------581---------1084

September 8-------552----------854

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) tracks the vaccination status of each COUNTY in the United States, including VA Hospitals and Tribal sites, and reports on it daily (below link). According to the CDC, 51.3% of Douglas County’s total population has received their first dose of vaccine today and 44.4% are fully vaccinated.


According to the Oregon Health Authority (below link) the "infant boy" died at home and not at a hospital.

"Oregon’s 3,342nd death is an infant boy from Douglas County who tested positive on Aug. 20 and died on Sept. 6 at his residence."


My condolences to all the families and loved ones, but especially to the parents and family of the innocent one year old child. There is no greater loss than the passing of a child. This is unimaginable tragedy whether or not the child had a pre-existing condition.


What do you people expect the Commissioners to do to save lives? Lock everyone in their homes? Deny everyone access to grocery stores, gas stations, churches? If wearing masks, social distancing and quasi-lockdowns are not working, then what else is there?????


Commissioners could declare a state of emergency; mandate county employees and contractors be vaccinated or get frequent testing; reveal their own vaccination status and get vaccinated in public if they are currently not vaccinated; publicly condemn anti-vax misinformation promoted by Dallas Heard, Citizens against Tyranny and others; mandate vaccine passports in county buildings, county parks and boat ramps; close bars and restaurants to indoor dining; limit church and public gatherings to 5 people. You know, all the stuff other places in the U.S. are instituting to save lives.


What else? Vaccinations.

For a brief moment I wanted to believe that everyone I saw without a mask was vaccinated, but there is no way of knowing. So, we MUST now go back to precautions...masks (either medical exam or KN95 -- not shields), disinfectant and distancing. Doing something is better than doing nothing.


See Mike's reply right below your comment.


Child Covid-19 hospitalizations hit a record high as schools reopen.


Douglas County’s 8 Covid deaths yesterday set a new daily record. The previous record of 6 deaths was set on September 2. Douglas County has set or tied its daily death record 7 of the last 20 days.

What's it going to take for our County Commissioners to take some sort of action to save lives?


Douglas County again had the highest per capita cases and DEATHS of all counties in Oregon today according to the Oregon Health Authority. Douglas County has led all Oregon Counties for 3 consecutive weeks.

What's it going to take for our County Commissioners to take some sort of action to save lives?


Terrible news on all fronts; some tragic. It is unfortunate that Douglas County does not publish the number of tests conducted, positives and negatives, and the dates. We are not flying blind, but our vision is not up to pilot-standards.

Pregnant women are at increased risk of serious disease and mortality from Covid. Ditto from influenza. Mothers who nurse pass along antibodies to their infants, even after they've passed antibodies along via the placenta.

I'm not trying to assign blame; I have no idea about details of this tragedy. But all of us should encourage everyone eligible to get fully vaccinated.


He did NOT die from Covid, what a crock news review did you even talk to family ? He was born with a disorder that prevents absorbtion of copper (nearly always fatal) Do Not try to add to Your statistics by dragging This family Down


I can almost hear your anguish rebeccalynne. But the News Review merely reported what was given to them by the Douglas Health Network.

Also, there are often several factors that contribute to a person's death. A final death certificate may read something like this, as an example:

Cause of death: respiratory failure

Contributing factor: drowning

Caused by: cerebral hemorrhage.

Which is to say that the baby's copper disorder may be listed as a contributing factor as opposed to the ultimate cause of death.

I don't think anyone with a soul would want to drag this family down.


How is the News-Review supposed to talk to the family when DPHN chooses to keep all information including the names secret?

I'm assuming you are referring to Wilson's Disease, which causes copper to accumulate in your liver, brain and other vital organs. According to the Mayo Clinic (below link), Wilson's disease is treatable, and many people with the disorder live normal lives.


Well, if rebeccalynne meant Wilson's, she's got the nature of the disease precisely bassackwards.


It's more likely that it was Menke's disease, which has a very short life expectancy.


Menkes Disease for All you Dr.'s that know it all


You appear from your two comments to be upset at the questioning public. If so, you have only yourself to blame for providing such scant information without expecting the rest of the world to ask questions.

The death of an infant is indeed horrible and I feel for the family's loss. However, there are other families out there who have believed the misinformation spewed by many of our local doctors and are now wondering whether their children are also in harms way. I'm OK with you calling me a "Dr. that knows it all," as long as it prevents another child from dying. Too bad you're not thinking that way.


The Oregon Health Authority publishes the number of Douglas County tests conducted, positives and negatives daily per the below link.


Oregon's 7-day positive test rate is 9.0% today. Douglas County's is 26.6%.


Mike, thanks!

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