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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization officially announced the SARS-CoV-2 virus as a worldwide pandemic.

As the initial spike in positive COVID-19 cases waned, many states — including Oregon — began lifting restrictions pertaining to business occupancy and public gatherings.

Those restrictions appear to be coming back with the spike of cases in Oregon, including Douglas County.

In the past two months, a mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, better known as the delta variant, has been suspected of causing a massive uptick in positive COVID-19 tests, hospitalizations and deaths across the United States and the world.

“This delta variant spread like wildfire,” Douglas Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said.

Recovery team spokesperson Tamara Howell confirmed Tuesday that there were 129 new confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and 10 presumptive positives. Forty-two county residents were hospitalized due to the illness, including 37 locally, four out of the area and one who needed to be transported out of the state.

Of those hospitalized locally, 33 were reportedly unvaccinated, according to Dannenhoffer.

Additionally, the Douglas Public Health Network is monitoring 893 patients who are in isolation with positive tests, as well as 441 potential contacts in quarantine. For perspective, there were 452 Douglas County residents in isolation as of Aug. 1.

Dannenhoffer said the current spike in positive and presumptive positive COVID-19 cases in Douglas County has basically sent the county back to the starting line. Less than six weeks after transitioning the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team to the recovery team, there are talks to reassemble among the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

“This is a far worse time than we’ve been before,” Dannenhoffer said. “Two weeks ago, the most cases we had were 41, with 21 people in the hospital. We’re clearly seeing far more deaths.”

Douglas County had lost 95 residents to the coronavirus as of Monday.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced that new masking mandates could be coming as early as Wednesday.

“Oregon is facing a spike in COVID-19 hospitalizations — consisting overwhelmingly of unvaccinated individuals — that is quickly exceeding the darkest days of our winter surge,” Brown said in a statement. “When our hospitals are full, there will be no room for additional patients needing care, whether for COVID-19, a heart attack or stroke, a car collision, or a variety of other emergency situations. If our hospitals run out of staffed beds, all Oregonians will be at risk.

“After a year and a half of this pandemic, I know Oregonians are tired of health and safety restrictions,” Brown added. “This new mask requirement will not last forever, but it is a measure that can save lives right now.”

Vaccinations are available through Pfizer and Moderna, which are both a two-dose sequence, and the single-shot Johnson & Johnson. Those vaccines initially appeared to help curb the spread of COVID-19 and allowed people to return to their normal lives.

“The vaccines were never meant to be a cure-all, but rather a preventative measure,” Howell said.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 5,558 new positive and presumptive cases in its reports released Monday and Tuesday, including 23 deaths.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(13) comments



Remember that group of businesses led by Senator Dallas Heard that doxxes old ladies in blood and demands elected leaders commit their support or risk recall. This is the same group that Senator Heard announced in 2020 he was donating his 2000 Dodge Viper GTS to be raffled off as a fund raiser. Guess what. The Viper has not been raffled off yet. In fact, the Viper is regularly being showcased at supporting businesses in hopes of selling more raffle tickets before a drawing is held. It appears there is no set date when the raffle will be held.

I think is important is for people to know who these businesses are that support Citizen Against Tyranny in their fundraising efforts and decide if these are businesses they wish to patronize. This information can be found on Citizens Against Tyranny’s website calendar (below link). The Below businesses ARE supporters of Citizens Against Tyranny:

Backside Brewery

Lookingglass Brewery

Tommy’s All-American Burgers

Beast Burgers in Glide

Rolling Thunder BBQ

Louie’s Redneck Dawgs

Two-Shy Brewery


Kids with Covid-19 are swamping children’s hospitals as schools reopen.


ANOTHER RECORD BREAKING 161 new coronavirus cases and 3 MORE deaths were reported in Douglas County today by the County Commissioners Covid Record Breaking Team. This follows 139 cases reported yesterday which also breaks the previous record set the day before. The record for daily cases has been broken 8 of the last 16 days as cases and deaths continue to surge.

Douglas County has reported a mind boggling 723 new Covid Cases over the past 7-days. Yet, our County Commissioners appear willing to let people die rather than impose actions that could save lives. Fortunately the Governor has relinquished control from our do-nothing County Commissioners and is taking actions to save lives.

The Commissioners Recovery Team reported 1,100 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 980.0 today for Douglas County, which is astronomically higher than the maximum case rate of 200 previously required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open. These are AGAIN all new records.

The Commissioners Recovery Team reported 1,100 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 4,815 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 1,100 cases by 4,815 test results gives Douglas County a RECORD 14-day positive test rate of 22.9% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported a RECORD 736 new coronavirus cases and 4 deaths today. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported a RECORD 3,631 new cases and 20 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 1,957 new coronavirus cases and 8 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 7.9% today.

There are 105 ICU beds available throughout Oregon today according to the Oregon Health Authority. There currently are a RECORD 82 Oregonians on ventilators.

The Oregon Health Authority also tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported there are 5 ICU beds and 80 non-ICU beds available in Region 3 today. A RECORD 114 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. 27 are in ICU. 8 are on ventilators. 352 new coronavirus cases were reported in Region 3 today.


Douglas County had 12 Covid deaths in the last 13 days. Meanwhile, our County Commissioners, who demanded and received Covid restriction control from the Governor, have done NOTHING different to minimize the deaths.


According to OHSU Douglas County had more new cases today than Mulnomah Washington Cackamas amd Lane.

Congrats to all of those who had a great time at the superspreader county fair.


According to the OHA (below link), Douglas County reported the 2nd most cases in Oregon, followed only by Jackson County which reported 247 cases.


On a positive note: today's awful numbers will look good in about two weeks.

(I hope I am wrong. I hope that Wretched and Willie and Scomo, et al, are all back here then, reasserting that it's all a hoax, no worse than the flu, and so on, and that all of us are alive and well. Marking my calendar for August 25th.)


4 Douglas County residents dead over the past two days from Covid, not included in the RECORD BREAKING 48 residents currently hospitalized. And STILL our County Commissioners do NOTHING different to reduce future deaths. Since the Commissioners are an utter failure at protecting lives, hopefully the Governor will step in.


She did step in. And in her press appearance she talked about how she had hoped that in passing responsibility down to the counties that the counties would act appropriately in the interest of the health of their communities. She said that because they failed to show leadership that she had little choice but to take back control.

The problem is twofold- they are running out of hospital and ICU beds and medical staff has passed their limit. And the trend is worsening.


For almost a year our County Commissioners angrily demanded control of coronavirus restrictions from the Governor, claiming they knew what worked best for Douglas County. The Governor gave them exactly what they demanded and they did absolutely nothing. Our County Commissioners were a dismal failure as leaders. It's fortunate we all have Governor Brown who actually cares about people's lives. She's the only one with the gonads to take the political hit for doing what's right.


From the commissioners' Covid Recovery report today. I just want to say that if this is recovery then I've lost my ability to understand the English language. C'mon, commissioners, get honest and face reality. We're in dire shape.

As of 12:00 pm today, Wednesday, August 11, 2021, there are ONE HUNDRED FIFTY (150) people with new positive test results ELEVEN (11) new presumptives and TWO (2) deaths to report, bringing the total number of cases of people with positive test results and presumptives in Douglas County to 5,523*. Currently, there are FORTY-EIGHT (48) Douglas County COVID-19 patients that are being hospitalized, forty-three locally and five out-of-the-area, including one that had to be transferred out of the state for specialized care not available here.


And as I drove by Fred Meyer on Garden Valley a little while ago, there were at least 100 people including children, packed close together, carrying signs protesting the wearing of masks. I would like to say UNBELIEVABLE, but as we all know, in West Appalachia it is unfortunately all too believable!


A Repost - This from Yahoo's newsfeed today- Out of Medford:

News isn't good about the variants the unvaccinated are causing. " "The Lambda variant is known to be more resistant to neutralizing antibodies compared to other strains, and there's some evidence to suggest that it could be more infectious and resistant to vaccines." sources: -- and,

Variants may very well cause the need for booster vaccines:

On the "not really a positive note" is:

Those stuck in their political conviction vs. death virus seem very willing to pass this virus around just enough to insure massive death - I wonder how they feel their precious "open for business" priority worked when there's no longer any businesses operating due to death. It won't take that long before the big thinkers are wondering, where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

There's more. Let's all get dementia from Covid: ons.

Don Winslow has a special message for Republicans:

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