State Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Winston, is calling out Democrats for what he said is a lack of transparency about next week’s legislative special session on police reform and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Wow Dallas, you lying sack. I read them online. Do your job.


Laziness, whining, and ignorance are not bugs; they are features. I foresee a bright future for Dallas in the Republican Party. I do hope it's not anywhere near Oregon, though. The White House has openings, all the time (offer expires Jan 20, 2021).


All Heard does is snivel, whine and complain about Democrats. That's it. I've never seen him do anything productive, just like Lief. They can't brag about their accomplishments, because they don't have any. They had their chance, they did nothing, they need replaced.


It is posted online...Dallas is almost proud of his lack of technology use...

And THAT results in poor representation. .


Ahh, the same Heard who did not show up to legislature for cap and trade voting because of his and his parties interests. We as voters vote these people in to represent the common people, which many are on board to make the planet a better place. We people also will be voting this guy out due to his inactions.

Nobody should follow Party Lines when it does not make sense. Maybe Heard should revisit the definition of Hypocrisy.

Mike Ruehle for Commissioner

It's a two way street.


I agree it's time to vote this idiot out of office. This November vote for someone who cares about the health and well being of their constituents, Vote for Kat Stone !


And what would you suggest? Show up at the Salem Swamp meeting without any preparation or knowledge regarding what was to be voted on? Is this going to be another "vote for it, but don't read it" moment that only affects the common man because we have exceptions to take care of us? When was the last time you bought a car without looking at it first?

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