State Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Myrtle Creek, speaks during a rally at the Douglas County Courthouse in August 2020.

Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Myrtle Creek, is back to work and voting “no” on everything after recovering from COVID-19.

He said he had a low intensity case and his worst symptom was mental fog.

Heard said his father and brother had symptoms a few days before he did. He first starting feeling bad on the April 23.

When his brother tested positive for the virus on April 26, Heard filed paperwork with the state.

“Since I had been around my dad a lot I decided to file the paperwork that I’d likely been exposed to someone with COVID and that I would be staying home for the required two weeks to make sure that I didn’t expose anyone else,” Heard said.

Before his brother received test results, Heard said he had thought maybe he had the flu.

“I feel physically awful all the time anyway because I work so much and people just attack me endlessly, and my life is a living nightmare,” he said.

He watched the committee meetings virtually, but said he had trouble staying awake.

He said his symptoms were relatively mild and lasted about 12 days.

In the end, the illness was partly a blessing.

“It gave me an opportunity to kind of rest,” he said.

His brother was hospitalized when he grew too weak to walk. His father had a terrible cough and they kept an eye on his oxygen levels, but both have recovered.

Heard said he returned to work on Monday.

“I just stayed away from everybody. I kept my mask on and stayed up in the gallery,” he said.

Heard said getting sick with COVID-19 hasn’t changed his views on how the pandemic should be handled.

He has been an outspoken critic of the governor’s COVID-19 safety mandates. He objected so strongly to the Legislature doing its business in a closed Capitol building that he removed his mask on the Senate floor in protest on Dec. 21.

Nevertheless, Heard said he wears masks at private gatherings where participants want him to.

“I was one of the first people to publicly call for people to wear masks, but I always stated it from the position of freedom of choice,” he said.

He said the governor and Democrats who hold the power in Salem have instead chosen “the fascist route,” of forcing others to do what they want.

“That’s evil, the end,” he said.

Heard said he continues to vote “no” on every bill in protest of the building being closed to the public.

He said everyone working in the building who wants to be vaccinated has been.

Heard himself has not been vaccinated.

He said that’s due to concern that there could be long term effects from the vaccine, as well as a desire to allow all the seniors who want the vaccine to get their chance before him.

Heard believes he’s fully or partially immune now that he’s had the illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people get vaccinated even if they previously had COVID-19.

“I’ve gotten the virus, I’ve weathered it, and now I’m going to have antibodies that give me a robust level of immunity,” Heard said.

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(19) comments


News Flash Dallas . . . your mental fog is not COVID related . .. you've had that condition way before the pandemic.


"people just attack me endlessly, and my life is a living nightmare"

This is what GQP people do. They attack little old ladies, and when there is justifiable push-back against their uncivil behavior, they play the role of the victim.

Gee Dallas, if it's that bad, maybe you should resign. There would be no loss for Douglas County since you don't do anything productive in the legislature.


Hopefully Douglas County voters will reach out and help poor Dallas to recover from his sad and difficult life by voting him out of office


It's nice to see such compassionate people commenting here....


Sometimes people earn what they get. This is one of those times.


Dallas Heard: You said getting sick with COVID-19 hasn’t changed your views on how the pandemic should be handled. You mean you haven't changed your Political views on your original stance on how our Dem Governor handled the pandemic. And how many people in our County have died from this again? Do you even check the statistics? Is it really the truth that you're voting No on every bill? You're actually saying that your One-Man Protest of not participating in the legislative process is because the State Capitol is closed against a deadly virus? You can't see how selfish and completely incompetent it is for you to decide to not participate in the function that you're elected to do. Your way or everyone else can take the highway.

“I was one of the first people to publicly call for people to wear masks” Sure, but only if they want to and with plenty of other diatribe of misguided political beliefs. Which is why you ripped your mask off on the State Senate floor. Which is why you proselytized to church congregations about how their freedom to become infected with a deadly virus was more about a political right to ignore closures and safety rules? Your political choices were preached and what were heard, people listened not to your knowledge of a deadly virus, but to your arrogance toward Democracy and living decently among the decent.

You use the word Fascist very easily, Dallas. Fascism is a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts Nation with severe economic and social regimentation and forcibly suppresses any opposition. Fascism is a government headed by a Dictator. If you're politically standing with the previous administration, your movement is toward that Dictatorship. “That’s evil” Yes Dallas, that is an apt description of what you're doing.

So you refuse vaccination, due to thinking about the long term effects of it. Well just wait till the Long-hauler symptoms from the virus show up. You said you had brain fog but don't know that it means the virus moved into your brain and you don't know yet how that damage will affect your mental capacity in the months to come. How about your Dad and Brother whose symptoms were breathing, and you all were exhausted. The virus affected your family's lungs, heart and brain, and none of you know how much damage was done or if it's continuing to cause damage. Don't blame a life-saving vaccination because your knowledge of this virus is minuscule compared to your arrogant political convictions. You are not safe regardless of antibodies your body has built up and neither is anyone else who stands close to you. Stop blaming vaccinations and stop trying to convince people of what you know nothing about.

If you feel physically awful all the time anyway because you work two jobs instead of the one your constituents elected you to do, and people attack you endlessly for your immature and mistaken priorities of not doing that Legislative Job, anyone would feel their life is a living nightmare. The real question Dallas is do you know the difference between right and wrong, the difference between Autocratic Dictatorship and Democracy. I believe you know exactly why you're miserable. It's plain to the majority of us in Douglas County - you're misguided, arrogant and in no way humble to being a Civil Servant Of The People?


Though unreported by our County Commissioners daily coronavirus press release, Douglas County suffered its 71st coronavirus death yesterday according to the Oregon Health Authority.


There seems to be mounting evidence that all the vaccination brands are proving to have value for people who caught the virus and survived. It appears that survivors with lingering symptoms, sometimes called the "Long Haulers" are able to shake anything remaining IF they simply get the vaccine. Good enough reason for me.

Vaccines, especially those for COVID, are modern miracles, and I'll be blunt: You are being stupid if you refuse to get it. I know people who died hoping it would come before they got the chance to help themselves or see others helped.


You are writing to a man, our elected Senator, whose entire family contracted a dangerous pandemic disease after he refused to follow very simple safety recommendations in order to further his twisted political beliefs. There never was a question of his stupidity.


Turns out the idea of 'enemies seen and unseen' is a standard prayer of some religions. It's straight from the Bible. I didn't now that when Dallas first said it and I thought he was losing it. I backed off. But, nope, he was just speaking the lingo of his church. Now, with his awful life, he seems to be comparing himself to Job.

Job was beset with an awful life for no good reason. After much suffering, God rewarded him for remaining steadfast in his faith.

There really are good reasons why Dallas has been beset by people who didn't vote for him and by saner members of the GOP. If he feels terrible every day and if his life is awful, I strongly suggest he clean up his act. He's no Job. He's more like the Joker, spreading chaos just for the power and fun of it.

Despite all that, I hope he and his family recover from covid without long-haul symptoms. Don't wish illness on anyone.

But if he were Job-like, he would have caught it while wearing a mask, socially distancing, and urging his constituents to do the same. Because Job didn't do anything wrong. Dallas can't say the same.


For a man that likes to use bible verses to justify his actions and behaviors, he always seems to conveniently forget about verses that would condemn his behaviors. "Thou shall not lie" comes to mind here.

As Mike pointed out, he now seems to portray himself as someone that was deeply concerned about the virus and following mandates since day 1, when obviously that was the opposite of how he really was.


I have to laugh and shake my head in disbelief with regards to Dallas Heard’s stupid crybaby statement “ I feel physically awful all the time anyway because I work so much and people just attack me endlessly, and my life is a living nightmare”. This guy LOVES the limelight and if it really bothers him then as the saying goes “can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”. He is rather loathsome.


Dallas Heard, "I feel physically awful all the time anyway because I work so much and people just attack me endlessly, and my life is a living nightmare."

Perhaps he isn't up to the job.

He needs to be replaced if the job is too hard for him.


smedleyb: agreed. Dallas Heard has verbalized that he is beset on all sides by "enemies seen and unseen."

This is the GQP's mess, and it's up to them to clean it up. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to do so. Birds/feather/flock.

Douglas County and Dallas Heard would benefit. And if Heard devotes all his attention to the Republican Party, all of us will ultimately benefit.


We had a county commissioner years ago that voted NO on everything. He even had a red inked rubber NO stamp. He was a barber from Canyonville. It isn't an act of defiance, it's sheer laziness and lack of intellect. Heard doesn't have to think, doesn't have to learn, doesn't have to do anything. And voters here just adore and admire him for "sticking it to the libs", not for actually working. The name calling and foul mouth are a bonus, and are sure to get him re-elected.


"... [H]is worst symptom was mental fog."

How could he tell?




According to Senator Dallas Heard, "I feel physically awful all the time anyway because I work so much and people just attack me endlessly, and my life is a living nightmare."

Please think again and consider this if you even BEGIN to feel sorry for a sniveling Senator Heard:

1. Senator Heard’s business address has so far received $302,963 of federal coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program money for the four businesses he claimed.


2. Senator Heard claims his Legislative salary of $23,568 a year plus $24,000 per diem, free health care and PERS retirement program is minimum wage.


3. The 40 acre 6,642 square foot home address of Senator Dallas Heard is listed on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website. It was purchased in 2016. On February 3, 2021, Senator Heard listed his home for sale for $1.65 million.


If Senator Heard’s life is a living nightmare, how does he describe the lives of everyday working Oregonians with families who don't own their own homes and are living paycheck to paycheck? Or does he not see that far down his nose?


According to Dallas Heard, "I was one of the first people to publicly call for people to wear masks, but I always stated it from the position of freedom of choice," he said.

Senator Heard is attempting to rewrite his own personal anti-mask history and actions. Senator Heard led an anti-mask rally (below link) with Commissioner Boice nearly a year ago at the County Courthouse on August 24, 2020.


Don't forget December 21, 2020 when Senator Heard ripped off his mask on the senate floor (below link) to protest mask mandates, claiming he did it because the Lord wanted him to do it. When asked about the risk of spreading COVID-19 if a legislator removes a mask, Heard said that’s not relevant, people who are afraid of COVID-19 should stay in their own homes.


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