Douglas County’s seniors will be able to receive vaccinations through more than 40 local vaccine providers, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team announced Friday afternoon.

Beginning Monday, seniors 80 and older are eligible to receive vaccines.

If you are in that age group, your next step is to contact a health care provider on the list of vaccinators and set up an appointment. The locations will include doctor’s offices, health care clinics, pharmacies, emergency medical providers and even dentist’s offices.

The providers signing on to deliver vaccines are in locations across the county, from Glendale to Drain to Reedsport.

All vaccinations will be at scheduled appointments only. Medical and urgent care clinics will not be offering walk-in appointments.

If you do not have a primary care doctor or your doctor isn’t offering the vaccines, you can contact your pharmacy to set up an appointment. Or you can contact another clinic that has agreed to provide vaccines.

Most seniors will receive the Moderna vaccine, with a second dose expected about four weeks after the first. Insurance will be billed for the administration of the vaccine, but the vaccine itself is free and provided by the federal government.

“We think vaccines are our way out of this pandemic. The public health measures that we’re using of mask wearing and social distancing certainly can help, but we do not think they are enough to get us out of the pandemic by themselves,” Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said in a Facebook Live question and answer session Friday.

Currently, the county does not have enough vaccines to supply all the vaccinators who have signed up to give the vaccine, so some seniors will face delays obtaining their shots. There are about 7,200 seniors in Douglas County who are 80 or older, but the county expects to receive just 700 vaccines next week.

In a press conference Friday, Gov. Kate Brown said the Biden administration has assured Oregon it will receive a 20% boost in the amount of vaccines it’s receiving, beginning next week. The extra allocation will be made up of Moderna vaccines.

Brown said that will enable the state to give a vaccination to 75% of all eligible people by April, including those who are currently eligible as well as the seniors who become eligible in stages over the next month. Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen said second doses should then be completed by May.

Brown also said counties like Douglas County, which had not previously had enough vaccines for those who want them, will receive additional allocations.

Still, the governor predicted that vaccine delivery to seniors would be a bit chaotic at first.

Each county’s Local Public Health Authority has laid out its own plans for where local seniors can access the shots. Many Douglas County seniors will be able to access vaccinations at private doctors’ clinics, but that’s not the case in most counties, many of which plan to rely on mass vaccination clinics that Dannenhoffer said are not a good idea for older people.

In addition to seniors, inmates in state prisons and county jails are also receiving vaccinations. Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled Oregon must offer vaccinations to prison inmates immediately, and ahead of senior citizens. The state decided not to challenge the decision but has said it won’t affect the timeline for vaccinating seniors.

Seniors 75 and over will become eligible Feb. 15. Seniors 70 and older become eligible Feb. 22. Seniors 65 and older become eligible March 1.

All Douglas County residents who have died of COVID-19 were 60 or older, as were most who were hospitalized, Dannenhoffer said.

“Seniors have really had a terrible time with this,” he said.

The Roseburg VA Medical Center is offering vaccines to seniors. Contact your healthcare provider at the VA to set up an appointment. For more information, call the VA at 541-440-1000.

Eligible seniors with questions about the vaccine can call 541-464-6550 after 8 a.m. Monday.

Questions can also be asked at Dannenhoffer’s Facebook Live question and answer sessions. They are offered 6 p.m. Tuesdays and 4 p.m. Fridays on the Douglas Public Health Network Facebook page.

Dannenhoffer will also be on KQEN Radio, AM 1240 at 12:30 p.m. Monday for people to call in with vaccine questions.

Following is a list of providers signed on to deliver vaccines to seniors.

• Aviva Health in Glide, Myrtle Creek, Roseburg and Sutherlin, as well as Aviva Health's North County Health Clinic in Drain

• Evergreen Family Medicine, including the main clinic in Roseburg, the Harvard campus clinic and Evergreen Family Medicine South in Myrtle Creek

• Douglas County Fire District No. 2 in Roseburg

• Lower Umpqua Hospital in Reedsport

• Angela Jones, Umpqua Valley Internists in Roseburg

• Glendale Ambulance District

• SouthRiver Community Health Center in Winston

• Canyonville Health and Urgent Care

• Family Tree Medical Clinic in Roseburg

• Fred Meyer Pharmacy in Roseburg

• Gerald A. Jaworski in Roseburg

• Valley Ridge Family Medicine in Roseburg

• Gordon's Pharmacy in Canyonville

• Bi-Mart Pharmacies in Roseburg, Sutherlin and Winston

• Excellence in Womens Health Care in Roseburg

• KIDSDOCS PC in Roseburg

• North River Pediatrics PC in Roseburg

• One Peak Medical Clinic in Roseburg

• Steelhead Oncology in Roseburg

• Two Rivers Integrative Medicine in Roseburg

• Umpqua Health, Newton Creek in Roseburg

• Current Orthodontics in Roseburg

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(39) comments


Why prisoners, they aren't allowed visitors in the first place. Just vaccinate the people who work in the prisons who go home and come back. Why should Seniors suffer because of this. Seniors have to go out to get groceries, Dr.s appts., etc. it is stupid to waste the vaccine on prisoners. Just take temp checks, that should be sufficient. Let them eat in shifts, sleep in shifts and play in shifts for social distancing.


People who are vaccinated still carry the virus. They just don't get sick from it. So giving the vaccine to staff and support staff at the jail doesn't mean the inmates won't get the virus from staff.


Douglas County’s 49th coronavirus DEATH went unreported in today’s press release from our County Commissioners. However, it was reported by the Oregon Health Authority and the Veteran’s Association which reported the 7th death for Roseburg VA. The exact description by the OHA (below link) is:

Oregon’s 2,015th COVID-19 death is a 76-year-old woman in Douglas County who tested positive on Dec. 28 and died on Jan. 19 at her residence. She had underlying conditions.


Why was she allowed to stay at home to die. Why wasn't she in the hospital if she had covid?


As one fine fellow educated me, its possible a person's residence may be their nursing home. Too bad the county and state can't be more transparent. Makes some want to join a domestic terrorist organization.

st paddy

having free will, maybe she wanted to stay home and not go to a hospital. as dorothy once said, there's no place like home.


Today marks day 51 since Douglas County received its first 1,595 doses of coronavirus vaccine on December 16. Today also marks the first day Douglas County Commissioners have FINALLY provided the comprehensive vaccine information in their daily press releases (below link) that leadership in sooo many other Counties provided a month and a half ago.

Even though 1,595 doses of vaccine were delivered to Douglas County on DECEMBER 16, the County Commissioners daily press releases said every day until JANUARY 13, “We ask that you not call us” about vaccine questions, and instead referred residents to contact the Oregon Health Authority. If you were like me and contacted the OHA with questions, you were told to contact the Douglas County Public Health Network which is overseen by our County Commissioners.

It wasn’t until a month after receiving the first 1,595 vaccine doses that our County Commissioners FINALLY took a step to save lives in Douglas County by providing an email address for county residents to ask vaccine questions. This is nearly a month after most Counties in Oregon had already begun coordinating and scheduling their healthcare workers and emergency responders for their vaccine shot. It then took Douglas County Commissioners two more weeks to FINALLY begin coordinating appointments and mass vaccinations, events most other counties had been doing for a month already.

Douglas County is the 2nd worst county in Oregon because our County Commissioners were negligent in their responsibility to protect the health and safety of Douglas County residents by waiting so long to FINALLY provide vaccination assistance to its residents. Because of our Commissioners woeful leadership, vaccine intended for Douglas County was routed to other counties better prepared to administer the vaccine they received. Douglas County is significantly behind in vaccinating its residents because of our Commissioners negligence which is likely to result in additional loss of lives, a tragedy what was so preventable with better leadership.

st paddy

the county commissioners were flummoxed over losing their fuhrer trump


Unfortunately people just don't seem to be incensed about this lack of leadership and epic failure. Someone wrote in response to this news article that their 80+ year-old relative couldn't get a vaccine appointment until March. Nobody in that age group should have to wait. And when is getting an anticipated ~700 vaccines from the state next week an acceptable number? I guess it's better than nothing, but it really highlights the inequities we face in Douglas County. I see it as a top-to-bottom failure in our state government.


What the Commissioners said is DPHN (not Douglas County) is anticipating only receiving 700 doses next week. That doesn't mean pharmacies, hospitals and Native American facilities in Douglas County won't be receiving doses of vaccine as they have all along. After all, why would the state want to send a bunch of vaccine to our County Commissioners when they've showed such horrible leadership from the beginning getting vaccine into people's arms.

Keep in mind it is Commissioners' agenda is to diminish the State and the Governor anyway they can, as they have done all along. With such an agenda, why would the state want to do any favors for Douglas County whose Commissioners whine and complain about the Governor any chance they get. Is that really what Douglas County wants from their elected officials?


The question Observer is how much vaccine has the state been given? It's a failure if they had plenty and were not given out. If they weren't available because they didn't come from the Feds, then that is a different story.


The CDC has supplied Oregon with 734,950 doses of vaccine. As of this morning, 532,449 dose have been put in Oregonian's arms. Oregon has 202,501 doses that have NOT been administered. Divided by 36 counties, that equates to each county having 5,625 doses sitting on their shelves waiting to be administered. That's close to the 6,485 Douglas County resident who have been administered the vaccine since the beginning.

All of this information is available on the Oregon Health Authority's website (News-Review spam filter won't let me publish the link) and the CDC's website (below link)


Some people are advocating that the USA follow the UK's example of giving as many people as possible the first dose and waiting to get vaccine for the second shot later. So far, the USA and Oregon have gone with the idea of giving people two shots in a timely manner. Oregon has said it is holding vaccine back from each shipment in order to have it on hand for the second shot. To me, having 200,000 doses on hand does not look like refusal or inability to distribute vaccine. It looks like holding vaccine for the second shot, as has been advertised.

I'm going to say this again about vaccine shortage, like howling into the wind -- Trump's Fault.


Is Oregon holding back half of the COVID-19 vaccine doses it receives to make sure people who got a first dose will get a second? On Jan. 22, Dave Baden who is coordinating the state’s unified response to the coronavirus, said during a Zoom news conference:

“Under our approach we expect all our vaccinators are reserving second doses for people who received their prime shot. Keep that in mind when you hear people say there are thousands of doses sitting on shelves in Oregon. We could provide more doses to more people in these populations if we allocated all of our 100,000 total doses each week in that way. But we don’t think that’s responsible until we get further direction from the CDC and the manufacturers to spend doses in that way."

Which led to a follow up question to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to ask if the state’s policy outlined by Baden is still in effect.

“No doses are being held back," wrote a spokeswoman with OHA. "If this is about second doses—we are allocating enough second doses to cover all first doses given out to vaccine providers currently. Second doses ship three weeks after first doses for Pfizer and ship four weeks after first doses for Moderna."

And that is why it is surprisingly difficult to answer the simple question of whether the Oregon Health Authority is requiring anyone to hold back vaccine doses. Gotta love the transparency. Clear as mud.


I wrote about my 80+ relative getting an appointment in March. Evergreen called and texted him early on the day the plan was released to get him to set-up the appointment. That was well-organized.

I want to give credit where credit is due. My relative was saying that he wondered who he should call and when to get an appointment and the phone buzzed. The clinic was calling him because they have his age in their records. They assured him they would be wearing masks, despite what the Drs. Powell might say.

Yes, we're unhappy that there is not enough available vaccine. We think Douglas County deserves an equitable share. While I do not like the way it has been handled, I place blame in one place only. It is a failure of the Trump administration and Donald Trump himself. He had the chance months ago to purchase another 100 million to 500 million doses of vaccine and he didn't act. He let it slip by.

There is not enough vaccine to go around because Donald Trump and his enablers fumbled this badly. If Trump had acted months ago, there would be enough vaccine now.

Chris Boice, Dallas Heard and Gary Leif get my scorn for their glorification of the refusal to abide by efforts to reduce transmission of the virus, including refusal to wear masks and grouping close together inside. But I don't even blame them for the lack of vaccine. I certainly don't blame Kate Brown. They cannot pull vaccine out of thin air.

Donald Trump refused to buy more vaccine when it was available. According to the New York Times: "The government was in July given the option to request 100 million to 500 million additional doses. But despite repeated warnings from Pfizer officials that demand could vastly outstrip supply and amid urges to pre-order more doses, the Trump administration turned down the offer..."

And while Trump was still president, the United States "declined to participate in a global initiative, called Covax, that is meant to make a vaccine available globally."

New York Times, Dec 7, 2020.

Donald Trump did this.


Do you still need to make it political? Let it go, tell us what your president is doing for COVID. Is your life so empty that you need to keep bashing President Trump?



Riviter, yep, it is political. Glad you noticed.


Rivieter, because Trump's negligence caused many of our issues. My president is currently trying to get covid relief passed in the senate to purchase more vaccine and pay for better delivery by the states, counties and cities. My president knew that letting the disease spread was a terrible idea in the beginning. Unfortunately, some mentally challenged people thought natural herd immunity was a good idea despite the millions who would die in the process. Does Dr. Scott Atlas ring a bell?


Last week at Dodger Stadium, demonstrators who previously staged anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests in the Los Angeles area disrupted a mass vaccination site that gives an average of 6,120 shots daily.

Not only are they protesting mask mandates and lock-downs are a loss of their personal rights, they are protesting other people should NOT have the RIGHT to decide for themselves to be vaccinated.


13 new coronavirus cases and 0 DEATHS were reported in today’s press release from the County Commissioners Coronavirus Task Force. This brings Douglas County totals to 1,967 cases and 48 deaths.

Roseburg Veteran Affairs reported 1 DEATH since yesterday, bringing Roseburg VA totals to 199 cases and 7 deaths. Roseburg VA administered 0 vaccine doses since yesterday, its total remaining at 1,447 doses administered. 33 veterans have received both doses of vaccine according to the VA National website link below.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 200 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 178.2 today for Douglas County, which is less than the maximum case rate of 200 required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open.


The Commissioners Response Team reported 200 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 3,607 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 200 cases by 3,607 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 5.5% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 343 new coronavirus cases and 5 deaths today. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 1,267 cases and 15 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 603 new coronavirus cases and 17 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 3.9% today.


Nothing has changed. Douglas County is still the 2nd to last county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. ONLY 6,485 of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents have been vaccinated since Douglas County. That is a mere 5.8% of Douglas County residents have been vaccinated which is nearly half the Oregon average of 9.5%.

Only Columbia County (4.6%) has vaccinated a lower percentage of their resident than Douglas County. Below is the percentage of residents vaccinated in each Oregon County today according to the Oregon Health Authority.







Hood River-----11.50
































Our County Commissioners CONTINUE to claim low supply of vaccine is the reason for Douglas County’s slow vaccine roll-out to its residents. If so, ask yourself why vaccine supply is NOT an issue for the rest of Oregon, with some counties having vaccinated five times higher percentage of their residents. Moreover, the CDC (below link) indicates 734,950 doses of vaccine have been delivered to Oregon, which makes Oregon the 10th highest state in the U.S. for vaccine delivered from the CDC. Oregon also now has enough to vaccinate 17.4% of all Oregon residents. But Only 532,449 doses have been administered to date. This means Oregon has 202,501 vaccine doses that have NOT been administered. That’s an average of 5,625 doses sitting on the shelf in EVERY Oregon County that have yet to be administered.


Which County District #2 Fire Station will be doling out the vaccine? None are actually located within Roseburg city limits to my knowledge. I live 2 miles away from the one at 6000 Garden Valley Rd.


I have the same question


I'd like to see the N-R do an article on how much vaccine each county has gotten from the state. I haven't been able to find that info on-line. Mike, if you have it, can you post it?

I'd like to see how many doses of vaccine each county has received per 100,000 population. And if possible, see it compared to the number of covid cases per 100,000 in each county.

For example, Douglas County has, according to the NYTimes as of today, 1,729 covid cases per thousand population. Umatilla County has 9,335 cases per hundred thousand. Jackson County has 3,458. Marion has 5.031. Multnomah has 3,747 cases per 100,000 population.

The counties that have a lower rate per hundred thousand than D.C. tend to be very rural or small, like Wheeler at 1,652 cases per thousand, Wallowa at 1,568, Curry at 1,470 and Tillamook at 1,417. Those counties are smaller than Douglas, with population from 1500 to 26,000.

Anyone who has read some of my posts over the months probably realizes that I don't have much trouble holding the county commissioners accountable, criticizing them or saying a few harsh words.

However, in this situation, I have no evidence, no reason to believe, that the Douglas County Commissioners, or DPHN, or Mercy or anyone else might somehow be responsible for the low vaccination rate here. The state has not,

to my knowledge, distributed vaccine equitably based on population. They have distributed more vaccine to hotspots and to large hospital networks. The boxes of vaccine are not supposed to be broken up into smaller lots, so if Wallowa gets several boxes of 200 doses they're going to be able to vaccinate a larger proportion of their eligible patients than a larger county that received the same allotment.

To me it makes sense that the state would have provided more vaccine to counties with a higher rate per thousand. I've also read that counties that had a hospital that was part of a large statewide network received more vaccine because the networks were able to plan the logistics of large vaccination events.

CHI Mercy has a large network, but not throughout Oregon. Most of their network is located in others states. They are the giant fish in the Douglas County pond, but not in the state pond.

If the N-R has better access to info, I'd like to hear about it and I'm sure other readers would too. IMO, the low vaccination rate in Douglas County is not related to anything hinky going on with DPHN or the commissioners. I think it comes down to our low covid rate per 100,000 population and the fact the Mercy does not have a large statewide network for planning and organizing mass vaccination events. But I could be wrong. I'd like to know.


The Oregon Health Authority initially reported how many vaccine doses were delivered to each county starting on December 16. They continued that reporting for one week before stopping and I haven’t seen it reported anywhere since then. It appears they stopped reporting vaccine distribution to the counties about the same time Oregon came under scrutiny for its slow vaccine roll-out.

The Oregon Health Authority currently breaks down the number of doses of both Pfizer and Moderna that are administered in each county every day. So far, there have been a total of 7,606 doses administered in Douglas County, 3,977 Pfizer and 3,629 Moderna.

The OHA reported 795 doses of Pfizer vaccine was delivered to Mercy Medical Center on December 16. According to the OHA, the total number of Pfizer doses administered in Douglas County did not exceed 795 doses until 22 days later on January 6.

The OHA reported 800 doses of Moderna vaccine was delivered to Roseburg Veteran Affairs Hospital on December 21. According to the OHA, the total number of Moderna doses administered in Douglas County did not exceed 800 doses until 26 days later on January 15.

The Douglas County Public Health Network has reported receiving 4,500 vaccine doses, brand unknown. There had to be at least another 3,232 doses of vaccine delivered somewhere in Douglas County for 7,606 doses to have been administered.

The reason I believe Douglas County has vaccinated such a low percentage of its residents compared to other counties is because Douglas County was so slow out of the gate. Douglas County received more than their fair share of the initial 1,595 doses of Pfizer and Moderna from December 16 – 21. However, it took Douglas County almost a month to administer those 1,595 doses. I’m willing to bet the OHA observed how slow Douglas County was administering vaccine doses and elected to send vaccine doses intended for Douglas County to other counties that were administering their doses more quickly. The OHA penalized counties like Douglas County that were unprepared to vaccinate their residents and rewarded counties that were prepared and succeeded in their early vaccination efforts.


Thanks, Mike.


Douglas County is the 2nd to last county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents for a reason. Share your stories on getting the vaccine via this comment section. Tell us how the vaccination process could be improved.

ONLY 6,287 of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents have been vaccinated since Douglas County. That is a mere 5.4% of Douglas County residents have been vaccinated compared to the Oregon average of 9.0%.

7,606 doses of vaccine have been administered in Douglas County since the first 1,595 doses were received 50 days ago on December 16. At this rate, it will take 2.5 years before all Douglas county residents are vaccinated.

Only Columbia County (4.6%) has vaccinated a lower percentage of their resident than Douglas County. Below is the percentage of residents vaccinated in each Oregon County today according to the Oregon Health Authority.






Hood River-----11.28

































Our County Commissioners CONTINUE to claim low supply of vaccine is the reason for Douglas County’s slow vaccine roll-out to its residents. If so, ask yourself why vaccine supply is NOT an issue for the rest of Oregon, with some counties having vaccinated five times higher percentage of their residents. Moreover, the CDC (below link) indicates 706,575 doses of vaccine have been delivered to Oregon, which is enough to vaccinate 16.8% of Oregon’s residents. But Only 509,578 doses have been administered. This means Oregon has 196,997 vaccine doses that have NOT been administered. That’s an average of 5,472 doses sitting on the shelf in EVERY Oregon County that have yet to be administered.


I believe that's an easy answer with 'he who shall not be named' Dallas Heard. As our "leader" he bought into the Inept One's herd immunity. His ideology mistakenly represented us all. A very good reason to have him removed from the Oregon Senate. If it's any consolation, I know very well the FBI are keeping an eye on our resident insurrectionist.


"I know very well the FBI are keeping an eye on our resident insurrectionist." That is interesting for sure. But, I am curious, how do you know that?


Just keeping up with national news reporting and what's said about the FBI and all insurrectionist activity - "finding people is what the FBI does". They've tracked and arrested over 140 people already and done it relatively quickly. If you're playing violent, they're watching you. (and if you retire out of DHS, the FBI has a folder on you too).


A member of my family is 80+ years old. He called Evergreen to set up an appointment for vaccination and was given an appointment for March 9.

We'll all have to be patient a while longer.


What year?


Well, gee, they only said March 9. Nobody asked what year.[huh]


(sigh) My elder is 90, and an Evergreen patient, so I'll be calling pharmacies today.


My mother who is 87 and lives in Minnesota received her first dose last Wednesday. My mother-in-law who is 79 and lives in California is scheduled to receive her first dose next Tuesday.


I had an interesting phone conversation this morning. Called the clinic immediately after the text came in and was also told it would be March. I mentioned 90 and cognitive disorder so we'll see if he still... and the scheduler interrupted with, "oh, well I see we've just had a couple of spots open up next week". Elder 90 is getting one early next week. They have to be holding spots based on age. Elder 90 seems to have won that lottery. What I intended to say before she interrupted me was that the cognitive issue could give him time to forget he actually agreed to get one. Life does get interesting with an Elder 90. I know this probably doesn't make you feel good about having your 80+ have to wait, I do wish the process was much faster for our aged.


More info from my 80+ family member. Evergreen called and texted him this morning to get him to set up the appointment for vaccine. That was well-organized.


Good too hear. Let us know how it works out.

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