The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team has been notified of six deaths dating back to Thursday, raising the total of county residents to die from coronavirus-related complications to 284.

The team reported two new deaths Friday and four deaths which the Douglas Public Health Network was notified of by Oregon Vital Records. 

There have been 115 new positive and presumptive cases of COVID-19 reported in Douglas County since Thursday, raising the total number of cases to 13,157.

As of Monday, 27 county patients are hospitalized with COVID-19 complications, 20 locally and seven out of the area. At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there are two COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit and three in the progressive care unit. Of the 27, 24 are reportedly not fully vaccinated.

Thirteen percent of all patients at Mercy are reportedly dealing with COVID-19 symptoms.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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Two words-Facebook and Fox. The misinformation and propaganda that pulses through these two enormous entities has changed our country. They are a cancer on America.


I agree. I don't understand how or why people are so susceptible to such influences. But they are.


2 deaths and 12 new Covid cases were reported last week at Callahan Care Memory Care Community retirement home according to the Oregon Health Authority Outbreak Report published yesterday. The reason may be because only 48% of Callahan Court's staff is vaccinated according to the Oregon Health Authority (below link).


Mike, that 48% is stunning. It ought to be criminal. I'm surprised that there has not (yet) been civil action.


If you think that is stunning, consider the following six Douglas County Retirement homes with past deaths that have an even lower percentage of their staff vaccinated according to the Oregon Health Authority.

Forest Glen Senior Living - 26%

Ashley Manor - 35%

Riverview Terrace - 38%

Adams House Assisted Living - 39%

The Landing Senior Living - 45%

The Pines at the Landing - 45%


15 Douglas County schools, including 7 elementary schools, reported 19 new Covid cases during the last week according to the Oregon Health Authority weekly Outbreak Report (below link) published yesterday. The following are Douglas County schools that reported new cases in just the last week:






Fir Grove Elementary-------1------11/17/21

Glide Middle------------------1------11/11/21

Green Elementary-----------1------11/15/21

Hucrest Elementary---------2------11/12/21

John C. Fremont Middle---1------11/11/21

Lincoln Middle----------------1------11/10/21

Melrose Elementary--------2------11/13/21

North Douglas High---------1------11/10/21


Roseburg High----------------2------11/14/21

South Umpqua High--------1-------11/10/21

Sunnyslope Elementary----1------11/16/21

Sutherlin High-----------------2------11/9/21

Tri City Elementary----------1-------11/10/21

Winchester Elementary----1-------11/14/21



On Sunday, the News-Review published a glossy magazine tribute to survivors of the Archie Creek Fire. The magazine’s many articles wrote about the tragic impact the fire had on many businesses and families, and how the community worked together to help those impacted. Many articles are stories of family residences that were destroyed. But in all of those articles, and despite how many homes were destroyed, not a single person perished in the Archie Creek Fire. NOTHING was lost that couldn’t be replaced.

Fast forward to today. Douglas County mothers, fathers and grandparents are dying daily from an on-going deadly pandemic. Over 286 Douglas County residents have now died from Covid, 100 in just the last two months. Though their homes were not burned down, entire families are still being destroyed today because they’ve been misled by our leaders into thinking Covid is a hoax and vaccines are untrustworthy, a point of view rarely challenged and often published by the News-Review.

15 months from now the News-Review will probably write another glossy magazine, this time about Covid. However, in my opinion, the News-Review shares responsibility for the continuing destruction of Douglas County families, not because their homes burned down, but because misled family members died unnecessarily. Something that can NOT be replaced and could have been avoided.

In Contrast to News-Review’s antiseptic Covid articles and unquestioning loyalty to local leaders, Eugene’s Oregonlive newspaper published a story (below link) about four different Roseburg and Oakland anti-vax families that were destroyed by Covid. Each family had children that lost mothers or fathers. They are families probably well-known to many in Douglas County. It took a Eugene newspaper to publish their tragic stories of death the same day the News-Review published a glossy magazine about the Archie Creek Fire that killed no one.


2 more Covid deaths and 51 new cases were reported today in Douglas County, bringing Douglas County's total Covid deaths to 286.


April 19, 2021 was the date ALL Covid deaths became preventable. That is the date ALL adults became eligible to receive a Covid vaccine. SINCE April 19, Douglas County has the 3rd highest per capita deaths of all counties in Oregon because only 49.8% of its residents are currently vaccinated according to the CDC (below link).




































Hood River-----23,382--------29------------37----------------8----------34-------76.5%







Correction, bottom line should read:



I'm interested in some serious conversation. Mostly I want to listen to other points-of-view without debating them. I want to learn what other people are thinking.

If you have avoided the vaccine will you share your reasons?

If you don't believe covid is a Big Deal, will you tell us why?

It's become clear that counties that voted heavily for Biden have higher vaccination rates and counties that voted heavily for Trump have lower vaccination rates.

Can anyone explain why politics seem to be the defining reason for or against vaccination?

I am a left-leaning Democrat. I am vaccinated with three shots. The decision to do that was easy for me. Are there any GOP voters who are willing to talk about why not getting vaccinated is their decision?

I really want to understand points-of-view different from mine. I'm open to people asking me questions if they want to understand my leftie thinking.


mworden: it's truly bizarre that favoring vaccination and working to end the pandemic have somehow become lefty thinking. Perhaps it would not have happened, if Trump had neither denigrated masks nor promoted quack cures. Had he repeatedly claimed credit for the vaccines, and urged their use, along with masking, distancing, and other measures, this story might well have developed differently. But he muzzled the experts, brought in charlatans like Scott Atlas, and listened to economists like Navarro who were pretty much always wrong on economics, and mortally wrong about the pandemic.

I know I am not answering your question. I simply do not understand the perspective from the other side. I've observed it in some relatives, tried to listen to their arguments, ranging from "its too new" to "to experimental" to the conspiracy theories regarding microchips, sterility, changing our genetic structure, 5G, etc., etc.

I salute your effort to listen and to understand.


Thanks, Citizenjoe. I really do want to listen and understand.

I know from personal experience that many of the residents of our county are plenty smart even if they haven't had the benefit of extended education. They know how to think for themselves.

But there's something about this pandemic that's changed the way people are thinking, feeling and acting. Maybe it's just not the pandemic. Perhaps it was building for years.

I have a hard time understanding how and why intelligent people choose to make health decisions based on politics. I hope some readers here will be willing to talk about their thoughts and feelings on the subject.



mworden: I know you're already steeped in knowledge about the human psyche, but here's a bit more: Pinker's new book, Rationality. Now, I have more than a few issues with some of Pinker's scholarship, but this a decent contribution.

D Steel

Possibly the ever present reinforcement via social media of individual’s beliefs regarding the “issues” of Covid and vaccination.

I honestly don’t understand individual’s hesitation at preventing the spread of a contagion. There was a time when people took civil responsibility seriously.


I am also a left leaning Democrat and have had the same questions of my Republican community.


More than 24 hours has expired since you posted your questions, mworden. As I expected, no "Covid Freedom Fighter" is going to put their feelings or beliefs in writing. The main reasons are fairly obvious: fears and stubbornness. Stubbornness needs no definition; their fears are many and varied. Many won't share their opinions on this format because their thoughts and beliefs might lean in directions that may not be moral, and perhaps not even legal, and god forbid, someone might disagree with them. They have other places to comment where the majority believe as they do...someplace where they can join other like-minded tribal members in total peace and harmony.


I appreciate the comments so far, even if they're from people sitting close to my side of the aisle.

There are some Covid Freedom Fighters in my extended family. They think I'm the stubborn, fearful, irrational one with deplorable politics. They are genuinely concerned for my well-being. They are not dweebs or jerks. They are intelligent, kind-hearted, generous people. And they are not going to get vaccinated. As a family, we've talked about how we're going to deal with this -- talking outdoors, six feet or more apart.

Some family members want to disown some others. Friends have advice. I'm quite sure mine is not the only family with these kinds of disagreements.

Over the months I've had some conversations here with people I didn't agree with and I've enjoyed them, learned from them. It didn't matter if we remained in disagreement. What was important was that we actually talked without hurling thunderbolts at each other, even when we started out with growls.

Off the top of my head, I recall conversations with Scomo, GhostofTomMcCall and Willie Stroker that ended in a pleasant manner even if they started in disagreement. I feel respect for them now whereas before we actually spent some time in discussion I often felt annoyed by their posts. When I begin to understand a little bit about how another person thinks and feels, it's easier to see them as fully dimensional humans with layers of complexity.

In my professional life I worked with a lot of folks who came in with a hostile attitude because they were angry, scared, felt they'd been done wrong and believed they weren't going to be treated fairly by anyone, certainly not by the likes of me. Sit down and talk, talk quite a bit, and discover that underneath all that surly attitude there's often a pretty good person and the likes of me might not be so terrible either.

Maybe tonight or tomorrow, when people want a minute away from family, we might hear from some other posters. I'm really interested in what people have to say. As I said before, if people want to ask about my leftie point-of-view, I'm open for that. I don't intend to debate or argue about who's right or wrong.

I'm going to accept that people who disagree with me on vaccination and covid sincerely believe their point-of-view is valid. Just as I think my pro-vax, covid precautions point-of-view is valid.

I'm not going to put anyone down for believing differently than I do. I'm really interested in hearing what people are thinking and feeling.

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