The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 36 new cases Wednesday.

The new cases continue the surge in cases that have made the past week the county’s worst ever, according to Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer.

“It’s very, very, very worrisome as to why we’re having so many cases,” Dannenhoffer said in a Facebook Live session Tuesday.

He said a nursing home outbreak involving 50 people, both staff and residents, is partly to blame, along with two other nursing home outbreaks. Every patient in the nursing home with the major outbreak who was not vaccinated is believed to have contracted the disease, he said, while 90% of those who had received the vaccine were protected.

There are also 23 school outbreaks, he said, primarily due to, not time in the classroom, but to social activities like birthday parties and activities bonding with sports teammates.

Workplace outbreaks are also a factor, he said, and these too primarily involve social activities with coworkers.

“I think we’re seeing there’s a laxity in some of the behaviors and a sense that hey we can kind of return to normal, but it’s very clear that when we return to normal and let go of some of those things that the diseases will come roaring back,” he said.

Eventually, these outbreaks make their way to seniors, he said. One of the nursing home outbreaks is tied to a sleepover and a workplace outbreak, he said.

No new deaths were reported Wednesday.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said severe winter weather is causing widespread delays for vaccine shipments across the country.

“Shipping partners are working to deliver vaccine where possible, contingent on local conditions, but the adverse weather is expected to continue to impact shipments out of the FedEx facility in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as the UPS facility in Louisville, Kentucky, which serve as vaccine shipping hubs for multiple states,” CDC spokesperson Jasmine Reed said.

The response team said those delays will be felt in Douglas County.

Statewide, 707,244 vaccinations have been given, according to the Oregon Health Authority. Of those, 8,894 have been in Douglas County.

County residents are being asked to first contact their regular doctors to set up vaccine appointments.

Some local pharmacies also have vaccines. They include those at Bi-Mart, Fred Meyer, Costco and Albertson’s stores, as well as Gordon’s Pharmacy in Canyonville.

Vaccines are also being sent from the federal government to the Roseburg VA Medical Center and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians.

Currently, seniors 75 and older are eligible. Seniors 70 and older become eligible Monday.

Fifteen county residents are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, 10 locally and five out of the area.

The Douglas Public Health Network is supporting 264 people who have the illness are in isolation, as well as another 481 people who have been in contact with an infected person and are in quarantine.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 473 new cases and five new deaths statewide Wednesday.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(17) comments


“It’s very, very, very worrisome as to why we’re having so many cases,” Apparently not worrisome enough to fix the issue. Variants - "But the concern is that more people are going to get infected, and so in total, more people are going to get sick." It's not hard to figure out the issue nor address it. Again, one wonders if the task team is lacking in ability or has purpose for keeping our county sick and dying. source:


Oregon received its first doses of vaccine on December 16. According to CDC data, Oregon received 335,075 vaccine doses in the first month afterwards from December 16 – January 16. In the next month, from January 16 – February 16, Oregon received an additional 527,130 doses of vaccine.

Oregon received 57% more vaccine this past month than the month before. Yet, our County Commissioners and Dr. Dannenhoffer claim supply has been the reason Douglas County is nearly last in Oregon for vaccinating its residents.


Ten Douglas County schools reported 16 new coronavirus cases since last week according to the Oregon Health Authority Weekly Outbreak Report (below link). This is over double the number from last week. The schools and their new cases are shown below. Interestingly, the 3 coronavirus cases reported by the News-Review at Glide High School on February 9 were not included in the OHA Outbreak Report.


Glendale Junior High----------------1-------------0

Hucrest Elementary------------------2------------2

West Sutherlin Intermediate------2------------0

Melrose Elementary-----------------1------------0

Glide Elementary---------------------1------------1

Sutherlin Middle----------------------1------------1

Tri City Elementary-------------------0------------1

South Umpqua High-----------------1-------------0

North Douglas Elementary---------1------------1

Winchester Elementary-------------1------------0



Rose Haven Nursing Center in Roseburg has reported 52 coronavirus cases and 1 death since February 5, according to the Oregon Health Authority Weekly Outbreak Report per the below link.


Douglas County Public Health Network Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dannenhoffer issued another MISLEADING statement today (below link), claiming Douglas County’s low vaccination rate is because Douglas County;

“received considerably less doses of the vaccine than in other parts of the State…large hospital systems in the State, such as Peace Health, St. Charles Health, OSHU and Kaiser Permanente, got more doses of the vaccine, because they could move a lot more of vaccine very quickly. Well, if you noticed, none of those hospital systems are in Douglas County, so we got passed over for the large hospital vaccine allocations.”

Dr. Dannenhoffer intentionally FAILS to mention Roseburg’s Mercy Medical Center was one of the hospitals to receive the very first shipment of 795 Pfizer vaccine doses on December 16. No Oregon Hospital received vaccine earlier than Mercy Medical Center. More important, according to the Oregon Health Authority, Douglas County’s accumulated vaccinations did not exceed 795 doses until January 6, TWENTY days later. Vaccine shipments intended for Douglas County were routed to other counties in Oregon because Douglas County took so long administering the vaccine it had.

The REAL REASON Douglas County vaccinations are one of the lowest in the state is because Dr. Dannenhoffer and our County Commissioners did not make it a priority to save lives. For nearly a month after receiving 1,590 vaccine doses, Douglas County Public Health Network daily press releases told people who had questions about the vaccine in bold print "WE ASK THAT YOU NOT CALL US." Most other county public health agencies began connecting eligible residents with vaccinators almost immediately in December. NOT Douglas County. It wasn’t until January 13 that DPHN provided an email in their daily press release for people who had questions about vaccinations. It wasn’t until January 19 before DPHN asked eligible people to contact DPHN to be vaccinated. It took DPHN 35 days to accept its vaccination responsibilities after the first vaccine deliveries arrived. Nine Douglas County residents died during those first 35 days. Despite what Dr. Dannenhoffer says, that’s the REAL reason Douglas County vaccinations are so low compared to the rest of the state.


OOPs. Here's the link.


Douglas County Public Health Network Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dannenhoffer issued a statement today (below link) claiming Douglas County’s low vaccination rate is because the state numbers don’t include vaccines administered by Roseburg Veteran Affairs Hospital. Let’s look at the fallacy and hypocrisy of Dr. Dannenhoffer’s claim.

1. Dr. Dannenhoffer doesn’t get to claim Roseburg VA numbers which include vaccination of many residents who don’t live in Douglas County and are spread out through Oregon and California. Roseburg VA is one of three VA hospitals in Oregon serving veterans throughout Oregon, not just Douglas County. The other two Oregon VA hospitals are in White City (Jackson County) and Portland (Multnomah County). There are several VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics that operate in other cities and counties, but the vaccine doses administered at those sites accrue back to one of the three main Oregon VA Hospitals.

Roseburg VA website indicates it serves over 26,000 veterans in Douglas, Lane, Coos and Curry counties in Oregon, and Del Norte County in Northern California. Not JUST Douglas County. Roseburg VA reports 2,933 veterans have been vaccinated today which is 11.2%. Roseburg VA is doing a much better job vaccinating their veterans than Douglas County, at 8.2%, is doing with its residents.

2. Dr. Dannenhoffer is a hypocrite for attempting to include ALL of Roseburg VA vaccinations in Douglas County numbers. In the past, when Roseburg VA reported a new coronavirus case that wasn’t reported by DPHN, Dr. Dannenhoffer explained it by claiming the Roseburg VA case wasn’t counted because that person didn’t reside in Douglas County. Its obvious Dr. Dannenhoffer wants to claim ALL vaccinations administered to Roseburg VA veterans even if they don’t live in Douglas County while excluding previous coronavirus cases because those veterans didn’t live in Douglas County. What a hypocrite.


I received an email from my doctor this morning urging me to make an appointment now in order to be vaccinated when my age group becomes eligible. My appointment is scheduled for April 8.

According to the CDC vaccine shipments will be delayed because the shipping centers are in the parts of the country paralyzed by storms right now. Dr. Dannenhoffer indicated on Tuesday that the amount listed as allocated to Douglas County for this week had not been received due to the delays.

Two of my friends who had appointments to be vaccinated in late March were vaccinated today at a fire station. That was happenstance and good luck that they were available at the time vaccine was available. I don't expect good luck myself.


28 new coronavirus cases were reported in today’s press release from the County Commissioners Coronavirus Task Force. This brings Douglas County totals to 2,282 cases and 51 deaths.

Roseburg Veteran Affairs reported 1 new coronavirus case since yesterday, bringing Roseburg VA totals at 218 cases and 8 deaths. Roseburg VA administered 302 vaccine doses since yesterday, bringing its total at 2,933 doses administered with 258 veterans having received both doses of vaccine according to the VA National website link below.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 351 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 312.7 today for Douglas County, which is greater than the maximum case rate of 200 required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 351 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 3,927 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 351 cases by 3,927 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 8.9% today.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 456 new coronavirus cases and 6 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 3.2% today.

The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported there are 16 ICU beds and 110 non-ICU beds available in Region 3 today. 33 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. 11 are in ICU. There were 81 new coronavirus cases reported in Region 3 today.

st paddy

where is our vaccine going?


A black hole


To the counties who were prepared to vaccinate their residents and save their lives.



Douglas County remains the third to last County in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. 9,225 of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents have received their first shot. 8.2% of Douglas County residents have been vaccinated compared to Oregon’s average of 12.0%. Only Columbia County at 7.4% and Umatilla at 7.9% have vaccinated a lower percentage of its residents than Douglas County.

Below is the updated percentage of residents vaccinated in each Oregon County today and each county’s current risk level according to the Oregon Health Authority.














Hood River------12.75------------High


























Despite the recent storms, CDC (below link) indicates 878,600 doses of vaccine have been delivered to Oregon, which is enough to vaccinate 20.8% of all Oregon residents. 729,821 doses have been administered. 148,779 vaccine doses have NOT been administered. That’s an average of 4,132 doses per county that have yet to be administered.


The vaccine rollout plan is a fiction. Lots of providers are listed but, of those contacted, they either don't know anything, have no plans to schedule people, have no vaccine and don't know when they will get it.


Try Costco. Last I checked, they were taking appointments.


And by the way, Costco isn't included on DPHN's list of vaccinators in Douglas County.


Not now.

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