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Two more Douglas County residents have died of COVID-19.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported the deaths Wednesday of a 74-year-old woman and a 71-year-old woman. The former was diagnosed Feb. 1 and died Feb. 17. The latter was diagnosed Feb. 8 and died Tuesday.

The two deaths bring the county’s death toll to 53.

The response team reported 27 new cases Wednesday.

Seniors are being asked to first contact their regular providers to see if they are offering vaccination appointments. If they are not, the next step is to call health clinics and pharmacies on the list of vaccinators.

The response team reported it has expanded the group of health care providers and pharmacies that have agreed to give vaccinations.

The current list of local vaccinators includes:

  • Albertsons Pharmacy, Roseburg
  • Safeway Pharmacy, Roseburg
  • Dr. Angela Jones, Roseburg
  • Umpqua Valley Internists, Roseburg
  • Aviva Health at Glide, Myrtle Creek, Drain, Roseburg and Sutherlin
  • Bi-Mart Pharmacies in Roseburg, Sutherlin and Winston
  • Canyonville Health & Urgent Care
  • Dr. Christine Seals, Roseburg
  • Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians
  • Costco Pharmacy, Roseburg
  • Current Orthodontics, Roseburg
  • Douglas County Fire District 2, Roseburg
  • Evergreen Family Medicine, Roseburg
  • Excellence in Women’s Healthcare, Roseburg
  • Family Tree Medical Clinic, Roseburg
  • Fred Meyer Pharmacy, Roseburg
  • Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy, Roseburg
  • Dr. Gerald Jaworski, Roseburg
  • Glendale Ambulance District
  • Gordon’s Pharmacy and Gifts, Canyonville
  • Kidsdocs, Roseburg
  • Lower Umpqua Hospital, Reedsport
  • CHI Mercy Medical Center, Roseburg
  • North River Pediatrics, Roseburg
  • Nova Health, Roseburg
  • One Peak Medical Clinic, Roseburg
  • SouthRiver Community Health Center, Winston
  • Steelhead Oncology, Roseburg
  • Two Rivers Integrative Medicine, Roseburg
  • Umpqua Health, Newton Creek, Roseburg
  • Umpqua Valley Ambulance, Roseburg
  • Valley Ridge Family Medicine, Roseburg

In addition, the Roseburg VA Medical Center is offering vaccines to veterans and Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians is offering vaccines to its members.

Vaccinations for all these outlets are by appointment only, and not all facilities signed up have their vaccines yet. No walk-in vaccinations are being offered.

There are still many more people seeking vaccines locally than there are available doses.

Currently, seniors 70 and older are eligible for vaccines and seniors 65 and older will become eligible Monday.

About 9.4% of Douglas County residents have been vaccinated, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

To date, 10,595 people have been vaccinated locally, the health authority reported. That figure does not include vaccinations given at the Roseburg VA.

Statewide, 858,481 vaccinations have been given.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 437 new cases statewide and 32 new deaths Wednesday. That raises the state’s death toll to 2,194.

According to the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly outbreak report, the outbreak at Rose Haven Nursing Center is now at 54 cases, up two from last week. There were no new deaths at the facility this week, leaving the total at one.

Chantele’s Loving Touch Memory Care’s outbreak had no new cases, standing firm at five.

Umpqua Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has a new nine case outbreak, first reported Feb. 16.

The largest of the workplace outbreaks is at CHI Mercy Medical Center. It added two cases for a total of 72, the most recent reported Feb. 8.

Swanson Group Manufacturing in Glendale’s outbreak has mushroomed from 12 to 25, the most recent reported Feb. 18.

Keller Lumber’s outbreak added three for a total 17, the most recent Feb. 14.

Aviva Health had no new cases. It stood firm at 11, the most recent Jan. 29.

SouthRiver Community Health Center, Winston, added no new cases, remaining at nine, the most recent Feb. 11.

Huffman & Wright Logging Company, Canyonville, remained at eight, the most recent Feb. 5.

The recent outbreak at Roseburg VA Medical Center, Roseburg remained at seven cases, the most recent Feb. 14.

Advanced Skin Center and Dermatology, Roseburg, remained at five cases, the most recent Jan. 29.

Bailey Veterinary Clinic, Roseburg, also remained at five cases, the most recent Jan. 30.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(15) comments


President Biden announced a new tool (below link) today aimed to help Americans locate available COVID-19 vaccines. I tried it today and it informed me that Fred Meyer’s Pharmacy had vaccine “in stock” and directed me to Kroger’s website to make an appointment. I’m surprised our County Commissioners aren’t listing this website on their daily press releases.


Aviva Health and DPHN conducted two mass vaccination events at the county fairgrounds. 753 people were vaccinated on January 23 and 710 people received their second dose on February 20 according to DPHN press releases. Yet the reported number of vaccinations deviates considerably from what the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reported for those two days indicated below. The difference is a minimum of 348 vaccine doses.

-------OHA Vaccinations-------

-----------------Jan 23 ------Feb 20





The following are a couple things to consider when I say minimum:

1. The numbers reported above by the OHA include vaccinations administered not only at the county fairgrounds, but also include vaccinations administered at Mercy Medical Center, EMS, Cow Creek Tribe, Pharmacies and other local care facilities and pharmacies. One would expect OHA vaccination numbers to be considerably higher than vaccination numbers reported at the fairgrounds, not lower.

2. The vaccine administered at the fairgrounds had to be Moderna if the February 20 event was the second dose for the people who received their first dose on January 23. It couldn’t be Pfizer because the number of days between January 23 and February 20 is greater than the 21 day immunization window for Pfizer. Moderna’s immunization window is longer at 28 days. If correct, this would make the discrepancy even greater.

3. Mass vaccination events frequently administer either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, but seldom both. This is done to minimize potential errors because requirements for information, refrigeration, mixing, and administering is different for each vaccine.

4. Vaccination information requirements are arduous, requiring pre-screening, screening and post vaccination forms to fill out to track each and every person, what vaccine they received and when they will need their follow-up vaccination. Vaccinators are required to submit completed vaccination information to the OHA in 72 hours.

5. An accurate vaccination date is important because it is used to determine when the second dose should be administered.

This begs the question, what happened to the minimum of 348 vaccine doses that are unaccounted for by the Oregon Health Authority?


1. There is about a 10% drop off between 1st and 2nd dose of those who sign up. As I've stated here before there is a 72 hour reporting gap to OHA, and there have been data discrepancies between what was reported in the ALERT system and "boots on the ground". Oregon is *notorious* for having glitchy state databases, online capacities, you really want to hang your hat on the state side of the process being perfect so it's the county's fault in the number gap?

2. The "window" is the minimum dose wait time between 1st dose and booster dose. It's completely mathematically possible there was both Moderna and Pfizer at the February 20th event. I'm a little surprised you have missed all the media about the 2nd dose threshold now being 6 weeks for both of those vaccines. Incidentally, both vaccine types were used and the complexity can be reduced by a good plan for the workflow, and sufficient staffing. It's a binary thing...Pfizer to the left, or Moderna to the right. OR...8-noon is Pfizer, noon-4pm Moderna. Pretty simple. (btw both were given on the 20th).

3-5. The system set up by DPHN , Aviva, UHA, Douglas ESD and others working at the fairgrounds events is automated, literally encapsulated in an electronic medial record's process workflow. While occasionally medical errors happen, some catastrophically so (wrong site surgery anyone?) the implementation of an EMR, for billing amongst other reasons, helps correct out some human-based errors.

What happened to the 348 doses?? Not sure that can be ascertained. Since the person hypothesizing an issue completely missed its a 6 week window for both main vaccines (the std for a month) I suspect this is another nothingburger.


I never said it was anyone's fault. I'm just curious where the 348 vaccine doses went. You make it sound like you were there. What's your theory?


In yesterday’s press release (below link), Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer said;

“Previously, Douglas County had been left behind in getting our fair share of COVID-19 vaccine doses from the state, compared with other counties.”

There is a reason Douglas County is one of the lowest vaccinated counties in Oregon. It’s because Douglas County leadership, DPHN and Dr. Dannenhoffer were remiss in their vaccination duty for at least the first month vaccines were being distributed to other Oregon counties. Dr. Dannenhoffer failed to mention;

1. Mercy Medical Center was the first in the state to received 795 doses of Pfizer vaccine on December 16, but took at least 17 days to administer those doses.

2. For a month after vaccines were being distributed to other Oregon counties, Douglas County press releases said “please don’t call us” if you have questions about vaccines.

3. For a month after vaccines were being distributed to other Oregon counties, Douglas County continued to neglect its duty to coordinate vaccinations for medical personnel and first responders.

4. Vaccine destined for Douglas County was shipped to other Oregon counties because Douglas County leadership was not prepared to administer the vaccine doses.

5. It is likely more Douglas County residents will die because of Douglas County’s lack of leadership and failure to do what most other Oregon counties did in December – facilitate vaccinations.


Douglas County’s LACK of leadership was on clear display yesterday during yesterday’s 16KMTR’s interview with Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice. It’s only a 5 minute interview. You should watch it at the below link.

Commissioner Boice continued to criticize Governor Brown’s “one size fits all” coronavirus restrictions, saying they don’t work in Douglas County. Yet, when asked during the interview what he would do differently, Commissioner Boice said, “we wouldn’t really do anything different.”

Commissioner Boice then avoided answering questions whether he supported zero restrictions for Douglas County and what would he do to differently to help reopen businesses in Douglas County. To deflect, Commissioner Boice first claimed it’s not the county’s responsibility and then claimed he had no jurisdiction. Neither of which answered the questions asked.

To sum it up, our County Commissioners don’t know why coronavirus cases have spiked recently, but know the governor’s restrictions are wrong for Douglas County, even though they won’t say what restrictions there should be or what should be done differently to reopen businesses and save lives in Douglas County. With such a serious issue impacting us all, shouldn’t we expect less political acrimony from our elected leaders?


Gee, it seems as though it was a poor decision for the Douglas County Health Network to abdicate the county's deadly pandemic response to our county commissioners who are paid to make decisions and who now feel they have no jurisdictional authority in creating and executing a plan for it. Only in America, folks.



Douglas County is still the fifth from last county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. 10,890 of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents have now received their first shot. 9.7% of Douglas County residents have been vaccinated compared to Oregon’s average of 13.5%.

Below is the updated percentage of residents vaccinated in each Oregon County today and each county’s risk level beginning February 25 according to the Oregon Health Authority. Douglas County is one of five Oregon counties that will be in the EXTREME risk level, meaning bars and indoor dining will AGAIN have to close.













Hood River------14.75----------Moderate



























CDC (below link) indicates 78,210 vaccine doses were delivered to Oregon since yesterday, bringing it to a total of 1,170,595 vaccine doses delivered to Oregon. Of that, 881,204 doses have been administered. 289,391 doses have not been administered. The most one day doses administered in Oregon was 25,815 on February 5. This means Oregon has a MINIMUM of 11 days of vaccine supply left to be administered at maximum vaccination rates.


With the lack of inclusion of VA #s the percent vaccinated is not accurate. Hunt down that data source, do the math, show the ground truth, and you'll be doing us all a service. Otherwise your comments are a broken record that skips over and over on the words "incomplete data". You seek to make a point with numbers, logical arguments, and so on but undermine that when you aren't fully representing the data because it doesn't fit your narrative the commissioners are doing something nefarious.


There's Vets in every county in Oregon and many counties have VA hospitals and outpatient clinics. Do I need to do that for every county or is Douglas County the only one that doesn't include VA vaccinations in their numbers?


Why is it necessary for bars and restaurants to close when the covid cases are in nursing homes, hospitals, saw mills, and logging outfits? I see no reports of outbreaks in bars and restaurants. Monitor where the outbreaks occur, don’t punish responsible businesses.


Are you saying the nursing homes, hospitals, saw mills and logging outfits should be shut down instead of bars and restaurants?


Scomo, the CDC has been telling us for months that people who congregate at bars and restaurants have a 3-4 times greater risk of contracting covid. They then go to work at nursing homes, hospitals, saw mills, logging outfits and other places and infect their patients and co-workers, often before they feel any symptoms.

People cannot wear masks while eating and drinking. The conviviality of restaurants and bars leads to close and prolonged contact. Even in businesses that behave with utmost responsibility. It's the nature of the atmosphere, not necessarily irresponsibility by the businesses, that lead to the higher risk.




This is old information. Add another death to the two deaths reported yesterday.

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