The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported two new positive cases of the infection Wednesday. The county has logged 121 cases since March.

As of Wednesday, 117 people have tested positive and four are presumptive cases. The county reported that 34 people are in isolation, down from 39 on Tuesday. One person from Douglas County has died from the coronavirus.

The state’s COVID-related death toll is now at 314 in the state after eight deaths Wednesday.

Multnomah County and Umatilla County each had three deaths. Morrow County and Jackson each reported one death. All eight victims were over 65 and seven of those had underlying health conditions. The eighth is still being confirmed.

Twelve of the 36 counties in Oregon have had no deaths related to COVID-19. Wheeler County has had no positive cases, Grant County has had two cases and Gilliam County has had just three.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 304 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of confirmed and presumptive cases to 17,721 since the pandemic began.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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(6) comments


Definitely schools...Next


Make sure you tell the Commissioners exactly that.


Mike are you actually blaming the commissioners for not asking the Governor to close eateries and bars. That is above their heads and can only be ordered by the great Governor Brown. Plus how do you know they haven’t called her and asked her to shut down Douglas County. I do agree with you that why some things are deemed essential and others which make more sense are not. Schools are another huge issue. Even if we do meet Browns goals for reopening, one outbreak at any school could put Douglas County over her guidelines and all schools would be shut down until the guidelines could be met again. I think it is better to wait on the schools until we have a better grasp on this thing then to open close open close, kids need a routine to thrive in not guesswork. I’m glad we got to celebrate one day of no new cases, it is a step in the right direction. Now if we could just get these darn Commissioners from infecting everybody haha. Good day Mike


I agree the Commissioners don't have the authority on their own to either re-open or re-close Douglas County businesses; only the Governor has that authority. Yet, nothing prevents Douglas County Commissioners from asking Governor Brown to move Douglas County back to phase 1 like she did two days ago for Umatilla County. And if the Commissioners have already asked, I didn’t see the press release like the one they issued on May 27 declaring Douglas County the first county to submit their application to re-open businesses in Oregon.

The Commissioners DO have the authority to re-shut down County parks, boat ramps and campgrounds which each carry a risk of generating new coronavirus cases that could keep schools shut down. Arizona has banned inner tubing for being a coronavirus risk. Our Commissioners could do likewise by re-shutting down the boat ramps. Which is a higher priority, opening schools or keeping County parks, boat ramps and campgrounds open?

By the way, I appreciate your more civil arguments rather than telling me to quit commenting. Everyone should have the right to comment even if we may disagree on issues.


Which is a higher priority, opening schools or opening bars and restaurants? It appears bars and restaurants, proven to be high transmitters of coronavirus, are higher priority than schools in Oregon. I don’t understand why our County Commissioners have not asked the Governor to re-closed bars and indoor dining until the state and our county has coronavirus back under control and schools are allowed to re-open.


Douglas County Public Health Network reported 1 new coronavirus case today and a total of 122 cases. However, the Oregon Health Authority reported Douglas County had 2 new coronavirus cases today and has 123 total cases.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 27 new coronavirus cases today and have reported 192 cases over the last week and one death. The six counties surrounding Douglas County have reported 1,200 total cases and 7 deaths.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 410 new coronavirus cases today and 5 deaths. OHA has now reported a record 43 deaths over the past week.

The OHA reported a record low 764 ventilators are available in Oregon.

Oregon’s 7-day rolling average positive test rate is 6.04%. It needs to be below 5% for schools to re-open.

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