HIV Alliance provides kits including one to two doses of Naloxone, sterile syringes, instructions on how to administer the Naloxone and a copy of Oregon’s Good Samaritan Law.

In Douglas County, approximately 20 to 25 people overdose every month, sometimes leading to death, according to Kim Gandy, the overdose prevention coordinator at Douglas Public Health Network. One way to decrease the number of fatal overdoses is through the use of Naloxone.

Nika Bartoo-Smith is a Snowden Intern for The News-Review. She can be reached at nsmith@nrtoday.com.

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Oregonians voted to basically legalized personal possession of fentanyl, heroin, crack and meth. Well, this is what you get. Everyone has been warned that street drugs are laced with fentanyl. You play the game, you reap the consequences. Those people selling fentanyl laced drugs might as well be selling cyanide.


If the News Review was concerned about the opiate crisis they would have published the contact information for the HIV Alliance, Douglas Public Health Network and Adapt websites instead of merely dropping names.


Fentanyl is out there. It's cheap and often found in counterfeit prescription pills sold on the street. The Bad Guy have pill presses and they're selling what looks like legitimate Vicodin and Oxy, but it's fentanyl mixed with a filler. 2 mgs of fentanyl can be fatal and that is a very small amount.

If someone close to you has had an opioid problem, having Naloxone on hand would be wise, even if that person is in recovery. A momentary slip, a single street pill, can be potentially fatal.

The HIV Alliance deserves kudos for efforts to make this life-saving medication available for free to the community.

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