The American Red Cross faces a critical shortage of blood this holiday season and is urging community members to give blood the day after Christmas.

Blood donations can help prevent delays in lifesaving medical care for patients.

The blood drive will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the American Red Cross Bus on the Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus, 913 NW Garden Valley Blvd., in Roseburg.

Donors will receive a long-sleeved Red Cross T-shirt while supplies last. To schedule an appointment, visit and enter sponsor code: USVA Roseburg.

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Thanks for your comment St Paddy. I' tired of being screwed and seeing Veterans die at the hands of the VA, especially in Roseburg. Director Keith Allen may be a Veteran, but it certainly appears his loyalty, like past directors, is to VISN 20 not the Veterans whose healthcare he has been charged with providing. I'm hoping to change that and have made some progress with lung cancer screening. The director and chief of staff promises to offer this to Veterans don't go far enough. My initial respect for this director is waning. Thanks, St Paddy, for recognizing here, that putting whip cream on feces does not make it edible. - mike

st paddy

the v.a.'s number one and most biggest priority mission is to look and sound good. of course they are far from being good. if you mess with that, you are screwed.


What Veterans and everyone need to be aware of is that just by donating blood, you will automatically be screened for infectious disease. If you test positive, the law requires you to be notified. The VA recommends HIV and Hepatitis screening for Veterans. I requested to be screened for both due to having a blood transfusion prior to 1992.

The Roseburg VA controversy that ensued after making this request involving my PCP, the Patient Advocate, Acting Chief of Staff and the Chief of Staff Dr. Hasserfratz made me withdraw my request. I was reminded by a friend who followed this controversy that, being a blood donor I had already been screened.

After several discussions with Director Allen before and after Town Hall meetings I have been able to address the problems with the Roseburg VA's failures to provided recommended screenings to Veterans. Below is an excerpt from my 10/2/2019 email to the Director and Dr. Hasserfratz and the link to the CDC informing what diseases donated blood is required to be tested for.

"Regarding the HIV screening I requested per the below message chain, as well as the HIV Screening dialogue with my PCP NP Bernie Henderson, I informed Kara Coffland in this mornings MHV Secure Message that I was withdrawing my request for HIV Screening.

I was reminded yesterday, after discussing these MHV dialogues with someone that I am blood donor and had already been screened for HIV, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases. I call the Blood Bank where I donate and found that they are required to perform these screening and notify their donors of any positive results for infectious diseases. I have not been notified of any positive test results over the last several years and I have made the determination I am not infected with HIV or other infectious diseases that are routinely tested for to ensure the safety of the U.S. blood supply.

Below is a link to the CDC's web page about the matter and includes what tests are required for donated blood: "

If you do not want to deal with the VA to request VA recommended screenings for Blood Bourne diseases, you can just donate a pint of blood and you will be automatically screened.

Veterans will be screened prior to donating blood and it is possible you will not be allowed to donate on that day.

Donating blood will help to save lives for those who receive your donations and those who donate are also the benefactors of their own donation. --mike

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