Ashley Hicks introduces herself at a public forum in Roseburg earlier in the election.

A group of petitioners failed to come up with enough signatures to recall Roseburg City Councilor Ashley Hicks, city staff confirmed Wednesday.

The group faced a 5 p.m. Wednesday deadline to turn in 288 valid signatures. Because they only had half the number of valid signatures needed for the recall petition, the circulators did not plan to file, chief petitioner Tommy Smith said.

“I think it’s pointless,” said Smith, 53, a contractor who lives in south Roseburg, and one of the circulators.

A city staff member confirmed that no petition had been turned in by the deadline.

“We’ve received nothing,” said Koree Tate, administrative assistant for the city.

The circulators needed signatures from at least 15 percent of registered ward voters who cast ballots in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

Smith noted that they also had a number of signatures from business owners or employees who worked in the district. But the signatures had to be from registered voters living in Hicks’ Ward 4 district in order to be valid. Smith said he did not know the total number of valid and invalid signatures.

Other problems included missing or incomplete addresses for signers, Smith said.

“I put it on my shoulders, I failed to follow through with it,” Smith said.

Smith said they would look at other options to remove Hicks, but it was unclear what those options were on Wednesday.

Smith said Hicks should be removed for reasons that included the failure to support opposition to a new liquor license. The council voted in April to deny the license but Hicks voted for it.

Hicks did not immediately return a phone message requesting comment.

If the handful of circulators had come up with enough signatures and filed the recall petition, Hicks would have had to resign from her Ward 4 city councilor post or submit a statement of justification to try and keep her position. If she refused to resign, she would have faced an election in 35 days.

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(3) comments

just me

very disappointing


"Hicks recall effort falls short"...... and rightfully so! For Ashley has done MORE for this little community then the other 7 councilors put together! Go get em Ashley!


I'm glad. I never could see what she did that deserved her removal. Sounds more
like a personal matter rather than an administrative one.

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