Ian Hutchins of Roseburg on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Grand Victorian Theater alleging owners Marcus and Joanne Ogle did not pay him $2,500 for directing and starring in the Rocky Horror Show, court documents show.

Hutchins said Marcus and Joanne Ogle agreed to pay Hutchins $2,500 two weeks after the show ended. Nearly nine months later, Hutchins says he has still not been paid.

Marcus Ogle said the Grand Victorian Theatre is going out of business after a “major internal turmoil” at the theatre and the recent cancelling of their show, The Mad Tea Party.

“Basically, our business is done and we are closing the doors,” Marcus said. “We’d like to go ahead and go to mediation in the court. We have a little bit of a disagreement about what Ian says we owe him.”

Hutchins said the payment was supposed to be distributed between himself, the assistant director of the show, Erika Brandmeier and music director Ryan Norman – leaving three people without money they were expecting.

“I hired them on, Joanne and Marcus didn’t seek them out,” Hutchins said. “But I was going to be paid and then I was going to split that money.”

The case will enter the small claims department of the Douglas County Circuit Court. The lawsuit is for $2,600 to account for the alleged withheld payment to Hutchins and legal fees.

“It’s just been really a thing that’s caused a lot of struggle amongst us,” Hutchins said. “For me, it affects my college bills. I went to Cornish College of the Arts for a year and a half. I have some substantial bills that need to be paid in a timely manner and I was unable to do that.”

The Rocky Horror Show ran last October at the Grand Victorian Theatre. Hutchins said he was hired as the director in August and auditioned for and was cast as the role of Frank-N-Furter.

Marcus said the Ogle’s bought the theatre in December of 2017 and struggled to keep it open. They had to sell valuables to keep the doors open and were preparing for another show, The Mad Tea Party, before the theatre had to close.

Hannah Kanik is a general assignment reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at hkanik@nrtoday.com and 541-957-4210. Or follow her on Twitter @hannah_kanik.

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Hannah Kanik is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review.

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