The storm that hit the Pacific Northwest over the weekend hit hard along the Oregon and Washington coastlines, but the impact on central Douglas County didn’t match the pre-storm hype.

The Roseburg area got a significant amount of rain, but the wind that was predicted didn’t materialize.

Meteorologist Brad Schaaf of the National Weather Service in Medford said two big things happened that caused the storm to skirt the area.

“The low didn’t strengthen like the models and what we were predicting and it stayed offshore and provided a little bit more impact toward the Portland area,” he said.

Roseburg recorded it’s highest wind gust at just 23 mph. Reedsport on the Douglas County coast had wind gusts up to 32 mph.

“The exposed coastline is what really saw the wind,” said Schaaf. “Cape Blanco saw gusts near 90 mph, and the Sexton summit saw 70 mph gusts,” he said.

Schaaf said there were reports from I-5 on the Sexton summit of trees down and difficult driving conditions for vehicles because of strong winds.

Douglas County did get a lot of rain, although because there was no snow in the mountains, no major flooding was reported.

Roseburg recorded 4.52 inches of rain in the five-day period ending this morning, with the heaviest rainfall on Sunday.

Diamond Lake Resort reported early this morning that it has received a half inch of snow overnight and that it was continuing to snow.

Wayne Stinson of Douglas County Emergency Management said they are glad people took it seriously.

“People did what they should have, they went out and got water and food, and got ready for the storm, and even though it mostly missed us, it was a very dangerous storm that could have easily hit us directly,” said Stinson.

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