A 1962 Corvette, Chevrolet’s first generation of sports car. Completely destroyed at the time of purchase in 1993, it’s since been restored with all original parts. The seats are red, the steering wheel’s red, the top is black, but when it’s down this car is as red as a stop sign. Jerry Shrives drove it all the way from Oregon City to be a part of this year’s second annual Corvette City Shop-N-Shine.

Hosted by the Timberland Corvette Club, dozens of corvettes lined Jackson Street in downtown Roseburg on Saturday. Many owners let the public inspect and sit in their prized vehicles.

“Yeah we let people sit in it and take pictures if they want. We figure, let them have fun. We’re having fun,” Shrives said. “It doesn’t bother me. I just clean off their fingerprints.”

Shrives has been to shows all over the northwest, in cities like Springfield and Medford and as far away as Washington and Montana. When asked why he travels so far for car shows, he replied, “Eh, something to do.”

Bill Clarkson of Roseburg brought his 2015 Corvette Stingray to the event, another red car with a Torch Red exterior and an Adrenaline Red interior. He explained that he enjoys showing off one of his favorite toys to the public.

“Lot of people, they don’t really get this close to Corvettes. I’m one of these Corvette people that let a lot of kids sit in my car,” Clarkson said. “There are some out there who would not let other kids sit in their cars, or people sit in their cars. To me, it’s a car. It’s fun.”

Isidra Castro, owner of Raven Crafts Tattoo Gallery in downtown Roseburg, said the event had a larger turn out this year. Originally from Alaska, Castro moved to town two years ago. Having now experienced two Graffiti Weekends for herself, she said she sees why the event is so popular in the area.

“It’s such a big part of Roseburg and just the classic cars, it just goes along well with the classically aged people,” Castro said. “Roseburg is a nice retirement town with vintage cars and vintage folks.”

Eric Schucht is a general assignment reporter for The News-Review. He can be reached at 541-957-4217 or eschucht@nrtoday.com. Or follow him on Twitter @EricSchucht.

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Eric Schucht is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review. He recently graduated from the University of Oregon.

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Willie Stroker

Would've rather seen pictures of the actual cars and not pictures of random people looking at the cars.

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