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Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman presents a State of the County address in January in Roseburg.

Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman has been re-elected for his fifth term as the president of the Association of O&C Counties.

The association unanimously re-elected its 2021 leaders at a virtual meeting Dec. 11.

“I am honored by my re-election and sincerely appreciate the continued support of the members of the AOCC, who trust me in leading this crucially important work,” Freeman said in a press release. “Together with my colleagues and the staff at AOCC, we will continue to work hard to secure solutions to manage our unique congressional designated lands.”

The association advocates for sustained yield management of federal timberlands in 18 western counties formerly owned by the Oregon & California Railroad. The lands were set aside in 1937 for sustainable harvests with revenues shared with the counties.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(11) comments


Freeman does not need to go visit a guru in the desert. So Boice would never get the job. Plus he just pretends to accomplish things, and takes credit for others work.


RE: HOME RULE CHARTER - The GOP and the County's Elite Timber Cabal are petrified of Home Rule as it will potentially cut the strings of their Commissioner puppets. They were so fearful that they fabricated a conspiracy theory around extreme environmentalism that had nothing to do with the desire of the people to have good, sound government in place. Hiring a professional County Manager, who has to adhere to a code of ethics to run our multi-million dollar County government is too risky for them. They need to control the decisions behind the scenes and let their lackeys with no experience except in changing tires, pumping gas and operating a cash register run things. They could care less about his county . . . it is about stuffing the pockets of the timber overlords.


Makes sense. He's the most Trumpian, and he has slush fund money to travel and pay for pro-logging videos. Like most Douglas County politics, the AOC is a relic of the past, kept alive by corporate timber. Non-paid commissioners with more representation is the only answer. But that is never going to happen here, which is why we will forever remain a backwards county, proud of our ignorance.


From the comments I'm reading, it appears as though our County Commission needs to be revamped. I am completely behind having 4 or 5 representatives of all areas of the county to be elected in order to address the needs of the entire county. It's well past time to move this county forward, provide a breath of fresh air, ideas, and priorities rather than just remain stuck with those entrenched in timber and well exercised in how to gain power and make money off of taxpayers. Clearly the present commissioners have shown they're very comfortable in maintaining their positions while the county stagnates and degenerates into poverty for all.


Several years ago, a "home rule charter" was put before the voters of Douglas County and voters turned it down. It would have expanded the commission to five members that would be chosen from districts that represented various areas of the county.

Commissioner would not be a paid position and commissioners would be relieved of the duty of running day-to-day government operations. That task would fall to a newly created county manager, which would be a paid position. This is similar to the way the city of Roseburg and other cities in the county and state operate. A city council sets policy and the paid manager runs operations.

Voters did not like the idea. It failed by a wide margin.



I do hope Stacey McLaughlin or someone else will again get behind that defeated charter of 3 years ago. I remember back in the late 70's the Commission abdicated their responsibility of the Galesville Dam project, it was put to a public vote. It carried with it some insinuation that Doug Robertson had bought up land around the boundary of the new reservoir.

Defeats on expanding the voices of all the county and not being able to make decisions they're paid to make just makes the Commission appear as though they'll do anything to maintain the power and control their paid positions now afford them and has afforded them for decades.


Perhaps it is time to try again.




As I understand it, the Association of O&C Counties is an unincorporated association that essentially works in secret, with no responsibilities to the public, and utter fealty to the timber companies. And we taxpayers are paying the salaries of County Commissioners who serve the Association of O&C Counties. If you look at their website, they misrepresent the legal foundation for the O&C Counties' environmental responsibilities, and wholly over-emphasize harvest.

So, if you were to design an avatar of this association, it would be Tim Freeman.


Huge waste of our county's resources!

George Weston

At least he can't run to Washington, DC so he can't spend any of our financial resources. I suggested video conferencing after his last visit and the huge expense that he incurred at our expense. He never did disclose all of the information.

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