Thousands of lives could be changed if 19 counties in Southern and Eastern Oregon were to join Idaho. And it all starts with Douglas County.

That was the message Mike McCarter of Move Oregon’s Border — better known by the catchphrase “Greater Idaho” — gave a standing room only crowd of about 500 people at the Community Conference Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Douglas County is the first to have hard copy petitions circulating for a November vote.

“It is starting now, right here,” McCarter said. “You’ve heard of the perfect storms. It happened here.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

At several points, the crowd broke out in cheers and applause. When McCarter asked rallygoers if they were happy with their governor and their Legislature, they answered a resounding “no.”

McCarter also received a favorable response when he flashed his Glock 19.

McCarter, a staunch gun-rights supporter and firearms instructor, said after the event he has carried the gun everywhere he goes for 20 years, and doesn’t usually flash it. He just did that for this crowd.

Gun rights are one of the freedoms Greater Idaho supporters believe would be better preserved under that state’s government.

Although the event included prayer, Theran Hunt of Camas Valley was inspired to add another and was welcomed onstage to do so at the end of the rally.

“We know that you are a God of impossible things,” Hunt prayed. “If you can walk on water and you can heal people, a little border change is no problem for you.”

Hunt, the owner of Hunt’s Chainsaw, told The News-Review afterward he believes the Democrats’ carbon cap and trade proposal would have put him out of business because it would harm the timber industry. Republican legislators staged a walkout to block a vote on the bill.

McCarter said the Legislature doesn’t care about Douglas County residents.

“They don’t care about listening to our side. They don’t care about rural Oregon. They care about urban Oregon, and that’s the way they’re running this and they’re jamming it down our throats every which way they can,” he said.

He said he has no doubt that supporters will collect 4,000 petition signatures, more than 1,000 above the required figure, to get a measure on the ballot.

“No sweat. I know Douglas County. They’re coming in,” he said. “It’s going to be on the November election. Every one of those 19 counties are going to vote positive on the November election to get into the state of Idaho.”

The countywide votes would only serve as an indicator of public opinion, as approval from both state’s legislatures and Congress would be necessary for a border change. But McCarter said Northwestern Oregon should be willing to let the rural counties go because they pay more money into those counties than they receive from them. And he hopes Idaho will respond favorably when they see the votes.

The line would fall on the border between Douglas and Lane counties, and he said he’s sorry for those in Lane and Linn counties who might have preferred to be included in a Greater Idaho; however, he said they could move. Depending on where the line falls in Deschutes County — which would be split in half under the proposal — he might do the same.

“I’m sad to say that if the line settles the wrong way for me, I’m going to move 10 miles. That’s it, my wife is not going to be happy with this, but I’m going to move and become part of Idaho,” he said.

McCarter believes moving the Oregon and Idaho border could be part of the beginning of a broader movement, too, with people in states as far away as Illinois and New York seeking to shift their borders to separate from their urban centers.

“The first state to do it opens up the door,” he said.

McCarter said after the event he loved the turnout. He hadn’t been sure what to anticipate and didn’t know so many people would come. It’s an exciting moment, he said.

“This is not just talk. There’s action taking place,” he said.

He warmly greeted supporters who came up to speak with him after the event. One of these was Shawn Contreras of Roseburg, owner of Legacy Construction, who brought his two young children and asked McCarter to pose for a picture with them.

Contreras said he wants his children to remember this as the time when their Dad was part of the movement that made them Idaho residents and gave them the freedom and liberty he believes they will have there.

“We’re the tip of the spear to make that happen,” he said.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(14) comments


“You can’t fix your problems by running away from them.”

The commenter who said this probably beliefs in open asylum for all immigrants too. But what are those people doing? Ohhhh that’s right, running away from their problems. But when they do it it’s alright. Such hypocrisy.

“How childish to flash his glock.”

This commenter probably goes to women’s marches wear they literally wear pink hats and call them pussies. My god, the doublethink must be hard to cope with. It’s probably why you need xanax just to talk yourself out of suicide.

The animosity towards these people is the exact reason they’re leaving. If you urbanites don’t like them, why do you want to cling to them so much?

It’s cause you like having power over them. Your cities don’t have anything to do with their towns, they should be able to amicably part from them then. But no, it gets you people off at night thinking about how much control you have over the lives of the masses.

“Mmmm, control, feels so good, oh yeah, oh oh oh oh— ah dang another wet dream. It’s okay though once I vote in Sanders he’ll give us all free adult diapers so we can keep soiling ourselves with our orgasmic nighttime visions of tyranny and not even feel a bit of shame.”

You guys are so bitter, Jesus.

Get a job.


Once again, another poster sharing no facts, just attacks others. True colors, especially with a test of humanity currently accelerating in our country.

Based on your theory pal, everyone who is not for Idaho merging with parts of Oregon is Socialist or Liberal. Here to inform you dude, as an Oregon native who is NOT either politically, you are overstepping your bounds. Stop pointing figures and lay out actual facts, reasons, benefits, pros, cons, etc. for your feelings instead of flipping the bird to other citizens in this state. And yes, as a hard working retiree, with a lifetime of jobs, I encourage you to look in the mirror and worry being a bit more honest with yourself.


There's no coronavirus in Idaho.


Kind of an ignorant statement don’t you think?. Matter of time based on the progression.

Suzan Mesik

Wanna leave Oregon? Please, leave Oregon. #loveoregonstayinit #justmovetoidaho


You don't fix things by running away from them.


More rallies! Bigger rallies! Spittle-flecked rallies!


Check out cities run by Democrats - Chicago, LA, San Francisco....see why some of us want to join another state?


It's not a novel idea. It has been done over and over by the zealot republicans wishing to change laws by creating a ghetto. If history repeats itself, any nation divided will fall. That comes from the mouth of Jesus. To encourage such a separation from the state requires some delusional thinking. Who should move? Creator of the old motion is not the solution. Perhaps during a time where the State has a different party leading will influence you to run. How about finding a viable candidate? Of course, we are faced with old school tactics. Walk out if you disagree. Use a gun to show that you are a 2nd ammendment person. And of course, rally up emotion among people who are already partisan. Join the state and communicate with those you disagree with now. Don't blow up border lines. But if this is too much for you, then the border between Oregon and Idaho is open. Pack and leave.


Not gonna happen. Oregon Sales Tax less than Idaho. Oregon Property Taxes less than Idaho. Oregon Income Taxes at comparable to Idaho for all except top tax bracket. Google it folks, you will see. Sorry, but those are just a few reasons why this will not pass. This county is so worried about Timber revenues and we are attached to two large economies in Portland and Eugene. Those who think revenues will pour in due to economic activity in Boise are dreaming. Do your homework people as there are many other reasons this makes no sense.


What a great place to make a fortune selling "Get Off My Lawn" signs.


"McCarter also received a favorable response when he flashed his Glock 19."

How childish. With their god and guns, they hope to be the American Taliban.

You can bet Kress, Boice, Freeman, Heard and Lief would all jump aboard this crazy train if they thought it would get them votes. Always striving to move Douglas County backwards.


These folks should move to the actual Idaho and raise the average IQ here in Oregon.


Who, with even half a brain is actually surprised that this "Gathering of Idiots," took place in Douglas County, Oregon?

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