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Manya Nicholson took a photo of a hose she has put up in her backyard for the homeless. She sent the photo with a note to City Manager Nikki Messenger, imploring her to do something.

Two weeks ago, when the last heat wave swept through the area, a coalition of local government officials, agency directors and volunteers scrambled to find a location for a cooling center, a place where the homeless could go to get out of the heat. They finally settled on the Roseburg Senior Center, which set up cots inside, put out water and fresh fruit, extended its hours of operations and was even aided by a local medical team.

Scott Carroll can be reached at or 541-957-4204. Or follow him on Twitter @scottcarroll15.

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Wellmayne your kids going to school wihout masks is just too big of a risks? Seems like you guys always have a excuse not to follow through for the homeless, but whe safety factors apply to you well?


Yeah Manya! Such a simple but very helpful thing others can do too.

If you live where you have neighbors who are homeless, and you have the ability, please let folks cool off with your hose. You can probably get some water donated to you, if you can make it available for folks living outside.

Although I appreciate the efforts of everyone, including the city of Roseburg, to try to help and figure out what we can do in these unprecedented times, we need some simple things that can happen now and be there for the next time. ​

​Misting stations in places where we already have a public water source is doable. So too is making sure folks have water to drink, which some are currently doing. None of these would cost too much and can be pretty much self managed. So we don't have to put folks wanting to help others at risk from the heat or COVID to make these things happen now.

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