When Knotty Lady Yarns owner Kelley Trinchero heard animals affected by the wildfires raging throughout Australia needed help, she got to work.

On Saturday, a group of crafters got together at her downtown Roseburg store to craft nests and wildlife pouches out of yarn.

“We’re all animal lovers,” Trinchero said. “It’s a small thing we can do to help.”

According to an estimate from a University of Sydney ecologist, as many as 1 billion animals have died in the wildfires. It’s also possible that entire subspecies of frogs and birds were eradicated.

Trinchero heard about the need through social media and got patterns online from the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild, an Australian crafting organization.

Knitters and crocheters at Knotty Lady Yarns made sure to use wool, because acrylic yarn is hurting the animals. They also had to make sure there were no knots or loose stitches for feet to get tangled up in.

Crafters noted the patterns were simple, easy to follow and available for free, making it possible for anyone to help the animals.

The group is also working with other crafters, such as a craft group in Riddle, to get liners sewn for the pouches.

“Us crafters, we’re a generous bunch,” Trinchero said. “Local yarn stores and craft groups everywhere are helping these animals.”

Crafting items for animals has created a worldwide movement and by Sunday the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild asked crafters to pause crafting so they can assess the demand.

“We urge you to hold onto your items or please contact your local rescues to see if they need items,” a Facebook post by the group read.

The crafters said they were going to look at options on where to send their donations, if they were no longer needed in Australia, but had not yet made a final decision.

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