GLIDE — When Barbara and Jay Hansen moved to Glide more than 10 years ago, they both dove headfirst into their new community. And on Saturday night, they were both recognized for their contributions to the area.

“I’m very honored,” Jay Hansen said. “I was surprised to even be nominated. It was really neat that Barbara and I got it together.”

Nancy Kreger, who earned the award in 2008, presented the honor to the Hansens, telling stories about how they both have gone above and beyond to help in the community, primarily with the Helping Hands food pantry.

“If you ever are feeling lonely, isolated, not very brave — maybe you’ve moved to a new town and don’t know anybody or your friends have moved away or drifted apart — go someplace where people are coming together to do something for other and offer to help,” Kreger said. “The other volunteers you will meet there are the most amazing, kind, generous people — like the people in this room. ... They will change your life.”

Barb Hansen helps run the food pantry by ordering, stocking, writing reports, supervising and walking clients through the facility. Kreger estimated that Barb Hansen put in almost 4,000 hours at the food pantry in the last nine years.

Jay Hansen is “truly a behind-the-scenes person,” Kreger said, and has also been helping with the food pantry since 2010. He puts out fresh produce, keeps the storeroom stocked and helps with food intake. He also helps with the wood program and “makes himself available on short notice.”

“The hours and lists of tasks don’t begin to tell the story of what this person does for our community,” Kreger said.

The Glide Community Club also awarded four Glide High School students with scholarships: Joseph DeBell, Brooke Roberts, Mashayla Belloir and Mchail Parrett.

The scholarships are given by the scholarship committee and funded by sponsors and year-long fundraisers like bingo nights at the community center.

The program for the evening included musical performances by Kay Anderson and Amanda Blair and a presentation on the Adopt-A-Highway Program, which covers more than 5 miles of highway cleanup twice a year.

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Janelle Polcyn is a reporter at The News-Review, graduated from the University of Texas, and is a podcast enthusiast.

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