There were feisty kittens playing with plastic covers, cuddly kittens waiting for hugs and sleepy kittens having purr-fect dreams at Saturday’s adoption event by New Beginnings SPCA at Petco in Roseburg’s Garden Valley Shopping Center.

“We can’t keep up with the need and we don’t have enough foster home,” New Beginnings SPCA board president Samantha Lea said.

The no-kill shelter was searching for foster and permanent homes for cats, as they struggle to keep up with the demand.

On Saturday, two grey kittens — a brother and sister named Poppy and Muffin — found their fur-ever home with Sharman Staples and her husband.

The couples’ two other cats, a 20-year-old Siamese and a 16-year-old Maine coon, died within the last four months and they were looking to adopt another cat.

“We just discovered we can’t be without cats,” Staples said. “It’s sad coming home and there not being anybody there.”

All of their previous cats were rescues and Staples knew she wanted to adopt a kitten in need again.

“They need someone to love them, so we’re here to love them,” she said. “And they’re just as lovable and just as good a companion as a cat that you spend $1,500 for.”

Lea said that often the need for homes stems from people not spaying and neutering cats.

“We just can’t get people to spay and neuter,” she said. “I’ve got some here because they let their own cat have kittens. They didn’t get their cat spayed, which just really bugs me. A lot of them are strays, because people didn’t get their car spayed or neutered and they wander and get lost.”

Lea said there’s no excuse not to spay or neuter as there are low income veterinarian clinics that will help out, as well as groups such as the Umpqua Valley Humane Society and New Beginnings SPCA if the cost is a barrier for people.

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