Some property owners within the Roseburg city limits are finding notices from the city’s compliance officer that the tall grass or weeds need to be mowed and nuisance items must be cleared from their property.

The city requires property owners to keep vegetation on their property to no more than 12 inches high. If the owner doesn’t comply, the city can step in and take care of the abatement but it will cost the owner.

If the city feels it has to take action, a crew will remove and dispose of any items that are deemed a nuisance and charge the person responsible the cost of abatement plus 5% of the abatement cost or $150, whichever is greater, for administrative overhead. The city will assess the costs against the property.

Roseburg Community Development Director Stuart Cowie said the preference is to have the owner take care of the problem.

“We are hoping that we can go ahead and get them to comply and mow it themselves,” Cowie said. “If they don’t, we give them a little time, but then typically what we’ll do is step in and take care of the weed abatement problem for them and then charge them accordingly.”

Cowie said it would require notification before the city can go on the property and cut the weeds and grass.

As temperatures rise and the vegetation dries out, the fire danger increases. Cowie says tall grasses and weeds can be a fire danger but they’re also much harder to remove when they’re overgrown.

“The purpose of weed abatement is to keep weeds down and manageable for fire danger and also just beautification around the community, to make sure people are keeping their yards up,” Cowie said.

The vegetation under the obnoxious vegetation ordinance includes poison oak, poison ivy, blackberry vines and the tall grass and brush that could be used as habitat for trespassers.

If a weed abatement notice is posted on your property, you can appeal by filing a written statement with the city manager at Roseburg City Hall within 10 days of when it was posted.

If you do file an appeal, it will cost you $250.

For questions about the weed abatement program, call the Roseburg Community Development Department at 541-492-6750 or

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Selective enforcement of the law for the city to enforce weed abatement ordinances but not enforce the governor's stay-home order for dine-in restaurants.

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