A quick snip from a pair of oversized scissors marked the grand reopening of Beulah Park following months of renovations.

Alison Eggers, the city’s parks and recreation commission chair and a city councilor, was joined by Gary and Janice Quist, of Roseburg, to officially cut the ribbon.

The Quists live a few houses down and have a long history with the park, which is one of the oldest parks in Roseburg.

Beulah Park is located at 1284 Northeast Beulah Ave. between Northeast Lincoln Street and Northeast Nash Street.

Gary Quist still remembers the day his father came home with equipment to dig up space for the park nearly 60 years ago — and all the memories that followed. From gathering plums from nearby trees for plums fights to bicycle rides with neighborhood kids, the park was a staple in his childhood.

These memories continued later in his life when his own daughter would come to the park with his wife, Janice Quist, and spend time playing and sliding down the tall, metal slide.

“My father would be tickled to see all of what’s going on here,” Gary Quist said.

Park renovations came after months of collaboration with 20 members from the Roseburg Public Works Department. About $158,000 was provided for renovations from an Oregon Parks and Recreation grant. The final cost for renovations was $260,000.

“I take my hat off to the city,” Quist said.

Sunlight bounced off the new equipment emphasizing shades of lime green, tangerine orange and denim blue. Eggers said the renovation made the park look vibrant.

The updated playground equipment is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and includes a 6.5-foot tall climbing wall, an O-Zone Climber, a Rush Slide, Swiggleknots, TightRope Bridges, an Overhead Trekker Ladder, two Wobble Pod Bouncers and a free-standing Oodle Swing.

Eggers took a test ride on the Oodle Swing before the event. People need to be careful not to move too fast on it, she said.

While Mayor Larry Rich had fun testing out the Wobble Pod Bouncers, he said he was excited about the new park renovations.

Additional updates include a resurfaced basketball court, new ADA-accessible walkways, upgraded site amenities, artificial grass and fresh landscaping. The fall zones in the park are layered with safety foam for extra padding.

A multifunctional water fountain will be added later on. After a day of people reminiscing over the various stages of the park, the Quists now look forward to bringing their daughter, who is expecting a child, out to see the park after the renovations.

“I can’t wait to bring her up here to show her,” Janice Quist said.

Madison Temmel is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review. She can be reached at mtemmel@nrtoday.com and 541-957-4217.

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Madison Temmel is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review. She can be reached at mtemmel@nrtoday.com and 541-957-4217.

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