Roseburg Police Chief Gary Klopfenstein smiles at protesters during a Black Lives Matter rally on Northwest Garden Valley Boulevard in June 2020. On Monday, the Roseburg City Council approved a statement of support for Klopfenstein, who has been the subject of a campaign to remove him from his position.

The Roseburg City Council issued a special statement Monday night expressing its full support of Roseburg Police Chief Gary Klopfenstein amid a call for his resignation or termination from a group of small business owners.

Roseburg Citizens for Truth launched its campaign for Klopfenstein's ouster on Jan. 8, citing that questionable crime statistics and hypocrisy in enforcing coronavirus pandemic safety protocols as primary reasons for the chief's removal.

Monday night, the entire City Council, including Mayor Larry Rich, endorsed a statement in full support of Klopfenstein, who assumed the role of Roseburg Police Department chief in 2018.

"The Roseburg City Council stands in support of Police Chief Gary Klopfenstein," the statement read. "Chief Klopfenstein serves our citizens well and upholds municipal, state, and federal laws in a fair and equitable manner. His priority is the safety and well-being of our citizens and he has done so with leadership and integrity. 

"The Roseburg City Council also stands in support of local business. Small business drives the local economy. Our local business owners provide jobs, offer valuable products and services, and influence the culture of our community. They have faced a variety of difficulties during the COVID pandemic. Now, as we approach the one-year mark of living with the coronavirus, we are being presented with another crucial moment that threatens to divide us.

The statement closes with: "We do not stand in support of local groups who use coercion and threaten elected officials with recall if they do not comply with their wishes. This action is divisive and dangerous at a time when cooperation and support are needed more than ever."

In addition to Rich, the statement was endorsed by Council President Bob Cotterell and councilors Sheri Moothart, Alison Eggers, Andrea Zielinski, Sheila Cox, Brian Prawitz, Patrice Sipos and Beverly Cole.

Citizens for Truth spokesperson Joshua Brennon did not immediately return a request for comment.

Donovan Brink can be reached at dbrink@nrtoday.com and 541-957-4219.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(10) comments


I am also happy that Chief Gary has the support of the Council and most citizens. The small, evil know of whiners can crawl back in their holes.


I am delighted to learn that petty tyrants sometimes lose, even in Roseburg.


I am glad the City Council and Mayor publicly supported the Chief. The complaints against him by the Citizens for Truth did not hold water.

I am also appalled that the Oregon GOP has officially called the capitol attack a "false flag" operation. This is an example of malignant narcissism at it's worst. Many of the people arrested have a long, self-documented history of involvement in extremist right-wing, white supremacist and neo-not-see (autoban feature requires that spelling) activities.

It's time for all mentally healthy people, regardless of your party or political leanings to the right, left or middle, to stand up and say enough.

Groups like the state GOP, Citizens for Truth and Citizens Against Tyranny cannot be allowed to represent themselves as speaking for the vast majority of people here, who are decent, hard-working, good-hearted and sane.

Democrats are known for what is called "eating their own." That means they critique and hold other Democrats accountable for their actions. Republicans walk in lock-step or face being censured, like Cindy McCain was censured by the Arizona GOP for speaking out against the man who repeatedly insulted her late husband, the late Senator John McCain. Whether you liked him or not, McCain was a genuine war hero. His service was criticized and dismissed by Trump. That apparently is okay with the GOP.

Until Republicans hold other Republicans accountable for outrages, lying and criminal conduct we have little chance of making progress as a nation.

The Oregon GOP has now willingly boarded the Crazy Train. Grassroots Republicans need to say, "No." I'm looking directly at the very silent local GOP. It's time to speak up.


mworden: exactly right. But they didn't just recently jump on the Crazy Train, though. Recall that Art Robinson did very well behind that locomotive (I mean, LOCOmotive): "It is unfortunate that this [radioactive water] is being wasted. If we could use it to enhance our own drinking water here in Oregon, where background radiation is low, it would hormetically enhance our resistance to degenerative diseases." Yeah; too bad we couldn't "enhance" our drinking water with tritium.

Also, according to Robinson, AIDS was a myth and a government conspiracy. Public schools should be abolished.

Now, Republicans have QAnon, featuring claims about pedophile cannibals and trafficking kids out of the basement of a pizza parlor.

It's not the GOP; it is the GQP.

Crazy Train done left the station.


GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated support for executing prominent Democrats.



Meghan McCain says her party has been taken over by heretics. And you know what? The heretics think so, too. They have declared that it is no longer the Republican Party; it is the Trump Party.



Yes, there is a problem with the GOP at the State level. There needs to be some common sense, active new blood and the dead wood good old boys need to go.

As far as the Democrat Party being known for "eating their own"; I beg to differ; at least in this past election. Proper perspective is they "lick their own" all over ad visibly just gush when it comes to Biden, Pelosi, and Shumer.

Don't get me wrong. Biden is my President, regardless of how I voted, and I wish him good during the next four years. President Trump ran his mouth one time too many and in doing so has damaged our country. However, I feel Pilosi and Shumer pursuing an impeachment is just a continuation of the division within our country and it is just plain petty. Trump can not be elected in 2024. That is a pipe dream an old man has.


One time too many?????


Yeah, I know "one time too many" is being generous to him.


Oregon Republican party falsely suggests US Capitol attack was a “false flag.” The resolution, which was published on January 19 and was endorsed by the executive committee of the Oregon State Republican party, suggested that the storming of the capitol by Trump supporters was an orchestrated conspiracy “designed to discredit President Trump, his supporters and all conservative Republicans,” and to create a “sham motivation” to impeach the former president. The Republican National Committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In addition to labeling the Capitol attack a potential false flag operation, the Oregon GOP’s resolution also condemned several House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, calling them “traitors” who had “conspired” with the enemy.


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