William Eifert holds a sign expressing his support of the second amendment in Roseburg on Friday.

Many motorists driving by Fred Meyer on Garden Valley Boulevard in Roseburg Friday morning, noticed a man displaying signs, and may have been alarmed when they saw an AR-15 rifle strapped over his shoulder.

William Eifert of Roseburg said the purpose was to organize an “open carry” rally to show support for the second amendment which protects the right of U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms.

Eifert stood for about an hour on the sidewalk next to the Fred Meyer parking lot with his unloaded AR-15, while holding signs supporting the second amendment and proclaiming that the AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

“We’ve got good gun laws in place but they’re just not being enforced,” Eifert said. “The federal no-buy database is years behind on being updated, and that’s allowing these mass shooters to get these weapons and they’re blaming it on the firearm and wanting to enact new laws.

“If they would enforce the laws that we already have, it would solve a lot of the problems,” he said.

Eifert stood alone until about halfway through the hour-long demonstration, before being joined by Avann Weber, of Roseburg, who is a veteran and lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Weber came to show his support for the second amendment.

“I’m supporting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” said Weber, who is a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps. “When I went to school the right to keep and bear arms was 100 percent my right and your right. Government had no power to make gun laws.”

Eifert said he wasn’t concerned that people would be alarmed to see him carrying the weapon while on the sidewalk.

“It doesn’t have a magazine in it, and I would hope the American flag (on my hat) and the UCC sweatshirt would speak for themselves,” he said. “I was a student at UCC when the shooting happened.”

Eifert said he had a few negative comments from people who drove by, but he said most people were supportive.

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at dbain@nrtoday.com.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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If I would of knew about this I would of been right there with him standing up for are rights


Unfortunately much of society focuses on the relevancy of optics. It is in fact the appearance of the AR-15 which translates it into an "assault weapon," not the function of the firing mechanism. Likewise, although the protester had good intentions his message was marred by an easily avoidable error which diverts attention from the message.


Why would you people make fun of someone because they aren't good at spelling? Some people are functionally illiterate. This can cause a shame throughout a persons life and well as limit them. Do you also make fun of people that aren't good at math or have mental limitations? What about making fun of people that are over weight? I bet none of the posters would be willing to put a picture of themselves in print so we could make fun of them!


I love this story. A gentleman who is passionate about his 2nd Amendment rights and claims to have had some college education, yet cannot even spell the word correctly on his protest sign. The irony is so rich and delicious; thank you Mr. Eifert.

In my experience, it is usually the people making the biggest fuss about “dey gunna take my guns” are most frequently the folks who should not be around guns, much less assault rifles. Sure enough after a little research, he has been arrested for something. I am guessing it wasn’t for an overdue library book.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that is the same person who takes the lovely handle “Sniper666” on this very site. Spelling problems and small d*ck machismo are the giveaways on that one. Not so sure what he is so scared about, but maybe he should just stick to video games.


It would alarm a lot of people to see someone standing on the street holding that kind of gun because we are sadly living in a time of mass shootings nationwide and mental health services lacking everywhere. Especially here after the UCC tragedy. That isn't a deer rifle, right now it's an icon of our national problem. Not the same as a rifle or pistol used for personal protection or filling the freezer. I guess he doesn't get that part. In front of Fred Meyer, how ironic.


WOW Didn't know we had so many lame uneducated people in Douglas County , He would be doing what needs to be done, to expose the lame brains in this county, If you see a gun in plain view you can bet its by a patriot , your brains are wired by media , no killer or robber is going to expose a gun till he use's it in a crime ! (they would never hold a sign on side walk) Get a real education of what a threat really is !

derek f

Good for him. Glad to see some patriotism in Roseburg.


It's sad. No, it's actually frightening to see so many of our uninformed and, basically quite ignorant, younger generation protesting against one of the very tenements (2nd Amendment) that this country was built upon. To me it's a reflection of the quality of education our children are receiving in our public schools, which isn't great when considering where the United States measures up against other countries around the world. But I digress. Yes! The Second Amendment and the right to bear arms was written into our Constitution by our forefathers who had just experienced living under a tyrannical government. (Some of you might have to look up the meaning of "tyrannical" to get the gist of what I'm saying). And then there's the 1st Amendment; the right to gather, coupled with free speech and the expression of ideas; exactly what this man is doing, but you want to mock and ridicule him. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Get a REAL life. Better yet, get a REAL education. Learn about your freedom and where it comes from and the struggle today between freedom and security. Mental health is the problem. Not the guns. So think before you speak and please try to wipe the mud off your shoes before you continue walking across the Constitution of this great country.


[rolleyes] is this for real?

Wilt the Stilt

Only in Roseburg!


Wayne LaPierre would be so proud. I still want a bazooka and a fully auto machine gun. Oh, that's right, we already have gun control.


The misspelled signage. The rifle. This is exactly the image the opposition to gun rights want. Every stupid youtube video showing idiots with guns just gives the gun grabbers more ammunition. Now with Fred Meyer no longer selling guns or ammo the other side is gaining ground. Too bad.


This man is a convicted felon with convictions for strangulation and beating women.He has several restraining orders against him.Why is in possession of a firearm???


Is this true? Not surprising that it would be. Who else would own an AR 15? There is no purpose for one of those except killing. Not hunting, not protection.
For his information, AR 15s are not mentioned in the constitution. Oh, yes, in fact they weren't invented yet. You have no constitutional right to own one. You could have a musket, or a canon though, if you didn't have those criminal convictions. With those you're not legal for anything. That's why we have the few gun laws we have and background checks that you brag about, that are rarely carried out effectively.


It doesn't mention muskets or cannons either it's the right to bare arms regardless get your facts right troller


Your a lying idiot

sandra Jo

I wondered that myself......


Guy loves the 2nd Amendment so much, he can't even spell it.


No magazine in the gun? If he is still there tomorrow, I will take his gun from him.


No you won't.


Just try!☠

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