Headed east on West Harvard Avenue in a tan PT Cruiser, Margaret Thompson and Patricia Attaway approached the Oak Avenue Bridge shortly before dusk Wednesday night.

It happened to be Thompson’s birthday.

From the front passenger seat, Thompson saw an apparently spooked, riderless horse burst into view, seemingly out of nowhere in front of them.

Attaway slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. The quarter horse collided with the front of the car.

“It went clear up on the top of the car,” Thompson said. “Its foot almost came through the window at me.”

Thompson and Attaway were shaken up, but uninjured after the accident. The collision caused heavy damage to the PT Cruiser and unknown injuries to the quarter horse belonging to Jason Kingsbury of Roseburg. The horse was eventually loaded into a trailer and taken to Bailey Veterinary Clinic that night and is expected to make a full recovery, according to police.

Kingsbury told police he was relaxing with his horse, Spade, below the Oak Avenue Bridge along the South Umpqua River on Wednesday night. While Spade was tied to a saddle on the ground, Kingsbury said he used the opportunity for a nap.

According to Kingsbury, geese spooked his horse, causing it to bolt up the hill toward West Harvard Avenue — just as Attaway and Thompson were approaching from the west.

Kingsbury said he immediately ran after Spade, but couldn’t reach her as the horse ran toward the road just as Attaway and Thompson were approaching.

“She didn’t go anywhere but straight to the car, just running from the saddle dragging,” Kingsbury said.

Robert Laidlaw of Medford, who happened to be staying at the nearby Travelodge Roseburg, was standing outside the motel when the frightened horse burst into view from below the bridge.

“She slammed on the brakes,” Laidlaw said. “Then I saw the horse stand up so I could tell it had been hit.”

Laidlaw, who never met Kingsbury before Wednesday, helped calm the horse in a grassy area next to the road for several minutes until a transport could be located to safely move the horse.

Kingsbury, whose attire included chaps, flannel shirt and a cowboy hat, said he was grateful for the help from Laidlaw.

“She calmed straight down when there was two of us,” Kingsbury said.

Kingsbury was cited for having livestock at large, police said.

Mike Henneke is the news editor for The News-Review. He can be reached at 541-957-4208 or by email at mhenneke@nrtoday.com.

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Here is the Roseburg Polic log:

Roseburg Police: 300 block of W. Harvard, Roseburg

TIME: 1920

INCIDENT: Vehicle vs. Horse collision

CASE # 181629

PERSON(S): Horse Owner: Kingsbury, Jason Glenn (1/85) Roseburg
Driver: Attaway, Patricia Diane (1/59) Roseburg

Horse: Wilbur

CHARGE(S): Kingsbury: Livestock at Large

VEHICLE(S): Tan 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

DETAIL(S): Kingsbury was napping by the river beneath the Oak Street Bridge while his horse, Wilbur, was tied off to his saddle. A flock of geese taking flight spooked Wilbur. Wilbur took off running toward Harvard straight into the path of Attaway's vehicle which was traveling east. Wilbur crashed through the windshield and rolled onto the roof of Attaway's vehicle causing extensive damage. Attaway and her female passenger were not injured. Wilbur sustained a large laceration to his throat and required medical attention. Attaway's vehicle was not drivable due to the damage. Roseburg Towing responded to remove Attaway's vehicle and Wilbur was treated by Bailey's Vet.

DISPO: Kingsbury was cited and released for Livestock at Large. Wilbur was expected to make a full recovery.

st paddy

thanks mogie

st paddy

rpd must be so proud



Wilbur (the horse) sustained a large laceration to his throat and required medical attention but is expected to make a full recovery.


The horse's name in this story is named Spade, and is a mare said a friend of the horse's owner. Are you talking about a different horse (story)?


I am actually quoting the Roseburg Police log. If there is a mistake it was in their entry. I took the info directly from the log.

Ian Campbell Staff
Ian Campbell

At the scene, the owner of the horse said its name was Spade. Later, the police report listed the horse's name as Wilbur. We went with what the owner told us, taking is straight from the horse's mouth, if you will.


What a horribly written article, did no one edit the grammar? The poor attempt at creating drama at the beginning of this article is indicative of the elementary school style writing produced by NR reporters. What was the owner and horse in town anyway? How far this town has come from its roots for the police to cite the owner for livestock at large when it was clearly not done on purpose. It is bad enough the poor fellow will be liable for the damage to the automobile.


Well I for one know both horse and rider,and it's sad. He could have took her back to ranch. A horse today in Roseburg is terrible and he been I. Roseburg since monday. I love spade she is amazing little mare. He should have just went back so she wouldn't have got hurt just a week ago we where riding together I pray she will be ok. We would like to help with horses expenses


Regardless of what the owner was doing the horse should have been secured somehow. By not doing so is as dumb as a dog owner not using a leash on a dog. The leash is a way to keep the animal under control. The horse should have been tied to a tree or something. The poor animal was in unfamiliar surroundings and got scared. Would be nice if we could get an update to let us know the the animals condition!


I once knew someone who thought it was a good and secure idea to tie the leash of a 120 lb. Rottie to an empty garbage can. A car backfired and she ended up chasing the terrified dog down a busy road. But thank heavens the dog wasn't physically hurt. Both situations involved a degree of stupidity.


Yes very true Mogie. When I do something stupid I sure like it better when no body’s looking!!! 😆😆


I agree. That was very poor judgment on the rider's part. Why did he need to sleep Instead of taking the horse back home? You never tie a horse to a moveable object. If they panic and then have a "thing" dragging behind or along side them that creates even more panic and fear. No responsible horse person does such a thing. Perhaps the rider was impaired from some substance. He certainly didn't act responsibly nor used common sense and the horse had to pay for it. I am angry with the man for his negligence.


I’m sure your life has been full of 100 % responsibility. Congratulations! (Accept we know that’s a bunch of doo doo don’t we)🤭🤭🤭

st paddy

1. rpd just cant hardly wait to stick it to somebody

2. we will never know what happens to the horse


Shame on the rider. His carelessness led to the the horse being injured, like a saddle is going to secure a horse in thosr surroundings. Lucky nobody is dead. Tying it to a saddle and taking a nap under a bridge full of cars is asking for trouble. Going on home to nap or tying it to a tree would have been a smarter choice. Apparently he can't drive a vehicle either, so what's it going to be his next mode of transportation in Roseburg. Hello? Don't drink and drive or ride and sleep in town, this aint the old West.


First of all, I think nr77's reply is inappropiate. You know nothing about the horse's general experiences or tendancies, don't assume and "accusing" in your tone that the owner of the horse can't drive, and so on. You obviously don't read the guidellines for posting. Please do. It was an unfortunate, that the incident occured. Fortunate it wasn't worse, but it was not. And just like many accidents of all types one may have a crystal ball to see all the potential ramifications of our choices. I think the RPD need not go searcing for unusual opportunity to find reason for a citation either. Let the rider and the car owner sort out the fixing of the car.


Perhaps you should read mugshots before you go labeling my opinion, which is likely why he was riding the horse in town in the first place. I've had horses for years and have common sense. Am thankful the ladies weren't hurt and the horse will survive. Sorry for all of them.


Well your poop just don’t stink does it! I’m sure on a good day his mugshot looks better than your mug. Even though this guys going through a hard time I can guarantee he’s a better horseman than you are or have ever seen. Any kind of training including cutting. Use the dictionary if you need clarification. I can also guarantee a bad moment for him doesn’t compare with the misteaks you’ve made lil buddie👍👍


Great comment I agree💙


Be careful because his mode of transportation could be better than yours on judgement day 👍

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